Origins Avocados were originally grown in Mexico and Columbia around 7.0 years ago and were a staple for the Aztecs and Incas.

These are now grown all around the world in warm climates and are considered one of the healthiest superfoods on the planet.

Other Avocado Uses We highly recommend using the avocado pulp to make tasty guacamole, especially when following a healthy eating plan such as keto. You can also use avocado oil to replace unhealthy vegetable oils and works well with stir-fries and baking. You may like: What is better Juicer or Blender


Can Blenders Crush Avocado Seeds

Can blenders crush avocado seeds

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To crush an avocado seed they’re really high in vitamin C and our tract full of antioxidants they’re good on smoothies but they’re kind of bitter so you don’t want to eat them on their own just put a heavy-duty baggie.

If you don’t have a heavy-duty baggie you can use a sandwich baggie and you have to actually use a hammer to crush it so this should be interesting we go then you can take these pieces to come into your Vitamix blender its powerful motor crush all seeds into powder very quickly and blend in a minute you can get smooth avocado seed powder with no time.

How to consume the avocado seed in your daily tea, it has a bitter and astringent taste due to its medicinal properties to consume it remove the peel that covers it scratch the seed, and roast it over low heat.

You will see that it will take a reddish color so we can prepare an infusion by boiling a tablespoon of the avocado seed powder in 2 cups of water for minutes and then let it rest for another 5 minutes before drinking you must have a glass of this tea throughout the day.



How To Pick A Good Avocado




We are explaining to you out how to pick a good avocado. Usually what we look for in the avocados is the color of the avocado. Usually, the darker ones are the riper ones. The greener ones, they’re harder, also too.

When you squeeze the avocado to see if it’s ripe, use the palm of your hand, not your thumb, because that’ll bruise it. And that’s how you pick a good avocado out.


Surprising Benefits It Brings To Your Health


Avacodas are versatile food with a creamy buttery texture and they have a rich flavor from the high-fat content many people enjoy slicing them in half and eating a portion with a meal to make them tastier you can always sprinkle them with salt pepper and other spices no matter how you do it try to get those avocados in somehow the list of health benefits you reap as a result just keeps getting longer.


1. Strengthens Immunity


Strengthens immunity the avocado seed contains strong antioxidant properties in fact the seeds contain more than percent of antioxidants than that is found in the fruit and the antioxidant keeps free radicals at bay which in turn once stimulates the immune system and protects it from bacterial viral fungal infections powdered avocado seeds are included in your smoothies or juices regularly then you will strengthen your immune system.


2. Reduces High Cholesterol

number two reduces high cholesterol avocado pulp is known to be a good source of monosaturated fats that can help reduce high levels of low-density lipoprotein LDL or bad cholesterol and increase levels of high-density lipoprotein HDL or cholesterol well the seeds have a cholesterol-lowering property it contains a nutritious oil rich in antioxidants which can reduce high cholesterol levels


3. Fight Against Cancer

Fight against cancer avocado seeds have cancer-fighting properties they contain flavonoids which include compounds such as flavonoids compounds such as kerosene camphor pirenzepine that work as powerful antioxidants to help prevent and reduce the growth of tumors


4. weight loss

Helps in weight loss avocado seeds are rich in antioxidants that help burn fat to lose weight and its soluble fiber contains reduces appetite and provides feelings of satiety for several hours


5. Reduces Inflammation

Reduces inflammation antioxidants such as catechins and pro-canyons in avocado seeds help reduce pain swelling and stiffness due to inflammation in addition to having good antioxidant properties the seeds are also rich in anti-inflammatory properties



6. Reduces High Blood Pressure

Reduces high blood pressure people who suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension should never throw the avocado seed in the trash since these seeds are very rich in potassium which is a good dilator and this nutrient helps to relax the tension of the blood vessels and arteries thus lowering high blood pressure


