If you’re a Ninja, Vitamix, and Blendtec owner you know that your machines love to make noises so today we are to talk a little bit about DIY blender sound enclosure what those noises mean and how you might be able to quiet your machines down.

Just a bit first in regards to the noises it’s important to learn to embrace these noises that the machine makes because you’ll quickly understand when it is blending.

When it’s not and when it may be in dire need of repair first the noise most important is the standard it’s kind of in-between a high-pitched and a groan and everything is spinning inside of them.

That’s all systems go and things are blending the way that they actually should then there’s the high-pitched sound that you get you’ve loaded your machine and all of a sudden nothing is spinning inside of the machine.

So that is an air pocket has actually been hit so that is an air pocket has actually formed right above the material of the blade has stopped and is no longer touching the blades and the blades hit the air and it’s just spinning and it will get a real loud high-pitched.

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Tips And Tricks to Solve the Problem


Now, this happens inside of a Vitamix the fix is fairly simple you simply just take your tamper that comes with your machine and press everything down into the blades problem solved.

If you have another blender then you probably have to do the old-fashioned smack it shakes it or whatever you might want to do now the good news is with blend tanks.

They got a big wide blade and that doesn’t happen quite a soften now the other noise is the scariest noise that happens with the machine but it’s our favorite noise and that is the growl and if you’ve ever made peanut butter or ice cream.

You know the sound we are talking about is low it’s loud doesn’t make sense does it it’s a low base sound it’s loud and seems fairly obnoxious but the point is that the machine is working very hard for you.

In fact, that’s when you’re making really thick items like nut butter or fondue maybe you’re making frozen desserts like ice cream or sorbet during those times.

The machine’s working overtime to blend and properly spread everything across the entire mixture and it’ll make a loud noise now that’s all good but usually, that noise shouldn’t last anymore.

Then about 90 seconds or so if it does your machine may shut down and we’ve talked about this in previous examples but the point is this Vitamix specifically is built with a protection mechanism.

That, if it gets too hot a coil, expands it to contact and will shut itself off so it doesn’t burn the motor out when it cools the coil.

Will extract the coil will it’s smaller and come off of that contact and your machine will start working again so just keep that in mind as you’re making nice thick things options the last noise.

We’ll talk about if all systems not go and that is you’ll start to hear a clanging banging rattling something just doesn’t seem right it sounds like there are marbles in the system and it very well could be and probably.

what it is that bee blades or the socket drive have lost their bearings or a bearing is broken and if that’s the case they are simple fixes but you will have to contact Vitamix if that does in fact happen.



DIY Blender Sound Enclosure Step By Step Guide


1. Purchase Soundproof Earmuffs

DIY Blender Sound Enclosure


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If the noise is disturbing you, then this will be a solution for you to the earmuff of Peltor X4A.

It’s made by 3M and it’s one of the most popular earmuffs in the Safety quip range. This is a Class 5 earmuff and it’s rated at 31 decibels.

It’s covered by American Standard. The main advantage of this earmuff apart from its comfort and its rugged design is that it has electrically insulated wire over the headband.

Many of the earmuffs that are wire like this, although they’re very strong if it was, say a plastic headband, eventually, the plastic becomes brittle and you go to prise it apart to put it on the plastic headband will eventually snap.

So wire is preferable because it’s much stronger and lasts a lot longer. But in electrical applications, an insulated wire is providing a superior level of protection.



2. Buy Soundproof Enclosures

DIY Blender Sound Enclosure

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Try to make your own Soundproof Enclosure only shield for blenders if you don’t want to create yourself.

Then you’ll simply buy from Amazon. These soundproof enclosures are manufactured locally in the USA suitably captivating the noise.

Some eminence blenders have these enclosures built-in. Before buying, confirm that the dimensions of the enclosure aren’t smaller than your blender or mixer.

You’ll check a number there on Amazon. You’ll also use the silicone mat together with the enclosure shield for a superior result. This mix will cut approximately 70-80 percent of the noise.


3. Make a Soundproof Enclosure


The quiet box is a tile backer board this is a foam tile backer board you can get this at any big box store you can also buy it at like you know a tile store as well but this stuff is very rigid.

Extremely light we’re a panel the outside we’re also to panel the inside leaving enough room to insert some insulation but we’re be using this insulation.

