If you struck how to mashed potatoes in a blender you are land it correct post today we explain to you how to mash cook and uncooked potatoes easily at home by step by step guide with the help of Blendtec blender and hand blender as well. Read more Vitamix S50 vs S55



How To Mashed Potatoes in a Blender 


We need four potatoes and they’re not cooked don’t do this at home but just demonstrating they’re not cooked so when you blend potatoes cook potatoes that’s obviously easier.

Because they’re softer they’re pretty nice cubes and we’re going to put those in our Blendtec blender we don’t put in any water we may need the tamper so popping this lid this cap out from the lid never use the tamper.

Just pushing it in this way always put the lid in place pop off the little cap and then insert the tamper this way turning it on and it doesn’t really matter.

I mean you can go pulls or let’s go on high there’s no water it helps if we put a little water in you got the vortex to look done this is not your regular potato smoothie but well completely soft well that the experts test uncooked potato what can you expect.

How to mashed potatoes in a blender

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How To Mashed Potatoes in a Hand Blender


This is the Cuisinart smart stick handheld blender its watts and it also comes with a really unique potato masher it also comes with some other unique accessories that make it multi-purpose.

It has a stainless steel body and on the top, you’ll notice it’s round and it has an unlock feature you press this down while pressing the power button and it will unlock.

That the unit won’t run if you don’t have the unit properly engage edit also has you’ll notice there’s a little dial there’s an arrow and it goes from low to high and that’s a variable speed.

This is the stainless steel shaft it’s this part is three inches wide and it’s designed what’s called a bell shape for more along a commercial-style this is your chopper attachment you remove the lid by twisting and turning and then in the bottom this is your blade it has a blunt side and a sharp side and check your IB on how you reverse that.

How to mashed potatoes in a blender

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You reverse the blade always use a sharp side for soft food items and the blunt side for harder things it’s going to put the lid back on this is your whisk attachment.

It’s great for whipping creams meringues has a nice shaped stainless steel has a nice balloon shape and a lot of times such help in aerating your items so that you get a nice whipping for whipped cream or meringue-like I mentioned.

One of the other items is our potatoes masher which I’m actually going to explain to you how to use this today you mount the extender on it by putting the arrow in line with the unlock lock and you twist it to lock it into place.

And then what you do is you mount the powerbase on by pressing it down like style and to remove any of the accessories you press this button and you can lift it off like so and that’s how you change out your accessories.

It’s gonna put this back on because I’m going to use this in a few minutes and then next we use cup measure this is really great because if you’re gonna do anything like a vinaigrette you can put all the ingredients and then what you would do is just put on.

The proper attachment and you can actually blend directly right in this pitcher another great thing to use this for too is if you want to make omelet’s it helps make sure eggs are light and fluffy you can put all your seasonings in there too at the same time.

So that’s that so the last item I’m going to explain to you is the potato masher which we’re actually going to use today.

This is your extender basically you line up the arrow with the unlock icon so you line those two up and then you twist it to the right to lock it into place so it’s simple and easy and then you just once again put this on to the bottom by engaging the two you don’t have to press any buttons to do that.



How To Mashed Potatoes in a Blender Creamy Mashed Potato Recipe


We’re gonna use this great handheld blender to make mashed potatoes so the first thing that we’re going to do is potatoes were cooked already you’re basically going to cut them into peel them and cut them into cubes.





  • Half batch of potatoes
  • 1 cup butter
  • 1  cup milk
  • Seasonings
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Parsley



And then what you’re going to do is cook them until they’re tender and while they’re still warm you’re gonna put them I just have these in a separate bowl so I could just explain them to you put that in there.

And what we’re going to do is we’re going to add the butter now just so you know this is a half a batch of potato just gonna add the butter and the milk I like to add a little bit of the milk first and then more later if I need it and then what you’re going to do is remember I said you have to press this and the toggle switch at the same time to get it going it’s gonna take this off and it’s gonna this is really easy to do what happens is as it mixes the potatoes come up.

Lots of people you know they’re not quite sure how long to mash the potatoes and you do it just very quickly and easily and how beautiful that came out now all I’m going to do is add my seasonings which I could have done before so now.

We’re going to do it now so add your salt this was a little pre-measured actually so you can add that right away and your pepper and a little parsley for color and flavor and I’m just gonna mix it up a little so it’s incorporated.

I could do this with the potato masher but since I just already took it off I’m just gonna do it like this so there you have it beautifully incorporated nice and fluffy but not over mixed mashed potatoes using your Cuisinart smart stick handheld blender with a potato masher.


How To Mashed Potatoes in a Blender: Bottom Line


You have read our entire posts on how to mashed potatoes in a blender if you follow our instructions on how to mashed potatoes definitely save your time for making your recipes, we recommend you use a blender for mashing potatoes instead use a fork or food processor.

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