If you confused about how to make orange juice with ninja or another blender, juice every day so often or perhaps need juice for a recipe and don’t want a lot, the Ninja will deliver.

Just keep in mind. It is a blender, not a juicer/extractor. This means you will pretty much always have to strain whatever juice you’re making to take out the pulp.  Juicers do this step for you. You are at the right post. Read more about

Today we are going to explain to you how to make orange juice in a blender and you don’t need a powerful blender for this so we are going to use the ninja blender for making orange juice.

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How to Make Orange Juice with Ninja


How to make orange juice with ninja

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We are going to make this orange juice two ways so the first way is going to be with the pulp second way is going to be without the pulp so if you don’t like it with the pulp be sure to read the post.

Let’s get right to the blender so the first thing you want to do is fill up your ninja blender or any blender about halfway with oranges in this case we are using Clementine’s.

If you are using oranges make sure they’re seedless these Clementine’s happen to be seedless so you don’t want to be blending up the seeds in there it’s not going to taste very good.

So you fill it about halfway and then pour enough water in to just reaching the top of the oranges that are like a good mark of how much you should use and then just screw the top on.

Should only take a few seconds to blend here and just like that you’ve got yourself some orange juice now we would prefer to drink the orange juice like this.

It still has all the fiber and the pulp of the orange but some people don’t like their own juice with pulp so we are going to explain to you a way to strain it using a nut milk bag real quick so before we go ahead and get rid of the pulp.

We just want to say that this stuff actually tastes amazing as it is but the pulp in it we like chewing on it as we drink the juice it’s way better than any of the processed orange juices at the store.

But if you prefer just to drink the straight juice we are going to take this nut milk bag and glass and strain it out for you.

This nut milk cloth that it fits quite easily in any vessel even this is a narrow glass and then just fold over the side so we can pour the orange juice in so let’s take the ninja blender and pour it in give everything a chance to move to the bottom.

now you’re seeing you make a bit of a mess here but that’s all right and you know we could keep squeezing but we think that’s about good and look at that besides for the fact that the glass is a bit dirty you have perfectly smooth orange juice so let us turn around and give it a try all right cheers.

Everyone still way better than the store-bought we wish it had the pulp in there we could tell it’s a bit sweeter and we are used to without the pulp to drown the flavors out a little bit but it’s still very delicious

We might use this if we want to make it a smooth mixed drink for a party or something but you saw just how easy it is with our ninja blender or any other blender get that nut milk bag strain it out or drink it like that you can do it in like less than a minute so everyone that about does it for this if you don’t have a ninja or a blender.


 How to Make Orange juice with Taste Better




So easy to make and it’s super healthy too let us explain to you how to do it. We share easy healthy recipes that taste great and make you feel great so today we have a blender orange juice recipe and you might be wondering.

Why would you make orange juice in a blender and the answer is simple first of all you may not have a juicer or you may want to eat the whole orange and so in a way, this is almost like an orange smoothie recipe but we’re calling it juice so.

You only need two ingredients we have four oranges that we have cut the skin off and cut into large chunks and then we have about three-fourths of a cup of water.

Let’s talk quickly about oranges and why they’re so healthy so oranges are citrus fruit and they are in season in the wintertime but here in North America we can find them all year round.

Oranges are a great source of fiber and vitamin c and b vitamins they also have a ton of antioxidants and we want to explain to you that when we cut the oranges we even left on a little bit of the white part which is called the pith and that’s the pith is a great source of vitamins as well and fiber.

By leaving some of the fiber Then it normally would be if you just made regular orange juice now orange juice is probably one of the most popular drinks in the whole world.

There’s a good reason it’s delicious it’s full of vitamin c and it’s so easy to make and again this is more like an orange juice. We’re going to do is add our four peeled and chopped oranges into our blender we are using a Vitamix this time.

We are including our three-fourth of a cup of filtered water we are just going to pour that right in now, you may be tempted after you make this to want to strain it but we would say don’t because we’re using the whole orange.

And so we get all of the benefits of the extra fiber and all the vitamins from that little bit of the path that we left on and all the extra vitamins and minerals.

And we also wanted to mention that we are using navel oranges in this recipe but there are all sorts of oranges that you could use there are mandarin oranges there are cara cara oranges which are one of our favorites.

They are kind of a pink color there are also blood oranges which are very kind of dark red and their juice is very red there are Valencia oranges Seville oranges.

Just use whatever you can find and all we have to do is add the oranges and the water into the Vitamix and we’re just going to turn it on and blend.

