We already have a skinny best spatula for Vitamix, a branded spatula that works pretty well. We just made zucchini bread which is a batter in the Vitamix and we scraped under all the blades. we have never gotten so much batter out of a container before.

We make oatmeal pancakes for our kidlike every day. And this would be a really helpful tool Hummus, nut butter; all those things that we make that are thicker blends. We would have really appreciated this magic little tool.

We did not need to learn how to use it. We just rubbed it along underneath and it was awesome. If you are buying a new Vitamix right now and you’re in your cart thinking what accessories should we add. You should get one of these Under Blade Scrapers.

It’s a game-changer. If you already have a Vitamix buy the spatula. It’s stocking-shaped. Go get yourself an Under Blade Scraper. it takes your blending knowledge to next level.

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What is a Spatula?


It’s made with silicone plastic which is usually BPA free its help out in blending jug. Spatulas are versatile, suitable little kitchen tool its help scrape food from the corners of pots, bowls and blending pitcher as well.


5 Best Spatulas For Vitamix And Normal Use



Spatula Names



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Blade Scraper Accessory

  • Nylon

  • Great Tool

  • length 14.75

4.6 out of 5 3,417


  • Jar Spatula 

  • Easy Clean

  • scratchless

4.7 out of 5 2,963


  • BPA Free

  • All-silicone

  • flexible

4.8 out of 5


KitchenAid Classic Blender spatula

  •  Replacement

  • Smooth

  • Heat resistant

4.8 out of 5 1,371

OXO Good Grips Jar Spatula

  • Silicone

  • Heat-resistant

  • non-slip grip

4.8 out of 5 4,459


1. Best Spatula For Vitamix


This tool for best use for getting food particles that are trapped under the cutting edge without any risk of injury, the Vitamix scraping has a tool size that allows us in Vitamix pitcher reaching easily under the cutting edges to scrape off food without any wasting.

The Vitamix scraper uses a nylon material for its structure that makes it scratch resistant It also has a bit of flexibility to it to maneuver it around the Vitamix pitcher.

A helpful small device to make the best use of the amount of product you get out of your blender.


Best Spatula for Vitamix

Blade Scraper Accessory View on Amazon 

2. DI ORO Long Handle Silicone Jar Spatula


DI ORO scapula gives warranty they said if your scapula damaged or defected they give a new product or full refund if you are not satisfied with the product

This spatula has reliability in that your nonstick grade silicone will not scratch your pan and cookware

It’s perfect for getting everyone drops of food out of a pitcher. Powerful handle able to hard dough’s and batters if mixing to easily tackle all the kitchen and food tasks.


Best Spatula for Vitamix

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DI ORO spatula is dishwasher safe and easily wash by hand it also prevents the build-up of food and bacteria which allows for healthy and safe cooking

It BPA Free, and LFGB Certified Silicone. Built to withstand the heat, our flexible and trustworthy Jar Spatula is heat-resistant up to 600°F; you will never melt your favorite kitchen gadget.


3. Tovolo Flex Spatula


It’s a helpful tool for salad dressing, blended cocktails, nut butter, soup, milkshakes, sauce, and green smoothies to get every drop, It’s ideal for hard-to-reach areas of your blenders.

The long handle helps you to scrape all sides of the blender extra-long handle also allows you to deep clean out the blender without getting your hands and clothes dirty.

Silicone headcover with nylon core for rigidity its helps you for toughest doughs and batters good elastic handle provide you to scrape the edges of the bowl clean with hassle-free.

This spatula handle is designed to seal out ingredients bacteria and particles making your kitchen utensil easy to clean.

Best Spatula for Vitamix

View on Amazon 

The reliable rubber handle adds comfort, easing spreading, scraping, scooping, and everything else that you want

This beautiful design handle has a good grip for anything else like coating, flipping, scraping, spreading, folding, serving, and mixing.

Silicone is also 600 degrees Fahrenheit heat resistance, this is a BPA-free plastic spatula and also stain and scratch resistance. The head of this spatula will not scratch pans and safe choice for nonstick and cast iron cookware.

DIMENSIONS: 12. 75″ L X 1. 75 W X 1. 5 H


4. KitchenAid Classic Blender Spatula


Top kitchen tools that you need to have in your drawer love these two spatulas BPA free dishwasher safe and heat safe up to 500 degrees we use this one to make scrambled eggs so this one is called the mixer spatula.

When you have your stand mixer beater and you want to clean it off lickety-split like that it’s also great for those hand mixer beaters and cleans that off as well and with that curved edge and kind of spoon shape.

It really gets in perfectly in your stand mixer bowls and it just hits that contour perfectly and in one swipe you’re just picking up all that frosting or batter and then you can get in there with your little long-handled spatula.

Best Spatula for VitamixView on Amazon

We love it like our secret weapon how about frosting a cupcake with that so super quick it’s also great for all of those long tall straight-sided appliances.

We clean all the way down our chopper corner perfectly it’s great for blenders it’s great for food processors you are going to love this tool it’s absolutely one of the favorites we love to straight-sided jars all the way down to the bottom of peanut butter jar getting every last morsel out easy all the way down to the very bottom.

When you want to scramble your eggs in the morning because remember this is heat safe up to 500 degrees dishwasher safe BPA free we just love these spatulas they are favorites we reach for them in our drawer over and over kitchen aid appliances but also with all the great cooking.


