Welcome to new testing baby bullet vs magic bullet blenders today we have a head-to-head challenge baby bullet versus the magic bullet has been on the market for several years

We give a detailed review on the baby bullet blender well explain to you how to make a few of the popular recipes and just give an overview of our thoughts after using. Our team spent plenty of hours to find the best result which blender is best for your loved one lets deep into it.

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Quick Review of Baby Bullet Vs Magic Bullet






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  • Safe for Infants

  • Small Smile

  • BPA Free

4.5 out of 5



  • 250 watts

  • Cheap Price

  • 11 piece

4.5 out of 5 54,148

Baby Bullet Deep OverView 


The baby bullets really designed as a complete package it comes with a user manual this thing has designed with food for different stages of eating that has lots of recipes it gives very detailed information about the types of ingredients used for each stage of the feeding cycle and how to slowly add these foods into a baby’s diet and obviously.

Baby Bullet Vs Magic Bullet

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It goes through extensively how to make your own baby food how to store it and it’s pretty comprehensive some of the other things you get with it you have the various storage containers these are freezers.

If you were to make frozen food that you want to defrost later you can store these jars it has a little date on it that you can mark the date that you made the food for storage generally in a refrigerator you’d leave it up to three days and you can freeze it says up to days and that’s pretty handy


1. Baby Bullet Jars


It comes with two different jars you have the larger ounce jar and then you have the smaller ounce jar.


2. Blades


Then you have two different blades this is like the other nutria bullet or magic bullet blades it’s their four-prong blade for blending and puree and then you have your two-prong blade which is for milling like grains like rice’s and then you have the various lids overall it gives you a pretty good package of someone that’s completely new to you say some of these bullet blenders and just wants something to really just learn how to start making baby food it really gives you a step-by-step overview of how to do it without having to think too much.

If you had said your own blender and you’re trying to figure out how to adapt it for baby food really you can use any blender to make baby food the main selling point again is that the baby bullet packages.

It all together with all the information and accessories that you aren’t overwhelmed with as mentioned it’s from the same company that makes magic bullet and Nutribullet blenders the motor and the blender design are very similar to the other blenders baby bullet.

You have the main motor this is a 200-watt motor it’s the same as the magic bullet with the same power it has the fan and for breathing it’s got the same type of spindle blade and the same way of locking down the container.


3. BPA Free


We’ve already gone through all the things that come with the plastic is all BPA-free the jars are dishwasher safe they are microwave-safe but they recommend not using in the microwave not only because we don’t know how comfortable having plastic with baby food against the plan in the jars it not only gets hot but maybe.

You just have that whatever the jars are made out of getting into the warm food and then also as we mentioned you can refrigerate them or freeze them for us it’s pretty easy you just steam your vegetables or fruits and then you let them cool down and you just put them in the various containers that you decide to use and then.


4. Blanding Blades


You just say screw on the blending blade or just screw it on put it down two options you can do you can pulse it push it down pulse it if you don’t want to puree that would be what you do if you wanted to like say mill rice with this blade.

If you didn’t want it to be so finely pureed and we just wanted a little more chunky consistency and then the other way is you and locks it in for blending until it gets the desired level you want for milling you really just use this blade screw.

You’re completely new to making baby food that we’ll give you from step by step basis the types of ingredients to use at the different stages.


How To Use The Baby Bullet?


4 simple steps to know how to use your baby bullet blender are following:


Step 1: First steamed foods cool.

Step2: Then add food to the blending jar and screw the blade onto the jar.

Step 3: Press the jar down and twist into the motor base to puree. You can pulse the food ingredients according to your need.

Step 4: Most people will make multiple servings at once which is why they provide various storage accessories.

You can freeze baby food in your refrigerator for the limit of 3 days at least.



