Coffee did you know that over a billion cups of coffee are consumed every year the second most traded commodity in the world only behind oil.

Today’s we are to explain to you why coffee is not bad for you and the nine scientific benefits to having a daily cup about the best time to drink coffee how much per day is okay.

How much is too much when people say coffee is bad for you they often point to a few things insomnia dehydration and adrenal fatigue insomnia are usually just a result of drinking coffee too.

Early since effects can last up to hours after drinking, stop drinking coffee before noon. You should be fine from dehydration. Yes, coffee is a natural diuretic, but this problem is cured by drinking more water.

You should be doing anyway and adrenal fatigue. This is not even a real medical condition anyone spouting this sort of nonsense doesn’t deserve your time or attention are the proven benefits of drinking coffee backed by scientific studies. You may like: How do juicer work




We decided to write this post for people who love fresh coffee there’s nothing quite as good as taking whole beans grinding them yourself.

And then brewing a fresh batch of coffee in a percolator we use our Vitamix blender so we looked up some instructions on how to take whole coffee beans and grind them into the consistency that would be good for a percolator.




The desired amount of coffee beans





Make sure your jar Make sure the jar is completely dry Secure the lid with a Vitamix, start on speed 1 turn the machine on then slowly increase to speed 8.

It’s safest to use their special dry goods jar. No need to clutter up the kitchen with a separate coffee grinder. Place coffee beans in the jar

This is the instructions use the special dry green jar of the Vitamix turn the speed that one turn on the machine and quickly increases to number 8 grind the desired degree of fineness between ten seconds for course and seconds for espresso.



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Then turn off so we are just to demonstrate what to do basically we’re taking two cups of the whole beans which this particular one is an organic bean that we picked up from Costco you got two pounds of organic coffee beans.

We place it in this dry container you can tell it’s a different type of thing because the blade is actually meant to smash what’s ever in it that it actually has the word dry on the blade but it’s worth investing in.

Because it allows you to do peanut butter and hummus and anything you need to smash and kind of pulverize into a creamy consistency, you can use that, but the result is that he gets nice, very consistent coffee greensand.

We use a percolator so we like it on the coarse side and what we found in our first batch is that about seconds is right for us so we demonstrate that in a second so now we take two cups of whole coffee beans.

We are to set this to 1 because it’s a fine powder as you grain so you grind rather and you don’t want to get all over your kitchen.

We are to turn it on just as the instructions say and we increase the speed all the way to 8 and count we go and that’s it  seconds later we have ground into a nice consistency some coffee grinds so we are put it in our storage container and you’ve done you don’t want to do much more than 2 cups though because then some of it can get stuck at the bottom and we get these really fine pieces and these really coarse pieces so by doing smaller batches you get a more consistent process



13 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Black Coffee


Coffee could make you smarter it complements the firing of neurons withinside the mind and has been proven to enhance numerous mind features such as temper strength stages response time reminiscence and preferred cognitive function.




1. Coffee Consists of Critical Vitamins


Coffee consists of critical vitamins the frame loves and desires one cup of espresso consists of vitamins like riboflavin potassium magnesium and others whilst the extent of the vitamins it consists of isn’t going to blow you away in case you drink 3 cups in line with the day just like the common American person you may be getting a regular supply of essential vitamins that your frame loves.


2. Can Lessen The Chance of Coronary Heart Failure


Your coronary heart appears to adore it ingesting up to 2 espresso cups in line with the day can lessen the chance of coronary heart failure with the aid of using as much as 11 percentage.



3. Coffee Permits You To Burn Fats


Coffee permit you to burn fats caffeine has been proven to enhance metabolism with the aid of using as much as 11 percentage and dramatically grow fats burning ability different research have even proven that the charge of fats being burned whilst ingesting caffeine can enhance with the aid of using percentage in overweight people and percentage in leaned people.


4. Lower Chance of Growing Cancers


Coffee drinkers have a decreased chance of growing most cancers astonishingly espresso has been proven to decrease the possibilities of having liver most cancers with the aid of using as much as % additionally a observe with over a few participants confirmed that individuals who eat espresso had a decreased chance of rectal most cancers.


5. Lower Risk of Developing Certain Diseases


Coffee drinkers have a lower risk of developing certain diseases type two diabetes now affects over a million people worldwide and is becoming a global problem heavy coffee drinkers however have a  percent to percent reduction in risk of developing the disease also drinking coffee results in a  percent to percent reduction in risk for developing Parkinson’s as well,


6. Helps the Brain To Stay Active


In the sunrise helps in boosting the memory power black coffee helps the brain to stay active and thus enhances the brain function.