7. facilitates The Stomach

Facilitates the stomach and intestine the antioxidants and fibers found in avocado seeds are excellent for your digestive system in fact the seeds contain more soluble fibers than the pulp of the fruit itself


8. Slows Down The Aging Process

Slows down the aging process seeds can even slow down the aging process powerful antioxidants fight free radicals that cause enormous damage to healthy skin cells


9. Exfoliates The Skin

Exfoliates the skin the avocado seed powder also works as a natural exfoliator of the skin helps to remove dead skin cells excesses but and other impurities from the skin number is an astringent therefore is ideal for treating diarrhea and inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract it’s also an aphrodisiac and which in synthesis increases libido it is also revitalizing from fatigue and exhaustion.

They’re great for the skin avocado and avocado oil have been linked to skin benefits because of their high vitamin c content which helps build collagen in the skin to maintain firmness and elasticity


10. Good Source of Potassium

They’re a good source of potassium bet you didn’t know avocado is also an impressive source of potassium important for muscle strength nerve function and heart health it’s just another reason to eat more of this smashed avocado.


11. Regulates Your Metabolism 

It regulates your metabolism metabolic syndrome is the newest silent killer doctors are warning about and it involves a crazed fluctuating metabolism eating an avocado every day could help to stabilize your metabolism some studies say the healthy fats involved help to prevent your metabolism from taking an unwelcome nose dive after a meal they

12. Boost Your Immune System

Boost your immune system vitamins ac and e all present in the flesh of tasty avocado do sand in this case there is immune-boosting as they are delicious eating avocados could help ward off illnesses and pesky runny noses simply by helping your immune system fight off bacterial attack they’re sugar-free despite having no sugar avocado still has a sweet side with its mild flavor and creamy texture avocado can be used as a butter substitute in desserts like cakes brownies or these better for you snickers dessert cups.

13. Improve Brain Function

They can improve brain function want to kick start your brain in the mornings kip the coffee and eat some avocado instead of all the nutrients in avocado.


14. Can Help Boost Your Energy Levels

Can help boost your energy levels fight fatigue and put you in a good mood try this smoothie first thing in the morning and see the difference.


15. It May Help Lower The Risk of Depression

It May help lower the risk of depression eating monounsaturated fats has been shown to reduce depression and the high amount of folate has been shown to help maintain your brain’s feel-good chemicals dopamine and serotonin.


16. They Can Preserve Your Eyesight

They can preserve your eyesight avocados are loaded with good stuff with complicated names including the prestigious sounding nutrients lutein and zeaxanthin both of these compounds play a role in preventing macular degeneration or wearing away of the retina to keep your eyesight in top shape go ahead and gorge on these fatty fruits or one of these other eye shielding foods they have so many vitamins and minerals just one avocado contains significant amounts of eight vital nutrients stretching from the key vitamins like k and c to rare minerals such as folate each one of these nutrients plays a pivotal role in your health so eating an avocado is a kind of like eating part of a multivitamin.


17. They Help Prevent Diabetes Prevention

They help prevent diabetes prevention happens when you regulate your blood sugar using healthy foods avocados are insanely effective at doing this one study analyzed the difference in the blood glucose levels of the studied population before and after lunch one group was given half an avocado with their meal and another was given the same meal without avocado the group that ate the creamy green fruit experienced dramatically less blood sugar fluctuation after eating after hearing that we’re tempted to pack halves with our lunches every day tell us in the comments are you an avo lover what avocado health benefits do you appreciate what are your favorite ways to eat avocados.


Is it Safe To Eat An Avocado Pit?


We just have to explain a couple of things about the benefit of consuming the pit and we talking about taking the seed out of that avocado drying it out in either a dehydrator or your oven at 0 degrees for two hours.

It’s a lot of work chopping it up and then blending it into some shake when you do that you get a lot of extra photo nutrients, in fact, the phytonutrients in that seed compared to the meat of an avocado is like off-the-charts so that’s why people.

