Are you finding the best blender to puree food for your kids? Today’s we try to solve this problem permanently. If you read this post you can narrow your best blender with the help of this post we explain in detail all the specifications of blenders’ pros and cons as well.

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Best Blenders to Puree Food: Quick Review  



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NutriBullet NBR-1201 Blender

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Ninja Master Prep

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 Hamilton Beach 58149 Blender & Chopper

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KOIOS Hand Immersion Blender

  • S shape blades

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Oster Reverse Crush Counter forms Blender

  • 7 speeds

  • Pre-set programs

  • 1000 watt


1. NutriBullet NBR-1201 Blender

Best Blender to Puree Food

Best Blender to Puree Food

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The Nutribullet comes with a 600-watt motor. It will blend whole food for the puree in seconds for your loved one.  Nutribullet blender also known as the fastest and easiest solution for nutrient-packed food for your baby.

They use stainless steel blades with cyclonic technology action to break the toughest and frozen ingredients effortlessly.

This is the biggest reason why we choose this blender at the top of our list this is the high-quality baby puree food blender in the market.


Key specs

  • Accessories are packed with one 24-ounce cup
  • Helps you create various recipes at House with a recipe book
  • 24-ounce cup, you can easily make smoothies and beverages for three to five people.
  • Cleanup seems to be very easy
  • 600-watt motor



  • Simple slick design
  • Cyclonic blades crush the toughest ingredients easily
  • All accessories are durable
  • All parts are dishwasher safe and easy to use.



  • Refer to the user manual before use
  • Noisy


2. Ninja Master Prep

Best Blender to Puree FoodBest Blender to Puree Food


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The Ninja master prep works powerfully especially in frozen fruits and the toughest ingredients get smooth results when you want to make puree baby food.

Its non-slip bottom helps to remain this blender protected from the work surface, and both the jug and grinder have built-in splash guards to assist keep everything clean.

It comes with stacked blades function, 400-watt power motor, and 16-ounce chopper bowl and 48-ounce jar,

allowing making smaller portions for instant use or bigger batches of pureed food to freeze and use afterward.


Key Specs

  • It comes with a 400-watt motor
  • 48-ounce pitcher and 16-ounce chopper
  • A non-slip base helps to keep this blender secured
  • Lids that will help to keep your food fresher
  • Stacked blade technology



  • All parts are dishwasher safe
  • Interchangeable power pod
  • A nonslip able base to help keep the machine safe on your countertop



  • Noisy blender

3. Hamilton Beach 58149 Blender & Chopper

Best Blender to Puree FoodBest Blender to Puree Food


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The Hamilton Beach blender comes with a wave action system and 700 watts of motor which help to pulverize anything which you want.

This machine not working on soft puree ingredients but works harder with ingredients too with 12 blending functions on easy to read control panel, 40-ounce jar is made of pure glass with BPA free it’s also dishwasher safe.

If you buy this blender definitely you get a 3-year warranty, so you can assure that if something were to go wrong, you’re totally covered.


Key Specs

  • Powered by 700 watts of power
  • Result in a super smooth puree
  • 12 blending functions
  • Easy to read control panel
  • Totally BPA-free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Three-year warranty



  • Blades remove for easy cleaning
  • The wave action system pulls the ingredients down to the blades.
  • 12 blending functions help to work the tougher ingredients
  • Comes with 3 years warranty
  • Multi-function blender with a unique, no-mess pouring spout



  • Warranty is limited
  • If overused more chance of suffering from burnout

4. KOIOS Hand Immersion Blender


Best Blender to Puree FoodBest Blender to Puree Food


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The KoIos hand immersion blender is one of the best quality blenders for baby puree food. It will work great for the toughest ingredients as well with effortlessly offer you a smooth result for pureeing food.

It comes with an 800-watt motor quite well for operating the machine because of the heavy-duty copper core wire motor and heavy-duty performance, especially for baby food.

This is a good choice for a versatile variety of different tasks for the combination of the variable pulse and speed control.