7. Reduces Risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s


It also keeps the nerves active which in turn keeps dementia at bay studies say regular consumption of black coffee reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


8. Helps Prevent Liver Cancer


You know your liver loves black coffee helps prevent liver cancer hepatitis fatty liver any liver disease coffee helps by lowering the level of harm full liver enzymes in the blood for improves cardiovascular health.


9. Helps To Reduce The Risk of Diabetes


Makes you smart over a period of six decreases diabetes risk drinking black coffee daily helps to reduce the risk of diabetes which in later rage can lead to organ damage and heart diseases it was seen people who drank two or fewer cups of coffee had increased risk of diabetes coffee helps in controlling diabetes by increasing insulin production both caffeinated and the caffeinated coffee help in the prevention of diabetes.


10. Helps To Clean Your Stomach


Cleanses your stomach coffee is a diuretic beverage thus it makes you want to urinate often so that is why when you drink black.


11. Helps in Weight Loss


Helps in weight loss black coffee helps in rapid weight loss by making you work out more if you have had minutes before you hit the gym black coffee helps to boost metabolism it also burns the fat in the tummy since it is a fat-burning beverage it also stimulates the nervous system which signals the body to breakdown the fat cells and uses them as a source of energy as opposed to glycogen 9 powerhouse of antioxidants.


12. Powerhouse of Antioxidants


Black coffee is the powerhouse of antioxidants black coffee contains vitamin b2, b3, and b5 manganese potassium and magnesium makes you happy drinking black coffee improves your mood.


13. Helps To Fight Depression


Best remedies to fight depression have two cups of black coffee every day to keep depression at bay so these are the science-backed health benefits of black coffee.




How To Grind Coffee And Grains in a Vitamix Blender




We have some corn, rice, coffee beans, and chia seeds. We are to get our Vitamix blender up on the high speed for about one minute away we’re done how quickly and easy was that?

We have some lovely, fresh cornflowers, beautiful and fresh how fine that is. Some nice rice flower this is perfect for all of your baked goods.

some fresh coffee this is to make the most amazing cup of coffee ever tasted beautiful and some chia seeds absolutely fine consistency, so good for you high in omega 3’s.

We got fine consistency of coffee beans, rice, chia seeds, and cornflower as well as any chunks.

We are testing our Vitamix blender on how to grind grain in the Vitamix ml blending cups these are fantastic just if you want to grind a smaller amount of grain compared to the larger containers.

We have to serve rice brown rice we make some rice flour we’ve got some raw sugar we make some icing sugar some coffee beans into some beautifully ground coffee we grind some sesame seeds and also some cinnamon sticks the beautifully freshly ground cinnamon let’s get blending.


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How easy it is we’ll take that blade off a smell that beautifully freshly ground cinnamon. The first thing we blend rice we make some rice flour we got 100% fine consistency if you want to finer you just let it run a little bit longer.

Next, we had some raw sugar that makes beautiful fine icing sugar just like a powder fine.

Next coffee beans or a so it makes some beautifully freshly ground coffee and then we have sesame seeds got some you asleep freshly ground sesame seeds once again if you want a finer.

You just let that run a little bit longer and last but not least the beautifully ground cinnamon my absolute favorite always tastes so much better when you make it fresh.


Vitamix Spice Grind Test




What we have a big thing of whole black peppercorn very hard to grinding to normally. Let’s try it out now we are using our Vitamix dry container for this.

Let us explain to you even if you put just a little teeny bit we’ve got black peppercorn the Vitamix can grind this stuff.

We use the Vitamix we are to turn it on the switch at the bottom of the light doesn’t come on make sure it’s plugged in now with this one we are to start low and as we begin to turn it up to pull it up off the bottom.

And that is to allow the blade to run even a very small amount of spice and this is great you know even if you’re using very light spices this works perfectly for them let us explain.

We’re to turn it on the low-speed turn it right up to the high speed what happens and we’ll explain to you afterward and then grind some peppercorns so that you’ve got it around for a few days and that’s what we normally do at home.

Let’s try it out turn it on.  we turn it up we can see the peppercorn begin to break down as its pins around inside the blender we got perfect we have a little bit of peppercorn perfect result.

You can season up your steak with banter just throw it on some salad you have the exact amount of the peppercorn that you wanted that’s a great little trick with your Vitamix machine.

Let’s put in a whole bunch of it and what happens we’ve got enough peppercorns to last you quite a while we got about half a cup inside and even with that entire peppercorn this is still an easy task for us us us your Vitamix.




You have read our entire posts can I grind coffee in my Vitamix, Yes, of course, you can, you have infinite options of great coffee beverages.

All of the Vitamix blenders are constructed to a completely excessive excellent of standards. Especially Vitamix assent series blender is so powerful and grinds anything.

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