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If you are finding how to make baby food with a Vitamix blender you’re landed in the right place. If you read us you are capable to make your baby food at your home and save your hard money too full of healthy nutrients which you can not find in store-made baby food. Best blenders for puree food


How to Make Baby Food with A Vitamix Recipe



Make some homemade baby food now this is something that a lot of parents normally don’t do for their kids but this is a really quick and easy way to make natural homemade baby food by using the Vitamix

Ingredients Required


  • Carrots
  • Half an Apple
  • Some Bananas
  • Some Pineapples


From my experience, I’ve learned that by just putting in maybe one vegetable and fruit you can kind of sneak it in there.

And your kids don’t know it makes it really easy for them to get vegetables in their diet that’s what we are to do add all ingredients in Vitamix much-putting everything in there.

Now you can use the lower speeds for this and we’re also going to use the tamper we’re going to start out on variable speed one and choose the tamper to process everything in the blade.

This is a really easy way you can make homemade baby foods for your kids so long healthier than just buying the baby food from the store and a quick and easy way you can get vegetables from their diet as well.

Easy way to process food to the Vitamix because you have the campers you can make sure everything’s process really evenly by using the temper.

If anything off the sides of the container in order to finish this off and everything is going to be blended really well to happen get in the core the pineapple core and all the fibers in the carrot for 45 seconds alright now.

I’ll just dump this out in a little Bowl here so you can see that’s really thick and creamy really quick and easy way to make homemade baby foods in the Vitamix.

The machine comes with the recipe book with lots of these great recipes in there and that’s what you get you got carrots pineapple apple and some banana in there and I’m sure it tastes really good.




How to Make your own Baby Food Homemade Baby Puree Recipe



How I make my own baby food so today’s I will guide you step by step I will walk you through that just explain to you what I use.

How I whip it up together is like the easiest thing to make your own baby food you don’t need anything super fancy so let’s just get into it so these are all the things I will use to make the baby food.

I usually just buy a bag of frozen veggies for whatever it is that I’m trying to make this is just what I happen to have at my home I’m using


Ingredients Required:


  • Butternut Squash
  • Peas
  • Natural veggies
  • A little bit of Breast Milk or Formula milk


I usually just try and get the organic kind since they are frozen of course it would be a little healthier to just use natural veggies like not frozen but for the sake of time.

We will use these because I can simply pop these in the microwave and steam them so it is ridiculously easy then you can add a little bit of breast milk.

You could also use formula some juice my storage containers and then the bowls and spoons that I used to beat in with.

I will start with peas just because that’s what we need this time and then you just like put that side up the directions on the back of the bag will tell you exactly.

What to do so this one I just put that size upside up cook it for four minutes to start and that’s what’s going to be the base of your baby food it is so easy so now my veggies from the microwave are done.

So we will put everything together and make the food itself also added in an actual veggie too just in case you don’t want the microwave like steam bags you can do the exact same thing so this is just a sweet potato.

I have I also popped it in the microwave but of course, you could cook it however you’d like and then I will chop it up and use chunks instead for the microwave veggies.

Though all I do is I open up the little bags force them into a little cup so I’ve got about that much full which is kind of a lot then.

I add some formula milk to it I don’t add a specific amount but because this container had like four ounces I just add about two in there and then.

I also add some pear juice to it you could use apple juice as well or water but my baby sometimes has some tummy troubles when he’s eating solid foods.

I add pear juice just to help with his digestion and this also helps the mixture mix up a little bit better and then if it’s too watery then.

I’ll add some more peas which looking a little water you will so I just add a few more Peas then I screw one of the blades on the top and.

I will use our Vitamix here to make the food so I know they make similar ones that are specifically for baby food I don’t use anything fancy.

I just use the same Vitamix that I would use to make my own smoothies and it works totally fine so this is the one we have and then.

I’m just going to put my little pea mixture on it when it’s all done so if it was a little too watery I could add more peas to it or if it was a little too thick.

I could add some more juice or some more formula milk this actually looks pretty good for what my baby will eat he really enjoys purees and likes them a little bit watered down.