  • Cups and bowl are non-toxic BPA free
  • Super durable plastic
  • 32 oz bowl for larger
  • Larger recipes
  • 12 oz short cup for short recipes
  • 6 storage cups with lid and date dial
  • 2 oz serving for frozen storage
  • BPA free all containers
  • Easily clean up
  • Easily make delicious baby food
  • Freeze for grab and go convenience



  • Particularly intended for Baby Blending
  • 6 Unique Storage Cups + Other Accessories
  • Safe for Infants
  • Eye-catching color
  • Small smile
  • Practical accessories
  • 2 sizes for mixes
  • Extraction blades
  • Recipe book
  • Storage container
  • BPA free
  • Two sizes for blending
  • Extra storage containers
  • Contemptible and affordable
  • Phthalates free
  • Complete baby food making set
  • Solid design
  • Includes an extra milling blade
  • Dated storage system
  • Complimentary recipe book and pocket nutritionist
  • 1-year warranty



  • Not much use outside baby food
  • Very Weak Motor
  • It is limited in function
  • Jars are not recommended to use in the microwave
  • The blade assembly is not dishwasher safe
  • Doesn’t include a spoon



What in The Box

  • Single-speed 200 watt blender base
  • Milling blade for grains, grinding, oats, seeds, and oats
  • Baby blend blade for blending
  • 32 oz batch bowl with lid
  • 12 oz short cup for small recipes.
  • 6 storage cups
  • Lids and date dial
  • 12 serving (2 oz serving) frozen storage holder.
  • Cookbook
  • Pocket nutritionist.



Magic Bullet Blender Deep Overview


The Magic bullet blender small has a silver color with an 11 piece set, 11 piece blender set includes blender additional blender cups, blades, recipe book, and more the magic bullet chops, mixes, blends, whips and grinds, and more.

Cups are made out of high impact plastic effortlessly create your smoothies and your favorite meals, snacks like smoothies, omelets, sauces, and dips 250-watt high motor power base includes recipe book gets you started making quick, easy, and delicious dishes from appetizer to desserts add ½ cup water for smooth blend for vegetables.

Baby Bullet Vs Magic Bullet

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How To Use Magic Bullet Blender


All you have to do to start the blender is place it in the base and push it down with a little effort. That’s all there is to it.

We make sure to add enough liquid to smoothies to assist the blades to smash all of the frozen fruit after some trial and error of my own. Tamper tools are available on more costly blenders to assist you to get all of the ingredients close to the blades, but the Magic Bullet lacks them.

The Magic Bullet, on the other hand, does not. Instead, remove the cap from the base and shake it to redistribute the ingredients and achieve a more uniform blend.



  • Easily create sauces, snacks, smoothie’s omelets, and dips
  • 250 watts motor
  • It mixes, grinds, chops, blends, and whips
  • Use high-quality plastic
  • 11 piece mini blender
  • Recipe book
  • Blender cups



  • High-Powered Personal Blender
  • 13-Piece System
  • Make healthy food with this gadget
  • BPA free containers
  • Two go cups
  • Portable
  • Easily fit any kitchen cabinets
  • Easy to clean up
  • Less expensive
  • Simple and sleek design
  • Lightweight blender
  • It’s moderately priced
  • Stay fresh lids
  • Basic green smoothies
  • Salsa and baby food
  • Milling blade
  • Most accessories
  • Cheapest blender



  • Not Ideal for Serious Blending
  • Only 250 Watts
  • Not recommended to crush ice
  • Very weak motor
  • Plastic tabs on cups
  • Only holds up to 18oz
  • No nuts or ice
  • No stringy vegetables


What in The Box

  • 250 Motor base
  • 15 oz jar
  • 13 oz jar
  • 4 oz short cup
  • 2x resealable lid
  • 2x lip ring
  • 1x to-go lid
  • Cross blade assembly
  • Manual and recipe guide

Quick Review Specification Chart of Baby & Magic Bullets



Baby Bullet 

Magic Bullet


Baby Food Maker

Personal Blender


Baby Bullet

Magic Bullet





4.4 out of 5

4.5 out of 5


200 Watts

250 Watts


1 Year

1 Year


Baby and Personal Use

Home and Personal Use


5.4 x 5.2 x 11 inches

4.01 x 4.48 x 11.61 inches

BPA Free






Dishwasher safe

Yes (not the blades)



