Are you looking best blenders for hot soups and liquids? Since soups are mostly liquid, they seem to be a good way to remain hydrated and full. They provide your system a lift. Soups can assist you to debar cold and flu.

And they are an excellent antidote for times once you are sick, too! Most soups are loaded with disease-fighting nutrients.

If you finding the best blenders for hot liquids you are at the right place we are done deep research for you to get the best blenders for hot soups and liquids whenever you find blenders for hot liquid consider blade, power, pitcher capacity, and other functions.

Here we provide all the information step by step helping you out to buy the best blender. Let’s check out!

Note: We spend plenty of our time analyzing the best blenders and we never accept free products from manufactures. We may receive a small commission from Amazon if you buy a product through our link.

Best Blenders for Hot Liquids Quick Look






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Vitamax 5200

  • Cooling fan

  • Stainless steel

  • Metal drive

4.8 Ratings 

Blendtec classic

  • 10-speed

  • 80% thick blades

  • 32-oz capacity

4.6 Ratings

Vitamix 750

  • Variable speed

  • Aircraft blades

  • Clean itself

4.8 Ratings

Cleanblend Lots of Power for the Price

  • Heavy-duty

  • 8-blade sealed ball bearing

  • BPA free

4.5 Ratings

Breville 620

  • Dishwasher safe

  • LCD & timer

  • Auto clean

4.7 Ratings



1. Vitamix 5200 Blender for Hot Liquids


Best Blenders for Hot LiquidsBest Blenders for Hot Liquids

Vitamix is known for bringing the power of a professional blender into the home kitchen but the Vitamix 5200 blender really functions well all-purpose blender.

It has a 2 horsepower motor and 64 oz BPA-free pitcher.

We like the powerful and industrial looking blender easily turn hardened pieces into a smooth scale

The large plastic pitcher is durable and does not scratch easily, it comes with 7 years of warranty Vitamix is so powerful that they create enough friction heat for blending.

cold ingredients to steaming hot in about six minutes.


Key Features

  • Radial cooling fan and thermal protection system
  • Stainless steel blades are designed to handle the toughest
  • Metal drive framework
  • Solidified treated steel cutting edges
  • Cool running engine
  • Effectively flexible of speed
  • The dial can be turned anytime
  •  Self-cleaning framework
  •  64-ounce holder with huge size
  •  Cold fixings to steaming hot in around 6 minutes
  •  Airplane treated steel cutting edges
  •  7-year full guarantee

Product Dimensions

8.75 x 7.25 x 20.5 inches

Item Weight

10.56 pounds


Vita-Mix Corporation

Item model number




  • Easily adjust speed
  • The dial can be rotated at any point
  • Complete control
  • Clean in 30 to 60 seconds itself
  • Easy to clean and quiet
  • Different textures can be controlled at different speeds.
  • The pitcher’s unique design swirls the mixture toward the blades.
  • Capable of heating soup solely through friction
  • Jar size is larger than the E310.
  • A fantastic warranty
  • Powerful enough to make hot soups
  • Large pitcher 64 oz



  • More expensive than standard blenders
  • There are no pre-programmed modes.
  • There are no sophisticated features like pre-programmed settings.
  • Blenders that are louder than others


2. Blendtec Classic 10 Speed

Best Blenders for Hot LiquidsBest Blenders for Hot LiquidsBest Blenders for Hot Liquids

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender with Four Side Jar easily blending cycle 1 touch button 6 pre-programming pulse and 10-speed manual controls with the ability to achieve a variety of texture complete control to adjust your blending at any time while blending.


Key Features

  • 10-speed manual control
  • Patented blade 80% thick
  • 10x stronger than other blender blades
  • 32-ounce blending capacity

Product Dimensions

7 x 8 x 15.5 inches

Item Weight

7.28 pounds


Blendtec Fine Living Products

Item model number




  • High-quality Blender
  • Best Blender for hot liquids
  • Great appliance, Powerhouse
  • Design that cleans itself
  • There are ten different variable speed options available, all of which can be controlled manually.
  • The touch pad is simple to operate.
  • The warranty period of eight years
  • BPA-free
  • Six cycles have been programmed.
  • Changes in speed
  • Durable



  • The blade is not sharp, the blade is dull.
  • Some counter top blenders are easier to use than others.
  • It doesn’t have a food processor or a heating element.
  • When using the blender, some consumers have complained about the lid not remaining in place.
  • According to some reviews, if the blender is used too frequently or for too long, it will burn out.