Key Specs

  • S shape blades which help to reduce noise
  • Stainless steel whisk, 500 ml chopper bowl
  • Stick blender shaft ideal for baby food recipes
  • Easy to use with quick and fast



  • It comes with a pulse and variable speed system
  • Price is under the budget
  • S shape blades reduce the noise
  • Chopping and whisk attachment
  • It is a robust blender



  • Blades are too sharp

5. Oster Reverse Crush Counter forms Blender

Best Blender to Puree FoodBest Blender to Puree Food

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The Oster reverse crush counter forms a blender known as a crushing blender with 1000 watt power and 600-watt blending. The toughest ingredients and frozen fruits crush with ease of his powerful motor with no time.

Additionally, we most like is a pre-programmed system setting, you can control the blending very easier, you also get the experts level blending results till the last.

It comes with 7 speeds high to low pulse; you can control all of the food texture during the blending process. You can achieve quality and high performance at all with this machine.


Key Specs

  • Seven speeds from high to low pulse
  • Pre-programmed settings, including function and time
  • Durable plastic bases
  • Quality and high performance at all
  • 1000 watt power and 600-watt blending



  • 10 years long warranty
  • Price is reasonable
  • Sturdy and simple slick design
  • 7 speeds with the high to low pulse
  • Pre-set programs helping you puree food without monitoring it constantly



  • It might make be little loud

6. Vitamix Explorian Blender

Best Blender to Puree FoodBest Blender to Puree Food


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It comes with a three-year full warranty for peace of mind.  The jar and the lid are dishwasher safe. You can get a free cookbook to offer inspiration on ways to use your Vitamix. Stainless steel aircraft blades making their great work on the toughest ingredients too.

This machine has an incredible 2.2 HP motor, which is around 1600 watts, making it the most powerful blender. We love the self-cleaning feature of this blender, and we’re 100 % sure you will too.


Key Specs

  • It comes with 10 different speeds function, you can blend and refine with precision
  • The variable speed control function
  • Perfect for a big batch of families with 8 cup capacity
  • It’s fit easily under any kitchen cabinets comfortably
  • BPA-free Eastman Tritan container and lid



  • 2.2 HP motor which around 600 watts
  • Blades will positively stand up to the test of point
  • Vitamix blades will provide you same excellence from the first blend to the last.
  • Free cookbook
  • The powerful machine at all



7. Magic Bullet Baby Care System


Best Blender to Puree FoodBest Blender to Puree Food


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If you are finding a baby puree blender the Magic Bullet design especially for your loved one the overall style and design are baby-friendly. It comes with a 200 watts motor. It’s very convenient to blend most of the baby food, with 6 different storage jars that allow you to prepare the food an entire week’s worth of healthy nutritional food in just 5 minutes.


Key specs

  • It comes in different design and colors
  • BPA Free parts non-toxic plastic
  • 200-watt motor
  • 6 storage jars
  • Weight 6 lbs



  • Easy pop silicone batch tray
  • Built to North American Electrical Standards
  • The jars are so convenient
  • It has 2 removable blades that you can use with both jars
  • Very easy to use
  • It’s so quick and easy to use.



  • Overheating issue in some causes

8. KitchenAid KHB2561CU 5 Speed Hand Blender

Best Blender to Puree FoodBest Blender to Puree Food


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The KitchenAid hand speed mixer especially designs for infant puree food recipes with a lot of perks. It is designed with 8 removable blending arms it’s easy to clean once you are done with your blending task.

The grip is pretty simple to grip which doesn’t put force on your arm when it is running. The 5 stainless steel blades easily puree the infant food in the pitcher that comes with the mixer which makes it pretty simple to store food as well.


Key Specs

  • BPA free chopping Jar
  • Soft grind handle
  • 8 removable blending arms
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Easy to wash



  • Soft handle
  • Removable arm
  • Easy to wash



From Puree to Finger Food – How to introduce texture in Baby Food


Baby doesn’t like small pieces the little chunks of food and it’s baby pray what you do so today we want to share with you a few basic information and definition.

About baby texture and consistency on baby food books or on the web, you might find this definition of baby food stage 1 stage 2, and stage 3.


Stage: 1

This means a baby food that it’s very liquid usually a baby likes this kind of liquid consistency between 4 and 6 months of age if you think it kind of makes sense.

