Today I want to share the method of how to grate potatoes in a food processor some people grate potatoes with grater it’s a time-consuming process so if you searching these types of questions in Google you are land the correct post.

We are explaining to you how to grate potatoes in a food processor with few simple steps you do not only learn how to grate potatoes we explain how to chop, slice, shred and grate the potatoes with no time so stick with us.




Safety note: Always make sure your processor is unplugged when assembling, disassembling, or swapping in a new blade/attachment.


Follow These Basic Steps Before Strides to Grate Potatoes in your Food Processor:


  1. Carefully append a fine destroying plate to your food processor.
  2. Wash, dry, and cut your potatoes down the middle.
  3. Turn your food processor on and push your potatoes through the machine with the gave top.
  4. Once the entirety of the potatoes has gone through the destroying circle, turn your food processor off.
  5. Carefully eliminate the destroying circle and gather your destroyed potatoes.



How To Grate Potatoes in a Food Processor


How to shred potatoes using a food processor I’ve got a great Cuisinart food processor and we have a potato cut in half so it can fit into the food processor.

We have the press that you take out and you can either choose to for instance carrots or zucchini you can actually put into this cylindrical smaller area and use this to press down or bananas juicing or whatnot we’re not going to do that.

how to grate potatoes in a food processor

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We’re going to actually put it into the full mouth and what we’ll do is we’ll go ahead and turn this on now I just turn this on but it’s not on because there’s a locking mechanism for safety that’s so you don’t cut yourself or shred your hand.

We’re basically going to put this in like so and then we are going to go down and be patient it may take a little while for it to really catch and allow it to shred down there’s always going to be that little potato left on the top.

But you can just discard that or dice it up you can save it use it for something else but as you can see we now have shredded potatoes for hash browns for latkes for whatever you need shredded vegetables for and that’s basically how you shred using a food processor.


How To Grate Potatoes in a Food Processor


In actual fact, they’re very easy to do especially if you do them in the food processor so you get a uniform shred now all you need to start with is some potatoes now these are just Desiree potatoes.

That I’ve just peeled and cut in half and then attach the shredding disc just like this now I’m using a fine shredding disc.

how to grate potatoes in a food processor

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I get crunchy or finish on the potatoes lid goes on and then all we need to do is get our potatoes to place them through the chute start shredding and this will be done in moments easy as that so all of these potatoes have been shredded have a look how fine it is because this is how I like them for.

When I make my hash browns a lot of the starches are released which is going to help these hash browns bind together and stick love homemade hash browns give them a go because you can do how easy it is to do.


How To Chop Potatoes


How to chop using a food processor we’re going to take a vegetable whether you’re chopping potatoes or carrots make sure you chop your vegetables down because when you put them in the food processor you want everything to be uniform and this is the way that you ensure that will happen.

We’re going to go ahead and cut down our vegetables put them in the food processor put our top on lock it in and I’m not going to turn it on.

I’m going to use the pulse option that gives me a lot of control and that’s usually what I use is the pulse because I can hold down the pulse button and it’ll do the same thing as it would.

If I just turned it on so I’m going to go ahead and pulse it until I get the size chop that I want a good consistency as chopped potatoes and that is how you use a food processor to chop potatoes and other vegetables.


How To Slice Using a Food Processor


How to slice using a food processor is fairly simple we’re going to be using a yellow zucchini but again you can use any vegetable you wish to slice potatoes or onions today we’re using the zucchini.

I have my food processor set it has a fairly large wide mouth to it has two areas I can use this where the zucchini will fit inside perfectly.

And that’s what I’m going to use or I don’t even need to use this I can just use the mouth a very large wide mouth for potatoes, of course, you may have to cut down your vegetable in order for it to fit into this reservoir.





We’re going to go ahead and take the zucchini and slice it up and I’ve entered my disc my slicing disk into the food processor.

I’m going to go ahead and put the top back on and the mouth again I’m going to put the top back and I’m going to turn this on I’m going to leave it on because slicing we obviously don’t want to use the pulse button and I don’t even really need this because.

I can use my own force and it’ll drop right through my hand it’ll continue to slice and it’s done that easy what we’ve got slice zucchini all the same size uniform ready to cook in soups pasta whatever you want that’s how you slice using a food processor.


How To Shred Potatoes in Kitchenaid Food Processor


I’m gonna try to make the perfect latke basically instead of grading on a box grater which most people do I like to use a food processor just because it’s super quick and it all goes we go potatoes go right in I have the grater.

how to grate potatoes in a food processor

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We’re gonna pull start and now you’ll see my most people don’t like to use this it’s because you have these really large grated potatoes my little tip is to put the blade in after doing a few pulses.

They’re a lot tinier and they’re a lot tinier and that way they really hold together nicely and you have a nice smooth latke and you’re going to go still some texture great that’s our quick tip for grating potatoes.


How To Use a Grater


If you don’t have a food processor don’t worry you can grate your potatoes using a grater. We explain to you how to grate your potatoes using a grater with step by step simple and easy method.


how to grate potatoes in a food processor

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1. Peel The Potatoes


Whenever wanted. You don’t need to strip your potatoes prior to grinding them, and certain individuals even lean toward the surface skins add. In the event that you incline toward skinless, utilize a peeler or a paring blade to eliminate the top layer of skin from the potatoes.

how to grate potatoes in a food processor

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2. You Should Soak Potatoes in Water


When your potatoes are grate placed them in a blending bowl loaded up with water. There ought to be sufficient water to totally lower the destroyed potatoes. This will eliminate a portion of the starch from the potatoes and keep up with great tone in the tans


3. Squeeze Out The Grated Potatoes


Utilize your spotless hands to fish the potatoes out of the water. Wring the towel to eliminate any leftover dampness from the potatoes


4. Cook The Potatoes at Medium-High Warmth


Above all, set the warmth to high and coat the skillet’s base with spread. At the point when the skillet is covered, turn the warmth down to medium-high, and spread the grated potatoes in the skillet in an even layer


5. Brown The Potatoes on Both Sides By Flipping


Wait until the bottom of the shredded potatoes is golden brown. Periodically lift the potatoes with your spatula to check on their progress. When the potatoes are done, flip them and cook the other side in the same manner.


6. Enjoy with Salt And Pepper


Serve the hash browns simply or with a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Hash browns go well with almost any dish.


Can you Grate potatoes in a Food Processor: Bottom Line


You have read our entire posts on the How to grate potatoes in a food processor if you try this method on how to How to grate potatoes in a food processor definitely save your time for making your hash brown potatoes.

We recommend you before making any dish like slicing, chopping, shredding, and grating the potatoes use your food processor it’s an easy and time-saving kitchen gadget. If you like our post please shares it with your friends and relatives members to help them out.

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