3. Vitamix 750

Best Blenders for Hot LiquidsBest Blenders for Hot Liquids

The Vitamix professional series 750 is the most fully-featured Vitamix on the market before we make some homemade hummus let us show you some of the features that make this Vitamix so special it has four preset settings.

In a clean function here that has all been specially developed with time and speed so you can basically create a recipe with just the turn of a dial.

Everything from smoothies to frozen desserts hot soups purees and that clean function on this side we have the variable speed dial there’s also a pulse function the 64-ounce container is BPA free.

And has been designed to fit underneath most cabinets you’ll also notice when it’s running that it’s one of the quietest Vitamix.


Key Features

  • Five pre-programmed settings
  • Variable speed control and pulse feature
  • Comfortably under most kitchen cabinets
  • Aircraft-grade stainless steel blades
  • Vitamix Machine can clean itself in 30 to 60 seconds

Product Dimensions

7 x 8 x 15.5 inches

Item Weight

7.28 pounds


Blendtec Fine Living Products

Item model number




  • The container is a thick plastic
  • The consistency is perfect
  • Worth every penny
  • very effective kitchen tool
  • There is a self-cleaning feature available.
  • The exterior is made of BPA-free plastic.
  • Five pre-programmed settings for automated blending



  • Little vibration
  • Great Blender but poor packaging

4. Cleanblend Lots of Power

Best Blenders for Hot LiquidsBest Blenders for Hot LiquidsBest Blenders for Hot Liquids

The clean blend blender selling 1800 watt base heavy beauty blender and the machine is a very close copy of the Vitamix. It works well for high-speed performance ice crush, food processor, frozen fruits and hot soups, and hot liquids.

If your blender not working like good use high-performance blender Clean Blend to tackle the professional task in minutes, commercial, or heavy-duty projects.

This powerful super blender serves up large family batches of saucy, creamy, or icy recipes.


Key Features

  • The most powerful heavy-duty blender
  • Clean blend replace up to 9 kitchen appliances like liquefy, puree, blend, chop, grind, heat or crush
  • It comes with an 8-blade sealed ball bearing
  • BPA free pitcher
  • 5 years warranty

Product Dimensions

18 x 15 x 13 inches

Item Weight

12 pounds



Item model number




  • Excellent for hot soups and smoothies
  • Fantastic blender at a good price
  • Top of the line
  • Great but big
  • Excellent customer service



  • Not good for ice

5. Breville 620

Best Blenders for Hot Liquids

It comes with quiet & efficient power. The blade design and high horsepower machine deliver a quiet and efficient blending experience. Engineered surgical-grade stainless steel ensures the blades stay sharp.

For longer Heavy duty blades, engineered surgical grade stainless steel ensures the blades stay sharp, longer LCD, and timer.

Its LCD counts up on speed function and down for pre-programmed settings for complete control when blending.


Key Features

  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free surgical blades
  • Versatility and convenience
  • The blade design and high torque motor

Product Dimensions

7 x 8.5 x 17 inches

Item Weight

1 pounds



Item model number




  • Heavy-duty blades
  • LCD & timer
  • 1 touch versatility
  • Auto clean function
  • The design is exceptional


  • Customer services are not good in some cases

6. Vanaheim KB64 Professional Blender

Best Blenders for Hot LiquidsBest Blenders for Hot Liquids

Another powerful and versatile device for you to settle on and make hot liquids is that the Vanaheim KB64 professional blender.

It can excellently perform at the strength of 1450 watts, which allows you to smash ice into snow for seconds also as make delicious sauces, soups and smoothies together with your favorite ingredients.

The blender also features a smart function with the bottom. it’s designed with a protection function that forestalls the blender from being triggered if it’s not correctly placed on the highest of the engine to enhance safety.


Key Features

  • 1.7-liter capacity
  • 64 oz blender
  • 3 preset modes
  • Adjustable time & speed
  • Digital LCD
  • Stainless steel blades

Pruduct Dimensions

14.6 x 12.5 x 10.5 inches

Item Weight
11.38 pounds


Sound Around

Item model number




  • Powerful engine
  • Easy to clean
  • The stainless steel blade system



  • Make loud noise when processing hard ingredients

7. POSAME 1400W High-Speed Blender


Best Blenders for Hot LiquidsBest Blenders for Hot Liquids

The Postgame blender comes with a 1400 watt high-speed blender for smoothies and shakes, hot soups, coffee beans, seeds, and baby food. It comes with a 72-ounce jar with BPA-free Tritan jar variable speed controls with efficient results.