It’s just inexpensive insulation you can get anywhere off the shelf cut it in nice sheets insert it into the cavity and then we’re just to cap all that off so what we are to do to cap the bottom and to hold the insulation in is to just simply install some two by two within.

So the last step is to spray paint the box the color of your choice in our case we are using rust-oleum high heat up to 1200 degrees white strafing.

The last step is to simply install a handle to grab a lift and set it on top of your blender prior to hitting the handle installation obviously.

You need to install some backing there but this box is super lightweight pick it up with one finger.


4. Combine Sound Enclosure & Surface Decoupler


If you would like ultimate quiet, try combining both a silicone or rubber mat and a sound enclosure shield.

This may decrease vibration on your countertop and stop sound from reverberating through the remainder of your space.


5. Place The Blender on a Silicone Mat

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The easiest way to reduce your blender noise to use a silicon mat if you place it on a soft surface.

It doesn’t matter too much what material you use. It can be a silicon mat, your towel, or a blanket that gives the same result.


6. Upgrade Your Blender


DIY Blender Sound Enclosure

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If you have a budget then buy a soundproof enclosure blender. The smart blender that does the thinking for you summit high-performance sensor blender with an auto blend from Hamilton beats commercial always.

The real ways durable the summit blender takes the guesswork out of blending finally a blender that’s smart the summit’s auto blend one-touch sensor senses.

When drink consistency is perfect automatically stopping the motor thanks to sensor blending any inconsistencies that might occur from improper measurements varying ice hardness or operator error are eliminated and there’s more the summit also uses the patented wave action system.

Which continuously forces mixture down into the blades producing a consistently smooth and creamy drink profile no more ice chunks not only is the summit blender smart.

It’s built for performance and built to last the three horsepower precision motor with an all-metal drive coupling has the muscle to blend even the toughest frozen ingredients.

The unique airflow baffle and external cooling fans constantly circulate cool air around the motor to help prevent overheating and the Jar pad sensor automatically shuts down the motor.

When the container is removed to help prevent clutch grinding did we mention it’s easy on the ears when lowered the quiet shield sound enclosure significantly reduces blender noise?


DIY Blender Sound Enclosure

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You will love that with the ability to choose from hundreds of drink cycles guesswork is out of the question simply fill the container select the pre-programmed cycle you want and let the summit blender take it from the redo.

You have a few signature drinks you’re known for update the summit blender by simply uploading your drink profiles through this convenient USB port no matter which operator is blending drinks will always be the same.

They’ll always be perfect Hamilton beats commercial is not only the perfect choice for performance durability and ease of use it’s also a great choice for fast friendly service for questions service calls or replacement parts.

You can always count on your Hamilton Beach commercial service team exceptional performance built to last excellent service Hamilton beats commercial always there always durable.


7. Put a Cloth Underneath


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We have found in a home to actually quiet the noise of a Vitamix or a Blendtec number one is to simply put a cloth underneath your machine so like a towel or a cloth now don’t make it too thick because the machines have to breathe and you have to let the air out.

But that helps quiet it quite a bit also this one seems kind of weird but it does work especially if you live in an apartment or if somebody is sleeping.

Why use your machine you could put a towel over your machine much like you would a bird whenever you want it to go to sleep now in commercial settings.

They have a cowl or a covering that they just put a lid down if you want to go to that expense and if you don’t mind that industrial look inside your home.

Those do quiet the machines down to where you can almost not hear them so again you can put a towel on it you can buy an industrial cowl cover or you could put a towel underneath.

All three quiet it just a little bit so once again that’s noises coming from your Vitamix or Blendtec machine or any other machine for that matter pretty similar in nature.



Top 3 Best Noise-Free Blenders To Buy In 2021


1. Blendtec Professional 800

DIY Blender Sound Enclosure

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The Blendtec professional 800 you may notice that this is a large blender but it does fit easily under most cabinets and it has these really nice carrying handles on the side.

That you can use to easily transport it when it’s not in use this Blendtec has a 90-ounce container which is just over 11 cups and it sits inside this sound enclosure which makes it super quiet.

It automatically goes faster and slower we mean that really makes it quite we can’t believe that it’s so much louder we mean.