32 oz (946 ml) batch bowl
12 oz (355 ml)short cup
4 oz (118 ml)each (Silicone Batch Freezer Storage Tray)
2 oz (59 ml) storage cups with date dials

15 oz jar
13 oz jar
4 oz short cup
2x resealable lid
2x lip ring
1x to-go lid


Cross blade, flat milling blade

Cross blade assembly 


More Expensive than Magic Blullet 

Less Expensive than Babyy Bullet 

Crush ice




High impact plastic

High impact Plastic


Especially designed for baby food and puree

Chops, whips, mixes, blends, grind, smoothies, sauce, omelets, dips and more

Item Weight

6.64 pounds

Item Weight


Cookbook and Pocket Nutritionist

Recipe Book


Performance Test of Baby Bullet Vs Magic Bullet


The magic and baby bullet are the best for making soft food and mill grain we wanted to see its performance in our expert’s team analysis we tested, again and again.

Blends using two blades and two blending jars across multiple meals the results of our tests we did well on the tested components we were shocked by the performance a 200-watt motor has enough power to mix the soft elements we found both blenders are easy to use no problem handing jar or blades.



Baby Food Stage Guidelines 


Stage 1 (4-8 months)

Begin with simple low-allergy foods and single-ingredient purees. Every four days, introduce a new food. Simple soft foods like banana, sweet potato, pear, apple, avocado, and brown rice are commonly served as the first meal.

The recipes are mostly single-ingredient purees made with 1/4 cup breast milk, ready-to-use formula, or water.

Stage one is six to eight months you start introducing purees with simple low allergy foods you may be introduced like one new food every four days and typically there are very simple soft foods like bananas sweet potato pear apple avocado brown rice.


Stage 2 (9-12 months)

Transition to solid foods usually takes 4-6 months, and birth weight should be doubled (12-15 pounds). The infant can sit upright and can push food out of the mouth at this stage.

Stage 3 (1 year +)

Blend bits of soft vegetables and sections of meals that include solid foods in a blender.

Stage Two and then the recipes are usually for that stage like a single ingredient then it evolves into stage two that would be like a nine to twelve-month-old and that’s where you start introducing some solid foods and maybe blending multiple foods together and then those inner recipes book.


Baby Bullet Vs Magic Bullet: Bottom Line


You have read our entire posts on baby bullet vs magic bullet. If you like the pure baby blender with particularly intended for baby blending, dated storage system, 2 sizes for mixes

cups and bowl are non-toxic BPA free go with baby bullet blender or if you looking for personal smoothie blender with Easily create sauces, snacks, smoothie’s omelets, dips and 250 watts motor buy Magic bullet blender for you. It depends on your need and choice. If you like our post please shares it with your friends and family members to help them out.

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Baby Bullet Vs Magic Bullet: FAQS


Is Magic Bullet a safe product?

When dealing with hot objects, the Magic Bullet or other personal blender with a closed container system might be dangerous if not handled properly. It’s a big no-no to use small blending machines to process hot substances unless they have a vented container. Please follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to keep yourself safe from injuries.


What can you make with the Baby Bullet?

You can make grind grains, vegetables, and puree-cooked fruits in your baby bullet blender.


Can I blend frozen fruits and vegetables?

No, steam frozen ingredients 1st before blending


Is it worthwhile to invest in Magic Bullet?

Magic Bullet is an excellent value for money. Smoothies and protein shakes can be made with this small blending machine. You won’t go wrong with this product as long as you keep to those two functions. You may also learn more about it by reading my full review.


How much liquid to add to recipes?

The size of the Baby Bullet containers affects the recipes. Start with 1/8 to 1/4 cup of liquid and add more if it’s too thick, up to 1/2 cup.


Do Magic Bullet blending cups and blades fit the Baby Bullet?

The blade mechanism and cups are not interchangeable, even though the Baby Bullet is built on the Magic Bullet’s architecture. Magic Bullet has a little wider diameter for some reason.


What is the Magic Bullet blender’s purpose?