Simple, fast, and powerful blender. A robust 2.25 HP motor to toughest ingredients, 6 hardened steel blade razor, sharp blade assembly thoroughly breaks down ingredients like fruits, vegetable seeds for nutrient and vitamin extraction.


Key Features

  • Perfect for Daily Food
  • 72oz pitcher meet your family need
  • BPA-Free Tritan Pitcher
  • 1400W Powerful Motor for Vitamin and Nutrient Extraction
  • Programmable settings make it easy to blend

Product Dimensions

16 x 11 x 13 inches

Item Weight

12.19 pounds



Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars



  • Auto-Reset Function
  • Overheat Protection
  • Aircraft-Grade Stainless Steel Blades
  • BPA Free and ETL Certified
  • Self Cleaning
  • 2-year warranty



  • Loud Blender

8. Kitchenaid 5-Speed Blender For Hot Liquids


Best Blenders for Hot LiquidsBest Blenders for Hot Liquids

We gave the extraordinary new KitchenAid diamond blender diamond blending system with patented stainless steel blades and 60 ounces patented diamond pitcher design creates a powerful vortex while the Intelli scan motor control automatically adjusts for speed and power optimal.

What we like about the exclusive diamond blending is it allows you to blend fresh ingredients packed full of nutrients and vitamins.

So creations like this are both healthy and delicious basically we’re getting perfect results with everything and just look at the impressive results when they make fresh salads for lunch delicious soups for dinner.

Gourmet crepes for breakfast, and more even healthy smoothies and delicious frozen shakes with an ice cube.


Key Features

  • Intelli-Speed Motor Control technology
  • Diamond Blending System
  • Easy to clean
  • BPA-free pitcher with large capacity

Product Dimensions

9 x 8.5 x 16.5 inches

Item Weight

10 pounds



Item model number




  • The Intelli-Speed Motor Control senses contents
  • Stir, chop, mix, puree, or liquify
  • Stain-resistant jar
  • Sensors adjust themselves to the contents automatically.
  • Durability and silence are enhanced by the use of a steel-reinforced coupler.
  • The wipe-down touch control panel is easy to keep clean.



  • High price
  • Quite noisy when working
  • The engine isn’t as powerful as other professional blenders.
  • The pitcher barely contains 56 ounces.

9. Vitamix A3500 Brushed Stainless Blender


Best Blenders for Hot Liquids

The Vitamix A3500 has all these extra features. The container is dishwasher safe. A programmable timer, full integration with the smart scale, and app. You can use the 8-ounce cups.

It’s specially designed for Frozen Desserts, dip & Spreads, Hot Soups, Smoothies, and Self-Cleaning. The touch screen system gives the machine a sleek silhouette and is easily wiped clean in seconds.

Variable speed control and Pulse feature let you manually fine-tune the texture of your favorite recipe.


Key Features

  • Programmable Time
  • Low-profile 64 oz. container
  • Classic tamper
  • Blending Cookbook
  • Full potential with 17 programs and 500+ recipes

Product Dimensions

39.37 x 39.37 x 39.37 inches

Item Weight

6.25 pounds



Item model number




  • Fast delivery best price
  • Blends everything perfect
  • Worth the money



  • Overprice

10 Health Benefits of Hot Soups in Winter 


A soup can do what a medicine never can soothe and relax you in an inexplicable way when you are down with a cold cough and fever.

It is very comforting easy to prepare and filling let’s have a look at some more benefits of soups in winter

1. Soup is loaded with the high-quality nutrients of vitamins and minerals having very few calories and almost no fat which are ideal nutrients for good health.

2. High vitamins minerals fibers and low-calorie content help in weight management.

3. High amount of dietary fibers helps to regulate the digestive tract and its functioning as well as reduces the risk of various digestive system disorders.

4. It keeps away from the problems of extra weight gain and fluid retention it helps in removing the extra accumulated fluid from the body’s reason of fluffy body as it is rich in potassium which binds with extra sodium and eliminates outside the body.

5. It makes your stomach flutter feeling lighter very instantly by removing the problem of stomach bloating.

6. Its high water vitamins and minerals content keep you and your skin well hydrated moisturize healthy and glowing every time.

