Helpful Tips for Your Vitamix Picher Deep Cleaning Magic Solution

We explain to you how to deep clean your Vitamix mine was horribly stained with turmeric, Cloudy container, Lingering odors, Nut butter residue, Hummus on the walls and juices, and everything from about the past five years.

We honestly thought that just like a regular clean would be fine but every once a while it needs a deep clean it was so bad that we honestly were about to throw it away so we are so happy.

That I was able to get it looking almost new we are going to explain to you how to do that today so this is the state of mind.

Vitamix after juicing smoothies and sauces after five years of just washing it normally with soap and water and never giving it a deep clean. It was looking pretty gross and we were getting pretty embarrassed to have it on my counter the steps that we took to clean this Vitamix and we are super happy with the results.

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How to Clean Vitamix Blenders





Just follow this step in seconds your blender looks like new.


  • Fill blender half with warm water
  • Fill half with distilled white with white vinegar
  • Let the solution soak in the blender for 8 hours
  • Then pour contents out and begin to make a paste
  • Pour a generous amount of baking soda into a bowl
  • Add a tablespoon of distilled white vinegar and stir
  • Adding more baking soda as you need
  • Until the desired consistency of toothpaste is formed
  • We need toothpaste consistency
  • Start scrubbing inside your blender
  • We used three different brushes
  • A toothpaste and two juices brushes
  • The more heavy-duty the brush, the easier it to scrub
  • After we were so happy with the great result
  • A little difficult to scrub around the blades
  • But overall turn out great
  • Tips wash and try immediately after use
  • Be care full blades are so sharp



How To Clean A Cloudy Blender



Cleaning your Vitamix. Getting that cloudy film off the container happens to everyone, there’s an easy fix, and it’s not just running a clean cycle.

It’s not just doing a vinegar soak. How you do it. Make a baking soda paste. So a little bit of baking soda, warm water.

Mix it around, and then get in there with a brush. We’re using an old toothbrush. Brush out those stains. They’re not really stains.

They’re just mineral deposits that have been left there by the water that you didn’t dry off your container. You ran a cleaning cycle.

Super clean, and then you just kind of set it on the counter with drops of water. Now the vinegar soak does do a pretty good job.

You can actually scrub a good amount of those clouds off the side of the container. The baking soda scrub works like magic.

we will say when we did this we did soak it in vinegar for 24 hours and then to the baking soda scrub so we can’t speak to how it would work with just using baking soda and water without the vinegar. So try the vinegar first.

What you can get off and then use the baking soda. It’s worth a little bit of extra effort especially if you’re only to do this every month or two. It’s pretty remarkable how clean and shiny you can get your container after using a little baking soda and water and a toothbrush.

Next to a brand new container, you can definitely tell one has been used a lot. This is the container we’ve been using for two and a half years. Pretty good,


How To Clean Ascent Series or a Smart System Vitamix Container


How to Clean Vitamix Blenders

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Now if you have an Ascent Series or a Smart System Vitamix container with the clear lid that clicks on, there is going to be a rubber seal that.

You’re to want to clean under. How you do it. super easy. Take a butter knife and just kind of touch the end of it.

Sort of perpendicular to the container. And then just kind of lever up so you can kind of get under that seal and then just pull it off.

It stretches and goes right back on really easily. You find some pretty gnarly stuff. Same thing baking soda water, scrub.

And if you want to do this baking soda wash less often, after you run a cleaning cycle, the normal warm water, and soap cleaning cycle.

Just dry off the container. Those mineral deposits are not going to have an opportunity to stick to the side of the container. It’s to stay nice and shiny for longer.




How to Removing Turmeric Stains

How to Clean Vitamix Blenders

Baking Soda View on Amazon

This is what we are dealing with today all that Brown turmeric stains inside the container and the blades have brown on them.

so it’s gross pretty brown so let’s see if we can’t get some of that out so all you need to clean your Vitamix is vinegar that’s it vinegar.

So we pour about three cups of vinegar into a blender and put it on the base and let her rip for about five minutes so we go and about three cups should do it right now.

You want to put the lid on this because things get messy or at least splashy and don’t forget this plastic part so things don’ts platter on out of there all right and then.

We just turn it on we said for about five minutes and the vendor gets super hot and clean all this gunk off all right so we go all right we’re a bit minute into blending but we interrupted it because we found that it wasn’t hitting all the way up the vinegar.

So we are to try to add another cup of vinegar and see how that does on the blending front if it can get all the way up there add another cup to four cups stick the lid back on all right we are getting again but have to either scrub this out so maybe get some baking soda and see how that works but this is an additional step to get all this brown stuff off.


Clean Your Blender Daily

How to Clean Vitamix Blenders

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First thing, the deep cleaning daily clean, so after each use. This is so important to keeping your Vitamix looking and running like new.

Clean it every single time you use it. Now the technique is probably something you’ve seen in a demonstration.

A little bit of warm water, a drop of soap, let it run and it’s clean. That’s basically what it is, we explain to you how to do it right now.

Fill the container about halfway with warm water Add a couple of drops of soup. Put the lid on tight. Start on Variable Speed 1, ramp it up to 10, then high blending run for about 30 seconds. Go to Variable Speed 10.

Back down to 1 and then off. Dump out the contents. Rinse it out set it down to dry. And that’s pretty much all you need to keep your Vitamix squeaky clean.


Remembering These Points


Water level about halfway, soap just a couple of drops, and the lid make sure it’s nice and snug because otherwise, you’re behaving a foam party.