Your baby has been used to either breast milk or baby formula for six months since he or she was born so baby food stage one is the consistency.

That is the closest to milk it’s a kind of liquid just a bit thicker than milk or baby formula and it’s a very smooth transition from breast milk or baby formula to solid food.

How to thin your baby food there are so many ways you can use breast milk baby formula simple warm water brought and if you’re curious about how to pin your baby food.

Check out this video too this is the stage where almost half of the baby food will end up around your baby’s face because your baby’s learning and the food is very liquid baby food.


Stage: 2

We are moving from a very liquid consistency into a thick creamy one still creamy so no smoke pieces no lumps but usually babies between eight and ten months of age.

They like the thick creamy consistency of stage two it’s a very easy transition from stage one to stage two basically it’s less liquid.

Also, you will see just a bit less mess around the mouths also at around ten months of age the first tooth might already have appeared and also the gum.

So they’re getting stronger so your baby is able to chew even with the gums without teeth or two behind with one or two teeth in the front his mouth is developing keeps developing because the teeth are coming out.

And so not only the food develops in a more structured way but also you will notice that your baby’s speech properties are starting and are developing to baby food.


Stage: 3

That’s when we are going to add just made more texture like the lumps of food inside the baby food inside the puree.

They will still be thick and creamy but with small tender pieces of baby food and usually, this is the kind of consistency that the baby likes after ten months of age the next step, of course, is finger foods so small bites.

Small pieces of food always small and tiny because we want to avoid any choking hazard moving from stage one to stage three to finger food you might even.

Want to use different utensils different baby utensils for your baby so you can start with very soft silicone spoons a super soft and tender.

And then you can move to more structure the spoons that your baby can even play with and chew without any problem and we really like the concept of the two spoons.

One the debate can use it to feed himself and play and the second one that mom can use to really fit the baby the next steps of course.

Is the toddler set of utensils so he will learn how to use the fork spoon and at the beginning the knife but you know a kid-proof one.

Why is so important that your baby basically moves develops from the poorest stage into the small chunks into the small bites one because of the eating development.

So the movement of your baby’s jowls they are strictly related to the speech development of your baby a proper development in texture.

And consistency basically will be parallel to speech development the property of being able basically to articulate the small words because of the muscles so that your baby is using.

They are exactly the same as how to add more texture to your baby food is super simple and easy first thing is simply adding less liquid so you start from the main ingredients and then.

We serve the liquid pour the thinning liquid at the very end and you simply add just a bit at a time to reach the consistency.

Your baby likes the second way instead of using the food processor or the merchant blender to create the puree with a fork the fork will just have small soft chunks or you can add an extra ingredient.

That will give more texture to your baby’s food an example is if you have yogurt to simply mesh a banana or strawberry inside the yogurt.

So you have small very soft pieces or if you have a vegetable puree and a steamed carrot add the steamed carrot and mesh it also offering finger foods.

It’s a great way to move from stage 2 to stage 3 simply a steamed carrot to cut in small pieces and spawn by it’s a lovely example of blueberries.

adjust cut enough or grapes cut lengths side in court it’s a super nice snack that will help your baby to add more texture to the food.

that he or she is eating another good idea is to have your meal all together with your baby simply move the high chair next to the adult table.

So that your baby will share the family moment of the meal and you can offer him or her small bites of what you’re eating and don’t be surprised.

If those little hands will start grabbing food here and there a very important note there are no rules at all every baby is different every mom is different so your baby may skip steps.

We skip stages your baby might just jump into finger food or your baby might just take his or her time to move from one step to another follow your baby’s.

Paced that’s the most important thing as an average suggestion you can start moving from one stage to another after one month so four to six months.

You start introducing stage one then seven-eight months you go to stage two and up until around ten months, you reach stage three of baby food.

But as we said this does not apply to all babies some babies totally skip the parade that’s why the baby-led weaning method is so popular.

Because some babies simply want to start from small bites my personal experience with my two little kids was that they were totally into braised.

And still, they really liked a very creamy consistency but for example, maybe that your baby is not ready to start with solid foods.

Remember that the movement of the tongue when your baby is drinking milk or breastfeeding is totally different from when your baby is eating solid food.