7. It boots the body’s immune system and prevents various infectious diseases.

8. Soup acts as a tonic to the ball here and skin health as well as prevents osteoporosis arthritis skin problems and hair loss.

9. High fibers content of it keeps the stomach full for longer and reduces the feeling of hunger thus prevents from overeating and unnecessary weight game

10. It lowers down the risk of breast cancer prostate cancer and uterine cancer as per the previous medical research.


Immune Boosting Green Soup Recipe


How to make a delicious immune-boosting green soup, these are the ingredients that you are going to need:



3.Leek.Frozen peas.

4.Fresh ginger.

Used frozen ginger, chopped broccoli. Discard the stem, Kale. If you can’t find it, use spinach instead. Water or vegetable broth. Coconut milk.

You can use other plant milk, water, or vegetable broth. Cayenne powder. Sea salt. Ground black pepper. Nutritional. And lemon juice.

Place all the ingredients in a pot, except the nutritional yeast and the lemon juice. Bring the soup to a boil and then cook it over medium-high heat for 10 minutes.

Pour the soup into a blender, add the yeast and the juice and blend until smooth. And your soup is ready to serve! Add your favorite ingredients on top.

We added pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and almond flakes. We usually eat this soup with pasta, cook it according to package directions, serve the pasta in a bowl and pour the soup into the same bowl.

Best Blenders for Hot Liquids Buyer Guide


Every blender brand has different criteria when it involves blending hot ingredients as some aren’t rated to securely handle hot temperatures.

Certain blender manufacturers only allow temperature liquids so confirm to reference the manufacturer’s manual to ascertain if they need a temperature rating limit.


Points to think when buying Blender for Hot liquids 


The first thing to remember is that not all blenders are capable of handling hot liquids. Warming soups can be done using either friction or a heating element in a hot liquid blender. Heat is generated by the fast rotation of the blades in friction blenders, while others may have a heating element that warms your soup.

Containers for hot liquid blenders are intended to resist the intense mixing heat. The material must be able to withstand breaking or melting.


1. Pitcher


Most name blenders now use high-impact BPA-Free plastic which may withstand heat. Otherwise, there are a limited number of blender models that use glass jars which generally work fine with warm liquids.


2. Power


A blender with pre-programmed option is a plus point if you want precise control over your blending. This allows you to adjust the texture of your ingredients by determining the blender speed.

Although some blenders have actual clicking dials, they are nonetheless quite effective. Some blenders have automated the operation and included pre-programmed

Some blenders have enough horsepower to make hot soups from cold ingredients through heat friction. it’s important to differentiate between needing a blender for decent coffee drinks and a blender for creating hot soups.


3. Blade


The blender is made up of two components: its power and its blades. Blades are a one-of-a-kind consideration.

If you require a hot and cold blender and you buy a blender with a lot of power but weak blades, you’ve made a big mistake.

If the blades of your blender can form a “vortex” while blending, these blades are ideal for hot and cold drinks and these blenders are known as the finest blender for hot and cold liquids.

Because a blender with tall stacked multi-blades cannot form a vortex or heat ingredients while mixing, these blades are not the best blender for hot coffee.

Blade design can affect the blending consistency and determine whether or not you’ll make hot recipes from cold liquids.

Blades that draw the ingredients right down to rock bottom to make a “Vortex” are best because they cause even blending and can create friction for heating the ingredients.

Some blender blade designs like Ninja’s Total Crushing blade(tall stacked multi-blade) don’t perform also at blending soups and won’t heat the ingredients.


4. Lid Design


Finally, confirm the blender is meant with a vented lid to release pressure from steam. DON’T use the wrong way up with hot liquids.


5. Jar Size And Quality 


The size of the jar is determined by the number of family members. If you have a large family and need a blender to create a significant quantity of hot coffee or other hot liquids, choose a blender with a large jar size, such as 64 ounces or more.

If you choose a smaller jar for a large family, you are making a mistake. Larger jars are recommended for large families.

The jar quality varies among blenders. A blender with a glass jar is the ideal blender for hot liquids. Because glass jars are often good for hot liquids.

You can simply make hot coffee, soups, and sauces in a glass jar.

A blender glass jar is ideal for blending hot coffee and soup.

Don’t worry if your blender doesn’t have a glass container. A BPA-FREE plastic jar can readily withstand high temperatures.