Sometimes depending on the ingredients that you use if there sticky like peanut butter or honey or even seeds, you’re to have to pre-wash your container a little bit.

And we use a dish brush or a sponge to kind of get the sides of the container to get those really tough to get pieces.

That’s to ensure that the cleaning cycle gets your container perfectly clean. Now after all this talk about running a clean cycle with your Vitamix.

We should remind you do not put it in the dishwasher. It’s not dishwasher safe and it can ruin the components, thereby shorting its life.

Let’s talk about monthly or scheduled cleaning for your Vitamix. Because a couple of drops of soap and some warm water is enough to clean the container and the blade, but there’s more that needs to be cleaned on your Vitamix.

Take a towel with a little bit of water and cleans the face of your blender, get in those dials, and clean the dials. In the back and under it and you might not know this, under the


How To Clean Landing Pad


Landing pad you can actually take this off and clean under. Do that every month, this is the kind of junk that accumulates gradually, and without notice.

So give your Vitamix a nice sponge bath once in a while after that you will see your blender landing pad working perfectly.



Deep Cleaning


We are talking about is that as-needed deep cleaning. Because let’s face it, some ingredients leave a trail behind.

Some produce, garlic for sure it can be a cloudy film or even a foul odor. It happens. So what do you do, when you don’t want your smoothies to taste like grandma’s meatballs? Well.

It’s this, as needed deep cleaning. So take your container and fill it about halfway with warm water and instead of a couple of drops of soap, we’re to use 1 cup of white vinegar.

We’re to let it sit on the counter, still, overnight and the next day pours out the contents and uses a soft spot scrubber to get any excess film. And that’s it.

Now we know it might seem like a lot, but if you get in a habit of running a daily cleaning cycle after each uses your Vitamix is going to operate and look like new for a really long time.


How To Change The Centering Pad and Isolation Gasket in Vitamix Quiet Blender

How to Clean Vitamix Blenders

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Explain to you how to change your centering pad and then also if you have a Vitamix quiet one how to change the isolation gasket.

So first off we just need to take off the sound enclosure which is really simple pull it from the back comes off pretty quickly easily.

This is the centering pad and all you do to change it out is just pull it back you’re not hurt it especially if you’re replacing it grab your new one and then you’ll just toss it right back on and then you can also if you have a quiet one just remove the gasket.

It’s really simple it’s a magnetic gasket and then and wash only just wash it off let’s see what we already did that and toss it back on and just make sure you line it up with the machine and it’s simple enough and then we’ll just make sure that we did that generally right.


How To Clean The Base of Your Vitamix Blender


Clean up a Vitamix blender base with the help of baking soda paste is an excellent cleaner and stain remover so we’re to use these to clean up our Vitamix blender.

We’re to apply the paste on the surfaces outside the blender in base to remove the stains let’s scrub some baking soda paste with the help of a toothbrush.

After that take a wet towel to clean and dry the base generously. You should not only clean your blender jar but also clean the whole blender like base, blades, and container too.


How To Clean Vitamix Blender Blades

How to Clean Vitamix Blenders

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Blades are always a tricky thing to clean because of the blade on the bottom and we never feel get it super clean because we are always putting it at the scene you can try to get up a sponge down.

You could just never get it in there and you always end up cutting your finger and it’s never a good idea so one of the things.

We like to do is put a little bit of dish soap into our blender with some water and then turn on our blender and it gets a pretty clean up underneath the blades and then all you have to do is pour it down the seams give it a little rinse and you blew them light and the bottom is perfectly clean.


Vitamix Blender Jar Cleaning After Peanut Butter

How to Clean Vitamix Blenders

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When you make peanut butter your blender is really dirty but how do you make it clean really easily instead of actually talking to the dishwasher.

First, you’re using soap drops and water to fill it up with the water not too much because it’s to blow up with soap this probably will anyways.

Then we’re to close it now to wash it inside your blender. Then just to start blending the soap and water we can guarantee your blender it’s much cleaner now than open it.

All you have to do is just sense it off let’s go and sit off real quick so your blender looks like it’s a lot cleaner remember how dirty it was now good.

one more time which is good on with water one more time since it was peanut butter you know the peanut butter is always sticky.

We have to do it twice if you do just the smooth easy this would take like 30 seconds and it would be perfectly clear now that looks good all the yellow stuff left that looks much better.

Now again let’s go in sit off real quick again we guess what one filter looks like it’s nothing about out there looks like it’s never even been there all we have to do is then solve this soak the blade and its plane look how easy it is.

So instead of just washing all that peanut butter put some water in it and soap and blend it and then insert it off till it’s clean really easy hot and super easy to wash your blender.



How To Get Rid of Smells and Odors in Vitamix Blender

How to Clean Vitamix Blenders

We explain to you how to remove odors from plastic and glass containers and lids if you have a plastic container maybe we had some old food in it.

Tiny small food particles get trapped in cracks and crevices and slowly rot, causing a terrible smell. you go grab your baking soda and vinegar mix up a paste and use this to scrub that container really well.

Sometimes even after scrubbing this with the baking soda and vinegar, you may have a smell that. If this happens put some let’s see put a splash of vinegar in the container.

Fill in the rest of the way with water you don’t necessarily have to fill it all the way with water but maybe halfway three-quarters way put the container back and let it sit overnight that vinegar.

Will get rid of any smell that was left in your container and that is how you get rid of remove odors and smell from a plastic container and lid.


How to Clean Vitamix Blenders


The finest way to get rid of stains and odors and increase from your Vitamix jug is to avoid them from happening in the primary place. Make a routine of running a cleaning cycle after each use!

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