We search most repeated questions people are often asked and curious can a Ninja Blender be used as a Food Processor?

We try and share our real experience with ninja blenders our research base team analysis and evaluate the unbiased results about the all blenders which we are first using and then we make a decision about that product.

If you are confused and find the same question can a Ninja Blender be used as a Food Processor you are land a perfect page today we are explaining to you a step-by-step guide about your query?

Ninja blenders are much innovated nowadays with their efficiency and innovation with technology.

We are making anything in our ninja blender, it can do anything moreover people still asking can we used ninja blender as a food processor people have a different idea of what food processing is if you read this post hopefully your doubts totally clear about your query.


What is the Difference Between Blender And Food Processor?





Lets first explain what is blenders when it comes to blending ingredients together in many cases either a blender or a food processor,

Will get the job done but there are a few tasks where one is better than the other blenders are better for liquids or when you want to make something smooth and uniformly pureed food processors are better for chopping or slicing through hard ingredients like nuts,

When you want to create something with a rougher texture so why is this blender has powerful motors usually duller blade sand tall containers,

When you add stuff to a blender and turn it on it creates a sort of vortex pulling ingredients in towards the center and causing them to blend together and since they’re taller blenders are better for hot liquids and soups with less chance of leakage or spills use blenders to make things like smoothies margaritas marinades and thin sauces.

Food processors typically have sharp blades less powerful motors and wide containers they’re best for slicing through hard ingredients or when you have ingredients with different textures use food processors to make things like pesto tapenades salsa and other sauces.




You can even make doughs and crumble toppings using your food processor the wider Bowl means ingredients disperse more evenly without over mixing that’s not to say you can never put liquid in your food processor oil is crucial for bringing sauces and spreads together and you can blend soups in small batches,

Just be really careful with hot liquids and remember that the final product won’t be as smooth as it would be in a blender crushing ice can be accomplished with either tool but it’s safer with a high-quality blender otherwise it might damage the plastic container and if you can’t decide to look for a blender on quench essentials calm that can perform the functions of a food processor.



Understand Which Kitchen Gadget Best For You


Food processors blenders and mixers can take the hard work out of meal prep but first, you need to choose which of these gadgets is best for you so we’re explain run through the pros and cons of each to help you decide stand mixers are geared towards kneading whipping whisking and mixing essentially all things baking,

Some models also have the option to fit additional attachments like blenders minces and food processors but you might have to buy these separately they tend to be quite large gadgets so you’ll need to consider if you’ve got a room on your kitchen counter prices vary considerably,


1. Mixer

Can a Ninja Blender be used as a Food Processor

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A mixer can be a good investment for keen bakers they’re good for making larger batches and taking the elbow grease out of tough or long-winded jobs such as kneading dough and whisking egg whites you can also buy small handheld Electric mixers these can cost as little and are handy for light jobs such as whipping cream by holding them for long periods.


2. Food Processor

Can a Ninja Blender be used as a Food Processor

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Can be really versatile with different attachments for things like chopping grating puree and slicing some food processors come with attachments for baking jobs like kneading and whipping.

But they don’t tend to manage these as well as stand mixers and they usually have a smaller capacity prices range more expensive models usually include a wider range of attachments such as grinding mills blender jugs and citrus presses and different sized bowls.

These can make them more versatile when cleaning and more stuff to store if you regularly cook in big batches a food processor could save you a lot in prep time but if you only want something to chop the odd onion or make a quick dip then you should consider a mini chopper instead these are essentially mini food processors they tend to be quite basic.


3. Blenders

Can a Ninja Blender be used as a Food Processor

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For one or two people or you might find it useful as a second appliance for quick small jobs if you’re into making soups and smoothies then a blender might be the best choice they excel at blitzing ingredients into a smooth mix and most can also crush ice and make dips.

You won’t usually get the option to slice grate and chop as you would with a food processor but some blenders come with additional attachments for grinding things like coffee beans.

There are two types of standing blender jug blenders that can make larger batches in one go and mini blenders these make one or two portions at a time and often the blending cup can be turned into a travel cup for heavy-duty.

Blenders with extra attachments hand or stick blenders are good for quick jobs such as making a dip or blending soups and smoothies but can be tiring to hold for long periods.