You have two choices for a hot and cold blender, as well as a hot soup blender. The first is a GLASS JAR, and the second is made of BPA-FREE plastic.


6. Self-Cleaning


Making soups may be a messy business, so consider investing in a self-cleaning blender. The more complicated the blender components, the more difficult it will be to clean them. The majority of blenders on the market have dishwasher-safe components. When cleaning the blades, be cautious because some are extremely sharp.


7. Temperature


Every blender is incapable of blending hot ingredients at high temperatures.

You should use a hot soup blender, which can withstand high temperatures effortlessly and safely while providing the greatest results.

Many blenders fall into the category of being unable to tolerate high temperatures. If you buy one of these blenders to make hot drinks, you will be disappointed.

As a result, when looking for the finest blender for hot liquids, you should think about the temperature rating.


8. Time for Heating Food


As previously stated, multiple techniques are used by blenders to heat hot liquids. You’ll want to think about the convenience of a blender that quickly heats your food. This will necessitate taking into account the motor’s size as well as the size of the heating components.


9. Budget


Because blenders are so widely available, it might be difficult to choose one, and ultimately, it will come down to your budget. The best aspect is that you’ll always be able to discover a blender that matches yours on the market. The cost of a blender can range from $20 to over $1,000. You should consider the amount of power you’ll get, the brand name, durability, and the usage of high-quality components in the blender’s construction.


10. Type of Blender


You should also think about the type of blender you’re acquiring. The counter top blender is the most popular blender on the market.

This one has a huge pitcher for mixing your ingredients, as well as numerous speed settings and a motor at the base. This type of blender is versatile and simple to operate. It takes up less room, making it appropriate for a variety of households. Immersion blenders/handheld blenders are another option. They’re also cheap, and they function by being placed into foods recipes Simply touch a button to get a smoothie.


Best Blenders For Hot Liquids: Bottom Line


You have read over our reviews and our buying guide. We hope this article will help you to choose the best blender for hot liquids. Our best value, the Vitamax 5200, variable speed control,

Large batches of family, a radial cooling fan, thermal protection system, hardened stainless-steel blades increase the power of this machine, and self-cleaning.

At the number second, our best Blendtec total classic original quality Illuminated LCD timer displays with an 8-year American company warranty.

We suggest if you have a good amount of budget you should go for Vitamix Professional series 750 with comfortably under most kitchen cabinets and a 7-year full warranty. Those features are tough to beat.

If you feel more confident about choosing a smoothie blender and learned something new, please share this article with your friends on social media and so we can help them out. Also, we recommend you best blender for hot sauce.


Frequently Asked Question


How Do You Blend Hot Liquids?

In your blender, you can quickly blend hot liquids. Fill the blender halfway and blend in batches whenever possible.


Can I Blend Something Hot?

Yes, you can blend hot liquids with ease. Always fill the blender halfway when attempting to blend something hot.


How to Puree Soup in Blender?

  • Allow 3 to 5 minutes for your soup to cool before blending.
  • Remove the cap from the blender.
  • Always half-fill your blender.
  • Place a towel on top of the blender.
  • Begin mixing.
  • Put the soup in the blender.
  • Carry on with the assignment.


What is the best blender for hot liquids?

The Vitamix blender, in our opinion, is the best blender for hot liquids. It can chop any hard or cold item and prepare hot soup and coffee thanks to its 1200 watt powerful engine and stainless steel extractor blades. This blender has complete control software that aids in the blending process.


What blenders can handle hot liquids?

Top 10 Best Blenders for Hot Liquids

#1 Vitamix 5200 Blender for Hot Liquids

#2 KitchenAid 5-Speeds Blender for Hot Liquids

#3 Breville BSB510XL Blenders for Hot Liquids

#4 Cleanblend Countertop Blenders for Hot Liquids


Is it possible to blend hot liquids in a blender?

When you blend hot liquids in a blender, the pressure inside the blender expands and explodes, causing the lid to blow off. The worst-case scenario is that the liquid spills all over your kitchen, creating a huge mess to clean up. If it’s in the blender, put it in the refrigerator right away to cool down.


Can you blend hot coffee in a blender?

You can use a blender that is built to handle hot liquids to puree them. You shouldn’t put any hot liquid into a plastic or semi-decent blender, for example; glass blenders are the safest option here. If you’re using your blender to blend hot substances, only fill it halfway to avoid the cover blowing off.