5. OXO Spatula


Where you mixing, scrapping, scoping jar specialist get the job done easily to clean silicone covers the head and neck spatula it has a heat resistance of 600 degrees Fahrenheit won’t discolor warp or melt.

Best Spatula for Vitamix

View on Amazon

This spatula featured a soft and comfortable it’s saving for using coated and nonstick cook wear and backed wear the jar spatula is ideal for reaching in and scoping out the very last spread jar in peanut butter and more.

Easy to clean full covert with silicone head to tail, Oxo spatula is very safe nonslip grip and also its dishwasher safe.



Best Silicone (“Rubber”) Spatulas & Our Testing Winners


A silicone spatula is one of the busiest tools in the kitchen we tested 10 spatulas priced from about seven to nineteen dollars including our previous winner it’s a heat-proof model used in restaurant kitchens everywhere.

The rubber maid 960 3 high heat scraper sometimes the spatula felt a little too big for home use so we looked at new contenders and we tried every model in every type of task including folding dry ingredients into whipped egg whites folding pureed fruit into whipped cream stirring mix-ins like chocolate chips and nuts into thick cookie dough.

And we also use them to cook stirring and turning scrambled eggs in a skillet onions and risotto in a saucepan and chopped carrots in a Dutch oven then we use them to scrape up the fond from a skillet to remove scrambled eggs from the pan without breaking up the curds and to scrape sticky honey out of measuring cups and small mixing bowl snow along the way.

We consider how the heads and handles of each spatula helped or got in the way for instance models with smaller heads moved less food with each pass so it took more time and effort to mix cookie dough to a larger head that barely fit in tight spaces like food processor work bowls or one cup measuring cups.

We preferred spatulas with mid-sized heads about four by two and a half inches goosies worked faster and more efficiently in a variety of tasks now the shape of the spatula heads also mattered if you got too sharp the top angle it made it harder to scrape and stir because there just wasn’t enough area to make easy contact and spatulas.

Where the handle sticks into a head like a popsicle stick meant that there are these annoying ridges where food gets stuck and prevented thorough mixing and it took multiple swipes to wipe it clean now the texture of the silicone spatula blades made a big difference to now one blade that was just too stiff.

It just skidded over Bowl and pan sides and it nearly deflated egg whites and whipped cream only tried to fold them but then thin flimsy heads on other ones they just curled up like floppy noodles totally useless now our favorite had a straight top edge and one gently curved corner that matched the doors of balls and instruct.

The right balance between firmness and flexibility for perfect easy mixing and scraping now handles were also important if they were too narrow or they’re too chunky they were just uncomfortable to hang onto as we worked.

If they’re too slick they just slid around in our hands one handle had these big holes that made it really awkward to grab and use we preferred handles with a fairly even with now that you thick or thin with a nice simple smooth shape that.

Let us group at multiple ways and use the spatula at any angle comfortably and securely and you know what we hate about spatulas when the handles melt we heated a skillet to 0 degrees and wrested each spatula in the pan for

minutes plastic handles ended up with these deep melted grooves wood handles were fine but textured silicone handles resisted melting plus.

They always felt nice and grippy in our hands as we used them and we really preferred spatulas made of one single seamless piece of silicone both head and handle so no food or dishwasher could get stuck in crevices.

We had one model that drips dishwasher into our freshly whipped cream now another pet peeve we have silicon spatulas that get cut up we scraped our food processor bowl with the blade in place to see which ones came out unscathed and some actually did now finally we don’t want a spatula.

They easily get stained or smelly so we soaked them all in a slurry of warm tomato sauce minced garlic and curry powder for two hours then we washed them and checked for stains and leftover smells and then.

We washed them more times in the dishwasher and by hand to see if any still came out good as new at the end of all of this we had a winner it’s called the DI ORO living seamless silicone spatula.

This spatula had it all had a texture that’s firm enough for scraping and scooping but just bendy enough to get every drop with straight sides and a wide flat blade it’s scraped and mixed efficiently and it had a blade small enough that fit neatly into tight corners.

Its one-piece silicone design has no nukes or crannies to trap food or dishwater and its grippy handle was exceptionally comfortable in every tester’s hand it’s our new favorite silicone spatula.


Buying Guide of  Best Spatula For Vitamix 


1. Heat Resistance


When you buy a spatula consider the heat resistance spatula if you are buying a cheap spatula which is not able to heat resistance its very dangerous for your health because you know plastic is released harmful chemical when it burns so be carefully read the instructions about heat resistance and BPA free spatula.


2. Spatula Handle


The reliable rubber handle adds comfort, easing spreading, scraping, scooping, and everything else that you want. Against the narrow handles are not suitable while trying to scrape food or ingredients from your blender.


3. Vitamix Spatula Design


There are so many spatulas right now in the market many of are removable spatulas which are convenient in cleaning purpose but they are not good for with your blender so try to use un removable spatulas for blending purpose its very helpful to scrape the food in the blender in Sharpe blades


Best Spatula For Vitamix: Bottom Line 


You have read our entire posts on Best Spatula for Vitamix, the Vitamix blade scraper accessory comes out as the top overall Vitamix spatula. This is a handy tool that will help you scrape your blender clean after a hard blending job without wasting one drop of your food. If you like our post please shares it with your friends and family members to help them out.

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