So I think this is pretty good then I just pour it into one of these little storage cups. Then we’re adding butternut squash and then.

I will chop up the sweet potato and then with the sweet potato, I find that I generally only need about half the sweet potato to meal prep.

All his meals and kind of just going through this is already cooked so it’s a little bit mushy but I just go through and cut it into chunks to make it a little bit easier to process.

And the Vitamix same thing I’m just to take these chunks of sweet potato to throw them in here then I added the remaining bit of that formula milk more pear juice so it’s a little bit too liquidy.

So I will add in some more chunks then this is how the texture of the sweet potato turned out so pretty good now I will mix up more peas.

I’ve got butternut squash it peas in here too and we’re good to go all right and then this is everything that we just made.

I’ve got the sweet potato in here I ran out of the baby container so I’m just using it as a plain little glass container this is butternut squash for him to eat.


Vitamix Baby Food Avoid These Mistakes!




What mistakes you should avoid when you’re trying to make baby food in a Vitamix.


1. Test For Allergies


People make is trying to add several ingredients all at once. Your baby needs to try one thing at a time to test for allergies. So make one-ingredient blends and then you can always add those blends together later.


2. Don’t Want to Make Too Much


The second thing is you don’t want to make too much. Your baby’s only will to eat purees for a few months. Ours ate purees probably for two or three months and then he was over it. He wanted more solid food. So I have a freezer full of frozen food that he’s really not that interested in anymore. So don’t make too much.


3. Always Use Steam Veggies and Fruits


When you first start there are lots of different ways to prepare fruits and vegetables, especially if you know how to cook, you’re a good cook. But for babies, you really just want to steam them. So don’t make the mistake of making some crazy preparation. Just simple steaming that keeps most of the nutrients in.


4. Stick Smooth Texture


Stick with a really smooth texture at the beginning. You don’t want any chunks. I personally made the most of this mistake with our baby. You want everything to be as smooth as possible at the beginning. Remember your baby’s only ever had breast milk or formula, up until this point. So if you’re trying to give them a chewy applesauce mixture they’re not going to like it. It’s weird. So as smooth as you possibly can.


5. Use Small Ice Cubes Tray


Once you steam and blend your puree. The best and easiest thing to do is to put it into small ice cube trays. So I made the mistake of putting my periods into a traditional ice cube tray.

First off, really hard to get out. Second off way too big of servings for a 4 or 6 or 8-month old. So I use the tiny silicone trays that you can pop out.

I started with one cube. Then he started eating two. Then he started eating three. But the best thing to do is to freeze everything in tiny servings and then you’re going to pop those servings out the night before and let them just defrost in the refrigerator. That’s the easiest way.


6. Keep Trying 


Your baby might not like something ten times. And then he really likes it. This definitely happened with our kid. I gave him oatmeal over and over and over and over.

Didn’t like it didn’t like it didn’t like it. Then one day he just liked it and now it’s kind of a staple of his diet. So just keep trying. They don’t really know what they like yet.


7. Use Freshest Seasonal Ingredients


They’re just kind of trying to figure it out. You’re going to want to use the freshest and seasonal ingredients you can. Go to the farmer’s market.

Go to your grocery store, whatever it is. The more in-season it is, the fresher it is, the more nutrients your child is going to get.

But also it’s a really good way to kind of challenge yourself to eat healthier, too. You’re not going to go to the farmer’s market and pick up a bunch of fresh produce for your baby.


8. Avoid Pre-Made Packets


One of the major benefits of making your own baby food! Is a cost-saving. So you might figure okay these packets, these pre-made packets are only about a dollar, a dollar fifty each.

That doesn’t seem like a lot but that really starts to add up, especially when your kids start to eat more. So save yourself the money by making your own.

Now don’t make the mistake of buying a single-use appliance like a baby food maker. I’m sorry these are silly.


9. Buy Multifunction Blender Machine


I have a Vitamix on my counter and that it lives on my counter is that it does everything. It makes my smoothies, my green juice, and my soups.

It does my chopping, it makes my baby food. It makes my dressing and makes my ice cream it does everything and that’s why it lives on my counter.