Do it now that sounds pretty good but there’s a certain chemical natural chemical in the seed it’s also in them eat as well but it’s mostly concentrated in the seed it’s in the bark it’s in the leaves which you don’t consume but mainly if you’re going to consume the seed you have to be aware that it has this natural fungicide it’s called person now it is toxic to animals but it’s not as toxic to humans.

Maybe in large quantities and certain people could be sensitive to it they could have allergies to it but genuinely it’s non-toxic to humans there’s a study that showed that even had anti-cancer properties to the breast tissue.

But there’s another study taken out of context to explain that this chemical can create DNA damage but it’s in vitro which means they take this avocado extract and they put it into a Petri dish and they expose it to your cells and they show that it causes damage but the thing you’re not crushing this up and inject it into your bloodstream.

You’re eating this it’s to go through your digestive system into your stomach into the intestines it’s going through him migration get the stamp of approval through your own body’s immune system it’s going through the liver and the liver has all sorts of enzymes to make this safe now if you have liver damage.

It could be more toxic but the point is that this study is really invalid because no one consumes these foods directly into the bloodstream it goes through your digestive system so in reality.

You’d have to consume a lot of these avocado seeds to create a toxic effect on your body alright so the question is can you consume an avocado pit absolutely are there health benefits yes lots of phytonutrients is it convenient no because you’ll have to take this pit out dehydrate it chop it up to blend it and consume.


Avocado Fat Burning Smoothie Recipe




We put it in our smoothie we also have blueberries and spinach that are loaded with great vitamins and minerals tons of fiber as well as the fiber in the avocado just this half of an avocado that 8 grams of fiber is packed.

So fiber is going to help our bodies eliminate all the waste clear out our bellies really give us some good cleansing which we all need this time of year coming out of winter and into spring and summer so this is such a great smoothie if you want to not only feel great but also help your body kick in with some fat burning.




  • Avocado
  • 1 cup coconut water
  • 2 tablespoons organic chia seeds
  • Fresh frozen blueberries
  • Spinach
  • Sugar





Let’s get started first we are to start by adding about one cup of our coconut water we like to use the Zico all-natural concentrate you want to shake it up really good get everything that’s in the bottom mixed around and get about the puffs eight to ounces depending on how thick you want it.

Next up we’ve got our organic chia seeds that should be a part of your diet every single day they’re amazing.

They are loaded with protein and fiber just two tablespoons have 8 grams of fiber and four grams of protein tons of omega-3 fatty acids again great for our body great for fat burning great for your skin great for your blood pressure it’s just all-around amazing.

So we’re to do one tablespoon of chia seeds you can also use a little more chia seeds absorb up to ten times their weight in water so if you soak A’s in water it will become a really great geland the more you put your smoothies the thicker and thicker the consistency will be.

Next, up we’re to put about a cup of fresh frozen blueberries all of our frozen berries finally find regular just a regular then we’ve got our spinach we love spinach we probably overdo it our smoothies we’re just to load up our spinach into our blender and then.

We’ve got our half of avocado so we usually like to use half of the really big avocados or a whole small one so it’s kind of you to know eyeball.

It depends on how hungry you are you might want to use a half of a small one and half of a big one do whatever we just actually use half of whatever we use and just scoop out the avocado right on top of your spinach then.

We’ll put our lid on and we’re all set to go so we’re to blend this on high for about a minute and come back and see what kind of amazing smoothie we have so there you go our smoothie is all blended it’s nice and creamy and delicious.


Can Blenders Crush Avocado Seeds: Bottom Line


You have read our entire posts on can blenders crush avocado seeds, of course, you can, we per sally use Vitamix blender its provide us a smooth result. You can use your blender brand which you like with a powerful blending motor.

All of the Vitamix blenders are constructed to a completely excessive excellent of standards. Especially Vitamix assent series blender is so powerful and making anything.

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