So your baby simply needs to learn and it takes time a similar situation happens when your baby is already enjoying baby food but somehow he doesn’t want to move up to more textured food.

Simply give your baby the time that he or she needs and try before and week the same thing you will see sooner or later you.

Baby will appreciate more texture and will start enjoying any kind of consistency remember feeding your baby should be fun and without stress but for you and your baby.

So take your time and follow your baby’s taste also all the baby-friendly and eco-friendly baby feeding tools.


How To Give Iron To Your Baby


We’re going to talk about how to give iron to your baby and why it’s so important you might have noticed that.

When buying baby food at the grocery store no matter if it’s organic or not there is a kind of huge very well-underlined label saying iron-fortified.

So why it’s so important to add iron to your baby food iron is an essential element for our bodies basically without iron our body will not be able to function.

The concept is kind of simple iron helps the production of a protein that is called hemoglobin this protein carries the oxygen through our blood and that’s how our body can live.

Can function so it’s very essential for an adult body to receive an arena but it’s even more important for babies toddlers and kids because iron helps not only the body to function.

But also brain development and proper body growth when a baby is born the mom gives to baby a kind of fixed amount of iron that the baby is going to use for the first six months of life at around six months.

That kind of amount of iron goes lower and that’s when you need to supplement from outside the either to food or supplements the quantity of iron so that your baby’s body can keep growing at a very normal.

Or even fast-paced where we can find iron there are three ways you can eat iron to your baby the first one is foods that naturally.

They are rich in iron the second way is food that they are fortified with iron so it means that they add what we earn to the food and the third way is iron supplements either powders or pills.

Mix foods that are rich in iron with foods that are enriched with iron this mixer should be more than enough for a proper brain and body baby development of course always consult your pediatrician.

If he thinks that your baby may need a supplement with pills or powder of iron so which are the foods that are naturally very rich in iron and the least of them giving you is from the highest in iron to the lowest in either.

So let’s start with animal sources of iron we have liver yes liver can sound big yuck but it’s an organ and it’s loaded with iron.

Our only suggestion if you want to give life to your little ones is to pick up a very trusted source so a butcher that you know that has organic meat,

and it’s a very high-quality one also sardines ground beef egg yolk and chicken and for the chicken remember that the time contains more iron than the breast.

We also have vegetable sources of iron like spinach green peas leafy greens like kale broccoli green beans legumes to contain a nice amount of iron.

white beans lentils red lentils kidney beans black beans chickpeas and tofu also grain amaranth quinoa and barley this is a very long and lovely list of ingredients,

that you can mix together and create a healthy lovely we don’t reach meals for your babies an important thing is that iron is activated.

In our body, if also there is vitamin C presence so when you’re offering food that is reaching iron to your baby don’t forget also to give something that is rich in vitamin C because vitamin C is going to activate the iron.

That goes into your baby’s body the list of foods that are naturally rich in vitamin C is almost endless just to give you a few examples of course the citruses.

The tangerines oranges but also berries broccoli leafy greens and are wonderful because they both contain iron and vitamin C so one foot two elements.

That you need squash peaches apple bananas tomatoes as we said the list is very long another important information while the iron is boosted activated by vitamin C the absorption of iron is limited by calcium is dairy to give you an easy.

For example, if you combine a food rich in iron like spinach and food rich in vitamin C like broccoli you will have a boost in iron.

If you combine a food rich in iron like spinach and food which in calcium like ricotta what the iron absorption in your baby’s body.

Will be reduced those are all important elements for your baby’s body iron vitamin C calcium the thing is that if your main goal is to boost iron.

Just try to give dairy foods separate from foods that are rich in iron so for example, you can give some cheese as a snack to your little one and then as a main meal a few hours later.

You can give broccoli purring so you will have iron and calcium but separately so you will have the best result other interesting information.


How Much Iron Should Give To Your Baby


The World Health Organization gives you suggestions so an infant from 7 months to 12 months should receive 11 milli of iron every single day.

In his or her diet a toddler one to three years should receive less than seven milligrams a day a kid four to seven-eight years should receive a bit more than ten milligrams every single day.