You don’t want to go buy a fifty, seventy-five, hundred and fifty dollar appliance that’s only going to be used for three months.


10. Always Grab the Eight-Ounce Cup


If the larger container seems daunting to you, using it for baby food, you can always grab the eight-ounce cup. So that’s this accessory an 8-oz cup.

I use this exclusively to make baby food because it’s just the perfect size. So it comes with its own little blending adapter set.

The one trick with using this particular accessory is that you have to use enough liquid because obviously, you can’t use your Vitamix tamper. And once you’re done making baby food in it now you can use this to grind spices to grind your coffee in the morning.


How To Make Baby Food With a Vitamix

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Note: This eight-ounce container is only compatible with the Ascent Series models. So if you’ve got in an Ascent Series this will work perfectly.

If you’ve got one of the older generation models then you can still do this with the 20-ounce cup and the cup adapter set.

It’s obviously the same concept. It’s 20-oz instead of an 8-oz much more compatible when you’re making baby food. And then you can use it for the year-to-go smoothies as well.


Final Thoughts


You have read over our post. We try to elaborate on each point in this article if we miss anything please comment below to correct and update us hopefully this text will assist you to settle on. How to Make Baby Food with a Vitamix?

Save your time, energy, and money instead of buying store-made baby food. You can easily make your loved ones food at your home with simple few steps which we explain to you before.

I hope you will like this baby food recipe. It’s better to know what exactly ingredients are going into your baby’s food and how healthy for nutrients it is really.

If you are feeling more confident about how to make baby food with a Vitamix? And learned something new, please share this text with your friends on social media then we will help them out. Why Vitamix Blenders so expensive

How to Make Baby Food with A Vitamix FAQs


How to make homemade baby food?

A simple recipe for your baby homemade food we require


  • 2 Banana
  • 10 Strawberries


First Peel off your banana then washes the strawberries with raw water steam banana and strawberries before blending, after that place your strawberries and banana into the Vitamix blender. Blend for about 30 to 40 seconds until the banana and strawberries mash smoothly, your baby food ready to use immediately, or store in a refrigerator.


What is a Vitamix baby food adapter?


No waste, no clean-up-just the perfect way to make baby puree food with Vitamix adapter for use with Vitamix Legacy-Series machines only 5200, 5300, 6300, 6500, 7500, 780, Aspire Series, creations Series, Professional Series, total nutrition center, Turbo Blend Series. Not compatible with Vitamix Ascent Series machines. Included in the box: Adapter, Getting Started Guide, and two 20-ounce cups & lids


How to use a Vitamix baby food blender?


There are few steps how to use Vitamix baby food blender are

Choose the first ingredient (the flavor) and add it to the blender

Ingredients required:

  • Carrots
  • Peas
  • Water
  • Formula or breast milk

Blend until desired consistency is achieved. And serve immediately or freeze in a storage container.


How to puree with Vitamix?


How simple it is to make a puree with a Vitamix blender

  • Half an Apple
  • Little bit Pineapple
  • Half a banana
  • Half a Carrot

Put in half a banana and carrot a little bit of Apple once again just half an apple with the seeds stem the peel we’re getting all that extra nutrition as well and some are pineapple nice sweet pineapple the baby will love this you can make any sort of pureed baby food doesn’t matter you can put spinach in here if you like as well a little bit of pineapple looks good all right well We’ll it into a place we will get that up onto our puree speed which is about speed seven for about a minute or so just to make it nice and smooth all right that’s it we’re done.


What is the best blender for baby food?


The best blenders for baby food making in 2021 are:

  • Ascent series blenders
  • Legacy series blenders
  • Space-saving blenders


What is the best baby food maker?


The best baby food makers are:

  • Magic Bullet BBR-2001
  • Elechomes
  • Whale’s Love LS-BE617
  • BEABA 912509


How to set Vitamix puree setting?


  • Choose your ingredients and prepare accordingly
  • Select Variable 1
  • Turn machine on and slowly increase to variable 4
  • Blend for 20-30 seconds
  • Serve immediately or freeze excess baby food in ice cube trays or baby food storage containers.


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