It’s you can tell us really the way that it runs you can tell it’s super powerful but man the sound enclosure really keeps it quiet and it really muffles that noise.

Another fun set is the hot soup setting which actually creates heat as it blends you can also really feel the container is already gotten hot our baby is upstairs asleep right now and she has totally slept through all of that sound enclosure.

Really makes it super quiet it’s actually really good it’s really warm and we mean it’s hot like soup but it’s so smooth and creamy.

So we’re taking a quick look at our control panel if you press the power button all have already seen the smoothie option and the soup options.

The hot soup option is amazing so what we also have is we have a batter option so if you’re making like a cake batter or something that gives it a really nice slow pulse.

You’ve also got an option for mixed drinks so if you’re making a margarita or something that has a little bit more ice you want a little bit more texture.

Maybe a milkshake so that mixed drink option might be also really cool it’s so quiet blender we love the way this thing works this is amazing.

We also have an ice-cream section so if you are craving some sweets we have ice cream so you can make ice cream using this setting which is really also awesome.

We also have a juicing setting so if you’re looking to get those vitamins you can also use the juicing option so beyond this hot soup we also have a pulse option.

So if you’re looking to just pulse you want a real quick we so there’s your pulse option holding down for five seconds this is your really fast short blending option.

We also have this really cool slider setting so if you’re not sure what kind of power you’re looking for you can start at the bottom and just by sliding your finger, you can increase the power.

You can slide up if you want more power you want to slide up again you can get maximum power by sliding all the way up.

That’s too much down a little bit lower until you find the power setting that you’re looking for to clean the blender add one cup of hot water in a splash of dishwashing detergent and press the pulse button for five seconds rinse.

The container and then you can wipe off the base the Blendtec actually does have a really long power cord it’s longer than most blenders.

So you shouldn’t have any trouble finding somewhere to plug it in your kitchen this Blendtec professional 800 is powerful quite simple and easy to use it’s also really fun and with an extended warranty.


2. Vitamix

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This is the Vitamix quiet one this is our latest machine in the line our most advanced machine uses our new advanced style container.

Complete redesign and a new blade it’s more efficient faster blending a better pour and a better-finished product this machine is unique because every component within it including.

The sound enclosure on top is suspended on an elastic polymer that insulates all of the vibration making it the quietest machine in the industry.

Nationwide the latest and greatest machine from Vitamix and there you have a 15-second start-to-finish whole fresh fruit all ice absolutely perfectly smooth that is what we call the perfect blended drink.


3. Cuisinart Hurricane

DIY Blender Sound Enclosure

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For a powerful upgrade introducing but Cuisinart HurricDIY Blender Sound Enclosureane blender from pulverizing nuts and seeds to effortlessly produce consistent results.

That Cuisinart hurricane blender shines where other appliances struggle this powerhouse blender comes equipped with a commercial-grade 2.25 peak horsepower motor that easily handles your toughest kitchen tasks with a double housing design.

Heavy-duty plastic base and soft-touch handle the hurricane blender is not only ultra-quiet but incredibly easy to use press a button on the illuminated LCD display to choose low high or pulse or press the pre-programmed setting for a smoothie.

Ice crush the tight seal lid comes with a 2-ounce removable measuring cup and allows liquids to be added directly into the blender charm.

When in operation automatic load sensing technology means this smart blender knows when to adjust blending strength based on the amount of food added to the 60 amps BPA free jar.

So your preset functions produce consistent results every time the refined finish comes in gunmetal gray and complements your kitchen style without compromising.

The high-quality operation and efficiency expected from a Cuisinart blender professional-grade power ultra-quiet operation and ease of use are just a few of the reasons.

The Cuisinart Hurricane blender blows the competition away gives your kitchen the powerful upgrade it deserves by adding a Cuisinart hurricane blender to the culinary arsenal you take blending technology to the next level.


DIY Blender Sound Enclosure: Bottom Line


We try our level best to provide you problem-solving content in this post. We have explained several methods that are getting to assist you in handling your blender noise issue.

You’ll accompany any of the above solutions, and that they are getting to reduce the sound. a number of them are simpler than the others and in the end.

It’s your choice which one you think is ideal for you. You’ll either buy a silent blender or make a soundproof enclosure yourself.

Sometimes simple tricks like placing a towel beneath will produce the specified results.

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