What blender makes hot soup?

Blender Vitamix 7500 This self-cleaning 64-ounce blender can produce soup, yes, hot soup. The blades reach such high speeds that friction heat is created, resulting in steaming-hot broths.


Can you put warm liquid in NutriBullet?

Over-blending can cause food to heat up to an unsafe temperature, according to the NutriBullet handbook. Before blending, do not place any hot liquids in any of the blending vessels. Begin with components that are cool or room temperature.


Can you put hot liquids in a Breville blender?

Boiling liquids should never be blended. Allow for cooling before transferring to the jug for blending. If you pour hot liquid into the blender, be careful since it may be thrown out of the jug owing to quick steaming.


Can Hand Blender be used in hot soup?

The short answer is yes, a hand blender can be used directly in hot soup; however, the temperature of the hand blender handle is dependent on the equipment. A hand blender can be useful when making large amounts of soups or any other meal that requires pureeing.


Can magic bullet blend hot liquids?

If you happen to get your hands on The Magic Bullet, I strongly advise you not to puree hot soups in it. When blending hot substances, the handbook recommends removing the clear centerpiece of the lid to allow it to vent. There is only one speed setting on the Magic Bullet: obnoxiously loud and quick.


Can KitchenAid make hot soup?

The new KitchenAid Pro Line Blender makes hot soup in just 5 minutes. With the thermal control jar and an Adaptive-Blend Soup recipe setting, users may blend and heat soups and sauces in just five minutes, while the exterior jar remains cool.


Why is my NutriBullet smoothie warm?

The NutriBullet RX is capable of making hot soup. It accomplishes this by transferring heat via the blades. The juice is kept warm by heat exchange from the motor to the blades. If you were cooking soup, you’d press the green button on the motor housing, and the device would run for 6 or 7 minutes instead of the 90 seconds required to generate juice.


Can you blend the hot soup in a food processor?

The quick answer is yes, as long as the soup is not hot when combined in a food processor. Allow the soup to cool before mixing to avoid damaging the food processor, making messes from overheated contents, or burning yourself.


Can an immersion blender go in hot soup?

A handheld immersion blender is the simplest (and generally safest) way to purée hot soups on the stove, and it’s often a low-cost kitchen investment. When mixing, make sure the blender’s head is immersed in the hot liquid.


Can you blend hot liquids in Vitamix?

Open Can I use my Vitamix container to blend hot ingredients? We do not advocate adding anything to your container that surpasses 170°F because your Vitamix Ascent Series blender is capable of heating soups to that temperature.


Can you make hot soup in a Ninja blender?

Yes, a Ninja blender can be used to create soup. While other blenders can create a soup, the Ninja Chef Blender CT 800 Series makes it exceedingly simple. Simply combine the hot ingredients with the appropriate amount of water. These Ninja Blenders offer a soup-specific Auto IQ intelligence setting.


Does Vitamix E320 make hot soup?

With a 2.2 HP motor, the Vitamix E 320 is significantly more powerful than the Vitamix E 310, but they can both prepare soup hot in around 6 minutes from cold water or broth.


Is it OK to put hot liquid in a food processor?

Although some food processor models can now handle hot foods, the general belief is that you should avoid using a food processor to process hot foods. The heat generated by your meal may cause problems with the food processor’s machinery.


Do Vitamix blenders heat soup?

Is it true that all Vitamix blenders can prepare hot soup? Every model has the potential to heat soup by utilizing the friction created by the blades.


Which Vitamix blender makes hot soup?

Professional-Grade Smart Blender Vitamix A 3500 Ascent Series This Vitamix blender includes five

Pre-programmed settings to let you blend smoothies, hot soups, puree baby food, and frozen desserts properly, as well as clean your blender.


Can I put hot liquid in the Kitchen Aid blender?

Pouring boiling liquid into your blender is not a good idea. Before blending soups and sauces in a countertop blender, allow them to cool slightly. To add ingredients while blending, use the feeder cap on the top of the blender’s lid.


Does NutriBullet need liquid?

To prepare smoothies and other healthful beverages, your NutriBullet’s cyclonic function necessitates the addition of liquids. It’s not meant to be used as an ice crusher, and it’s not meant to be used without liquids,” it continues. If you break the ice or other hard things without adding liquid, your blades will become dull and damaged.


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