That didn’t take hardly any time at all maybe 15 seconds and everything is all blended up now.

We are sure they had to add additives and vitamin c. made orange juice so we are just going to pour this into our glass and we mean even though it is kind of a smoothie.

It has a juice texture because we added a little bit of water this is so amazing this has got to be the healthiest orange juice that you’ll ever enjoy we hope you make this recipe.


Orange Juice with Nutribullet

How to make orange juice with ninja

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We are utilizing fresh oranges and we are also utilizing the Nutribullet so the Nutribullet is a juice extractor we will explain to you that in a few moments we have organic oranges and we’re going to add them to juice these.

We are using a total of three this should work really well and we are going to also deseed these fruit these oranges remove all this orange peel stuff out.

The way so it doesn’t look so messy the cool thing about using let’s see if there are any seeds actually these don’t have any season these are seedless oranges so that’s going to work really well.

The benefit of using the nutria, a bullet is that it extracts as opposed to blends or grinds and it has these dual-action blades that actually salvage a lot of the cell walls within your fruit.

So it doesn’t burn upsells like a blender does a normal blender will burn up the cells so you’re not going to get all the nutrients from your fruit if you use a normal blender as opposed to the Nutribullet.

So that would be the benefit of utilizing your Nutribullet. How fresh-squeezed orange a with the pulp in it so we are going for that kind of consistency with this fruit.

We believe when we get a lot of juice out of this so we will see as we go along with your Nutribullet cup make sure that seed is not just here a notch here.

Make sure you seal your Nutribullet case on top of you know the cup on top of the case section so that way it fits into the notches and you turn it properly if you don’t push it in properly.

You can break it we broke these notches before one of the notches when we were trying to push it down onto the base of the actual Nutribullet so once it hits it clicks like this.

You’re just going to depress it and push it down a little and should work fine with oranges we never tried them so let’s see if this extracts well all right.

This is it’s more like an experiment as well as trying to make a juice out of it and hopefully, it works. we got our juice from the Nutribullet cup we have a yummy cup of orange juice.

This is almost a hundred percent like fresh fruits fresh-squeezed orange juice and the difference is it has all the pope 100% of the pulp in it.

But we are going for total nutrition here so we want all of the pulp to go down. It’s yummy it tastes awesome it tastes a lot better with the pulp than it does without to us.


How To Make Orange Juice With Ninja: Final Thoughts


Hopefully, you have read over our post. You can make orange juice with other blenders as well but our research team gets the analysis and assume that ninja is working well.

All different brands work also well like Vitamix but we personally like a ninja for fresh orange juice. We gather all this information about how to make orange juice with a ninja blender with our personal experiences for unbiased information with trustworthiness. We hope that you feel more confident about this topic.

If you feel more confident choosing the best blender and learn something new, please share this information with your friends on Facebook and Twitter so we can help them out looking for the best blenders without wasting money. can you juice with Ninja?



How To Make Orange Juice With Ninja: FAQS


How to make fresh orange juice with Nutri ninja bullet?

The Nutri Ninja may be a personal blender. So, by its basic design, it’s not meant to act as a juicer. However, some users have found that they will still make homemade juice using it. to try that, you’ll just get to add a little extra water to your blend.


Can I make juice with your Ninja blender?

So yes, you’ll juice with a Ninja blender, but it isn’t quite as straightforward as a juice extractor. you do not need to clean a juicer (the Ninja is easy to clean!) which may be a benefit, but you are doing need to take the time to strain the juice.


Can I put oranges in the Nutri Ninja blender?

You can use as many oranges as you want, but just confirm you add enough to make a vortex inside the blender cup/jar. Pour only enough water to succeed in the highest of the oranges. Blend the oranges for around 30 to 45 seconds.

World best ninja blender for juicing?


Ninja BL770 Blender – Best Overall. our favorite blender for juicing is that the Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System, a reasonably-priced, powerful blender with blending, chopping, and single-serve capabilities.28-Dec-2020


Can we make celery juice in a ninja blender?

Whether you have a remedy, Nutribullet, Ninja, or some reliable blender bought decades ago, you’ll make celery juice during a blender. to get rid of the fiber, you’ll also need a fine mesh nut milk bag. Otherwise, you will have a celery smoothie and nobody wants that.


Can we put oranges in a blender?

Peel the oranges and take the orange segments during a mixie jar or blender jar. Add 1 tbsp juice. Run the mixie or blender on low to medium speed for a few seconds till the mixture becomes pulpy and therefore the oranges are crushed. Avoid blending an excessive amount of as we just got to crush the segments and not the seeds.



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