So why this up and down eleven seven-ten simply because infants and younger kids have higher growth spurts and that’s when their body really needs a higher amount of iron.

We know today we give you so many numbers and information almost scientific so let’s go back to easy simple and healthy baby food and kid-friendly food now.

We want to give you three simple examples of a daily diet of a baby a toddler and a younger kid that is going to meet the 11 milligrams seven milligrams and ten milligrams of iron suggested let’s start with our little ones an example of an iron-rich diet.




Cereal in the morning with carrots and apples for the main meal a bell pepper chicken pray and bell peppers have more vitamin C than oranges.

It’s awesome and for a snack a pink iron smoothie, one-two-three years we would suggest a breakfast with scrambled eggs and avocado.

Is neck with Cheerios are fortified with iron and tangerines rich in vitamin C a lunch with broccoli meatballs another snack with pumpkin seeds and for dinner sweet potato chips with guacamole.

For a younger kid, we would suggest a breakfast with pancakes and almond butter lunch pasta with broccoli and cashew sauce snack either pistachios or a green Aaron’s moody.

It is so fun to prepare together and for dinner a lentil soup and red lentils that they are super rich in iron.


Best Blender to Puree Food: Buyer Guide 


Many Factors belongings that you have to think about before buying a food mixer to puree food for your infant.

Since most of the buyers frequently get it for babies thus it is significant to look for ease and competence because you require amazing that works quickly,

and doesn’t cause havoc every time you utilize it. So let us look at some of the features that you must think about before buying a food mixer to puree infant food.


1. Measurements

The ability of the mixer matters a lot because there are diverse types of parents; some parents want to chart the food for the entire week while others take it one at a time.

So decide the capacity that suits your food preparation system in order to make a balanced result. A mixer isn’t simply used for pureeing foods.

Seem for the extra features and the functionality that the mixer has to offer. Some blenders are moveable and permit you to create baby food anyplace you desire while a number allows you to make ideal smoothies as well so that you and the baby can stay strong.


2. Force/ Control

The control of the mixer doesn’t actually matter when it comes to pureeing food because of the ingredients that you will be putting in.

You will require a motor that works at about 200-300 watts so seem amazing that is above this to get the top outcome.


3. Design

The approach of the mixer doesn’t actually matter because you simply have to puree food for your baby but if you are getting a movable mixer then you require seeming for a style that is movable and can simply fit inside your bags.


4. Guarantee

Since a food mixer to puree food is a long-standing asset thus you require to look for blenders that propose at slightest a 2-year guarantee.

Guarantee periods typically depend on the producer and also on the kind of mixer. You can obtain up to a 10-year force system guarantee for a food mixer to puree food.


5. Producer

The brand name or the producer that you decide on also matters a lot because there are positive brands that have developed their brand name and devotion over the period and excel at making kitchen appliances for infants.

The order for the manufactured goods is affected by its excellence so if manufactured goods have a huge figure of sales then that means that the producer is reliable.


6. Cost


The cost of the mixer matters a lot as fine because a few of us before now have a mixer at the house that can puree food but we tend to look for a simpler version for our children in sort to seem for a rapid result.

Forever make sure whether the value of the mixer reflects the features possessions and make available you with the correct worth of cash or not.



Best Blender To Puree Food: Final Words 


You have read over our reviews and our buying guide. We hope this article will help you to choose

We suggest if you find the best blender to puree food you should go for our NutriBullet NBR-1201 Blender with a Simple slick design, Cyclonic blades crush the toughest ingredients easily, all accessories are durable & all parts are dishwasher safe, and easy to use features are tough to beat.

At the number second, our best Ninja Master Prep comes with a 400-watt motor, a 48-ounce pitcher, and a 16-ounce chopper, Non-slip base helps to keep this blender secured, Lids that will help to keep your food fresher & Stacked blade technology.

Our best value Hamilton Beach 58149 Blender and chopper comes powered by 700 watts of power, Result in a super smooth puree, 12 blending functions, easy to read control panel, totally BPA-free, Dishwasher safe & Three-year warranty

If you feel more confident about choosing the best blender to puree food and learned something new, please share this article with your friends on social media and so we can help them out. Can you grind coffee beans in Ninja?


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