The Magic Bullet is a tiny blender designed to make single-serving smoothies. As a result, it’s also known as a personal blender. It can make simple food processing activities like sauces and dips, as well as pureeing baby food, in addition to preparing your favorite smoothies and shakes.


Is it possible for Magic Bullet to crush ice?

When combining ice on its own, the Magic Bullet will struggle. It lacks a powerful engine capable of efficiently pulverizing ice crystals. It will, however, work nicely as part of a smoothie recipe if you add some liquid. It contains an extra blade system designed exclusively for ice crushing that you can use if you wish to increase its ice-crushing capability.


Is it possible to prepare smoothies with a Magic Bullet?

It’s a personal smoothie maker, to be sure. It was created with that goal in mind.


Is it possible to ground coffee beans with the Magic Bullet?

Yes, you may grind coffee beans with the free flat milling blade.


How long does Baby Bullet food last?

There are two storage systems included with Baby Bullet. The date dial storage cups can keep your baby food fresh in the fridge for up to three days. Use the silicone storage tray if you want a longer shelf life. It can last up to a month and keep your baby’s meals fresh.


How big are the Baby Bullet storage cups?

Each storage cup holds 2 oz (59 ml) of baby food. You received six of them, for a total of 12 oz (355 ml).


Can you freeze the Baby Bullet storage cups?

You can use the freezer storage tray for freeze, do not use storage cups that may crack when frozen.


Is it possible to juice with the Magic Bullet?

It’s not a juicer, believe it or not. There is no way to separate the juice from the pulp. Furthermore, it will have difficulty processing leafy greens and strong fibrous food such as celery. Check out this guide if you’re looking for a juicer.


Is it possible to froth milk in a Magic Bullet?

You can’t use the Magic Bullet to froth milk for your coffee, unfortunately. The problem is that the milk must be warm in order for the foam to form. Personal blenders without a vented container are not advised for processing hot materials.


What exactly ounces are in the Baby Bullet containers?

Main jar capacity of 32 oz

The short cup can process up to 12 oz (355 ml)

Are Baby Bullet containers dishwasher safe?

Yes, all Baby Bullet containers can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher.


Are Baby Bullet containers microwave safe?

No, the containers do not microwave safe. According to company instructions.


Is it possible to ground nuts with a Magic Bullet?

Unfortunately, Magic Bullet does not have the ability to make peanut butter. You can use it to ground nuts, but it won’t be as smooth as a high-powered blender.


Is it possible to combine frozen fruits using the Magic Bullet?

Unfortunately, one of its flaws is the inability to combine frozen fruits. You can’t process frozen fruits without first thawing them and adding some liquid.


Is the Magic Bullet a noisy device?

Despite its small, the machine is rather loud. It has a maximum speed of 93 decibels. That’s the same decibel level as a full-sized blender.


What is the wattage of the Original Magic Bullet?

A 250-watt motor is included.


Is it safe to put the Magic Bullet in the dishwasher?

The cups and the majority of the accessories can be washed in the dishwasher. The blade assembly is the only part that cannot be washed in the dishwasher. You’ll have to manually clean the cross blade, milling blade, or ice-crushing blade.


How much does the Baby Bullet cost?

You can buy baby bullet for around $110


What kinds of things can you make with the Baby Bullet?

It can purée and ground cooked fruits and vegetables.


Is the Magic Bullet a blender or a food processor?

It can be used to conduct simple food preparation activities. There’s nothing more to it than chopping garlic and onions, grinding beans, and pureeing baby food. It won’t be able to take the place of a proper food processor.


Is it possible to use Baby Bullet cups with the Magic Bullet?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no The cups and blades of the Baby Bullet have a smaller diameter.


Is it safe to use the Magic Bullet in the microwave?

The cups can be heated in the microwave. It may be used to heat meals in 2-minute intervals. The lids and blades should never be microwaved. Please see your product’s handbook for further details.


Is it safe to put Magic Bullet cups in the freezer?

When freezing infant food, the cups may fracture. It can’t expand because of the plastic it’s made of.


Is it possible to use Magic Bullet cups in the Nutribullet?

The Nutribullet cups are a little bigger than the Magic Bullet cups.


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