They are usually more compact so you can stick them in a drawer may come with food processing and whisking attachments all-metal construction and extra features which gadget you buy depend on what jobs you do most how much space you have and your budget.


Can a Ninja Blender be used as a Food Processor

Can a Ninja Blender be used as a Food Processor

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There are three main ninja blenders in our kitchen do keep in mind some other ninja blenders are also used with ninja food processor bowls. Three models which we using as food processor are following:



These are the main three Ninja blenders that can be used as a food processor. You can do with like grinding hard oats foods, chopping vegetables.

These all models easily do simple tasks like making sauces, nut butter, grind coffee beans and grind try grains too. If you find a hard job like making dough’s, grind flour, and batters you should consider a pure food processor or high power blender for a smooth and accurate result.

These all blenders have the capability of holding and mixing foods with power like the food processor. And all models have a food processor bowl with a container.


2 Best Combo Blenders and Food Processor 2021


If you’re looking for the best food processor blender combo then you’re at the right place it means you get a blender chopper citrus juicer needs dough machine and mixer this food processor meets your most demands of cooking preparation save time and money top 2 best food processor blender combo of 2021 we arranged these food processor blender combo on many hours of research and testing and we pick the best two models all food processor blenders are available on Amazon.


1. Ninja BN801 Professional plus Kitchen System with Auto-IQ


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Please refer to your instruction booklet for your specific configuration included you will have a 1400 watt motor base 72ounce blender pitcher.b The 64 oz Precision Processor Bowl provides precision processing for even chopping smooth purees and up to 2 lbs of dough. 24 oz. Single-Serve Cups with Spout Lids, Pro Extractor Blades Assembly, 64 oz. Precision Processor Bowl, Chopping Blade, Dough Blade


What is Auto-IQ


5 preset Auto-IQ programs allow you to create smoothies frozen drinks nutrient extractions chopped mixtures and dough all at the touch of a button extract a drink containing vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

5 preset Auto-IQ programs allow you to create smoothies frozen drinks nutrient extractions chopped mixtures and dough all at the touch of a button extract a drink containing vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables.




  • It has an incredible engine and operation
  • Lots of parts small cup for individual serving
  • One base for a blender & food processor, great space saver for small kitchen
  • Extra sharp blades
  • Less expensive than the other “premium” blenders
  • A large pitcher makes a nice batch of pureed soup.
  • Strong motor for blending ice (frappucinos came out great)
  • Ninja came with a food processor with an additional kneading option
  • The huge center blade really gets the job done




  • Be careful cleaning it because the blades are very sharp
  • The Top has opened for emulsions (we make mayonnaise) but it is too big & splashes all over the kitchen
  • The only weak point is the loud noise
  • Handle got food stuck inside, & it’s not easy to get out.


2. Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System

Can a Ninja Blender be used as a Food Processor

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We have a Ninja BL770 mega kitchen system and blender the ninja mega kitchen system comes packed with 1500 watts of power to handle all of your drink meal makings and food processing needs the xl 72 ounces blender pitcher features total crushing technology to blast through ice and frozen fruit two 16 ounces nutrient ninja cups with to-go lids are perfect for creating personalized nutrient-rich drinks to take on the go the eight-cup food processor bowl comes equipped with a chopping blade for perfectly even results and a dough blade that can mix up to two pounds of dough in 30 seconds this food processor blender combo have a plastic body of black color.




  • Easy to use, quick to use, and good quality
  • The study, and powerful. Perfect for any recipe
  • It came with a dough blade, food processor blade, pitcher and blade, single-serve blade, and two cups with lids.




  • Work well but loud
  • The base of the bowl broke after 3-months & wasn’t covered under warranty.



Can a Ninja Blender be used as a Food Processor: Final Summary


You’ll use your Ninja blender as a kitchen appliance. You only got to confirm you understand the restrictions of your blender. Smoothies and vegetables are often processed, and then can sauces, salads, soups, and other things but other hard ingredients aren’t advisable to be processed in your blender.

However, there’s how that you simply can blend and process foods using an equivalent machine. We suggested you buy the Ninja BN801 Professional plus Kitchen System. It works wonders for a good sort of kitchen application. In fact, this may replace your kitchen appliance and your blender.

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