We were stuck about how to use Ninja professional blender 900 watts. Many people are still stuck with this problem.

Today we are sharing the whole process with step by step guide if you read our complete post you will use this blender effectively and efficiently.

Hopefully, we add value to your problem. Ninja provides powerful nutrient and vitamin extraction to extract hidden nutrition from whole fruits.

And veggie’s professional power helps to break down ingredients and unlock their natural benefits the blades are designed to crush tough ingredients like ice frozen fruit and seeds to give you a smooth even consistency every time.

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How to Use Ninja Professional Blender 900 Watts


How to Use Ninja Professional Blender 900 Watts

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The Nutri ninja 900 watts is something that we feel like we need because when we make our shakes in a regular blender.

We find that the powder doesn’t get mixed efficiently you’ll see its smooth sipping write on the box comes with the manual more multiple like there’s a quick start guide with the recipe.

So it comes with two cups this is the the 710 millimeter and this is the 530. cup lid sit appears that they’re both the same size.

We’ll just explain to you the one but it does come with two couplets so as you take off your blade you then put on your cup lid and you’ll be able to sip and drink.

This is the stand itself it is pretty big we feel concerning the 710 you’ll see that it is pretty big however we think the standing height of it is actually pretty good.

You can probably have to tuck it away in a corner somewhere on your counter-top in your kitchen if you will and then your lids that will go directly on top of them it doesn’t matter you can mix and match we like them.

We are giving you a quick overview of this blender and explain to you how easy it is to use the Nutri ninja pro are a powerful 900-watt pulse blender.

That comes with everything you’ll need to get started it has a wraparound cord for easy storage and comes with a pro extractor blade 24 and 18 ounce extractor cups to sip and seal lids.

And a recipe and wellness guide the setup is simple just select your extractor cup attached a pro extractor blade align the tabs on the cup with the tabs on the motor blade.

Twist clockwise until you hear it click and that’s its operation is one touch when you’re ready to start blending you just push down on the cup to operate.




Come with instructions and in that we like the recipe book and one of the first cups really good plastic its BPA-free plastic.

it’s very durable really nice the two lids and cups are freaking amazing it thought they were glass but it’s not glass.

It’s like a real durable plastic and we really like it also it comes with the blade that you see to mix up your drinks.

It’s really easy to clean we’ve been able to use it a few times and all we do is literally rinse them off actual base really nice sleek design just very compact you can literally put this on your counter and you’re good to go so we love this model.


Safety Note

Be careful make sure you put that seal back onto your lid so that your drinks don’t leak we know there were some complaints about reviews their drink leaking so just make sure that rubber piece is really on there so you don’t have that problem.



  • Low price
  • Heavy duty
  • Solid construction
  • 1-year warranty
  • Quick and efficient
  • Ultra affordable personal blender
  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • It can actually blend ice
  • Comes with 12 oz, 18 oz
  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher safe




  • Difficult to remove gasket out of the blade assembly
  • Loud Machine
  • Not designed for making hot soups


Morning Smoothie Test With Our Ninja 900 watt Blender

How to Use Ninja Professional Blender 900 Watts

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So now we’re making a morning sensation smoothie and that’s just one of the 30 recipes included in the book and to make this recipe.


Ingredients Required

  • Almond powder
  • Milk
  • Spinach
  • Pineapple
  • Mango
  • Flaxseed




Make our favorite morning smoothie we’ll be using the the710 milliliter cup and we will be adding almond powder, milk, spinach, pineapple chunks, mango chunks we also have some flaxseed in a container so we think we’ll be putting some of this in our smoothie as well. Press for 25seconds and that’s it now has a smoothie. Ninja gets a 10 out of 10 from us we think it’s a wonderful product it’s actually better than the magic bullet.


Nutri Ninja Pro 900 Vs Nutri Ninja Auto IQ Comparison


We are talking about the battle of the Nutri Ninjas. Which one is better? Which one should you get? Which one works better?

Which is which and all that good stuff. So, obviously, we have both of them we are talking about which one is better, what’s the difference?

How to Use Ninja Professional Blender 900 Watts

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1. Nutri Ninja Pro 900


  • The Nutri Ninja regular is the 900 series
  • Nutri Ninja has 900 watts of horsepower
  • The regular 900 doesn’t have auto technology and presets
  • This one comes with two cups
  • Weight 4.84 pounds
  • Little bit smaller


2. Nutri Ninja Auto IQ

How to Use Ninja Professional Blender 900 Watts

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  • The Nutri Ninja IQ is the new model.
  • Nutri Ninja IQ has 1,000 watts of horsepower.
  • It has technology presets
  • Bigger in size
  • Weight 5.6 pounds
  • Get an extra 100 watts of horsepower
  • You get the extra cup and the preset buttons
  • Auto IQ has the big huge cup
  • Nutri Ninja IQ comes with three cups including a big 32-ounce serving cup


So that’s that the main difference, the blades are the same by the way, after that you have the auto technology where it has these presets has the presets whereas the regular 900 doesn’t.

You just pop it in and you have to hold it down and do your thing manually. So that’s the only real difference. There is no real big difference.

Nutri Ninja is a little bit smaller, that’s it! It’s not. The basic thing is, you get the extra cup and the preset buttons so you don’t have to do too much.

That’s pretty and you get an extra 100 watts of horsepower, watts of power. That’s pretty much it. Now People are going to say, which one is better?

They are both great. As far as which one you should get, it depends on, at the end of the day, if you just don’t want to hold it and you want to just get your presets in that’s it, and then the auto IQ has the big huge cup.

That’s the only difference so two cups, three cups. We really can’t tell you anything else out of the ordinary so which one should you gets is pretty much based on your preference.



How to Repair a Leaky, Wobbly, Loose Nutri Ninja Blender Blade




The Nutri ninja professional blenders a good product however just like any other blender after a while of use its blade becomes quite noisy and starts to wobble the culprits are a couple of eroded ball bearings.

That sits inside the rotary blade mechanism these are 8 by 19 by 6 millimeters and can be readily available on the internet or from any hardware store make sure you buy these before starting the repair process.

We got our to stabilize the seven fin rubber disc at the bottom of the rotary assembly use a vise grip lock it on the disc and tighten the screw to maintain a firm grip we now need a size 8 metric spanner like most other devices that have spinning parts.

This blade needs to be turned in the opposite direction to the norm of lefty lucy turn the shaft to the right to remove the sharp blade be careful not to cut your hands against the sharp corners.

Once removed inspect the inside of the rubber disk for damage next we remove this plastic locking was her insert a small blunt tool such as a Torx screw into the hole.

And spin it clockwise be gentle or it might go flying the blade screw may be stuck against the ball bearing use a hammer to loosen it and pull it out using a hard cloth again inspect.

This part for any damage fine now we should be able to see the typical culprits the corroded ball bearings the first one it seems to be broken into multiple pieces to remove the second one.

You may need a flat screwdriver to pry it out in our case the little black washers have also fallen out make sure.

These washers are still good for further use if not take them to your nearest hardware store and get them replaced now we start reassembling things in reverse sequence the washer.

First, then the two ball bearings should just click into place one after the other check the white ceramic washer on the blade screw.

And using a hard cloth push it through the middle of the two ball bearings next we replace the black locking was she match its three wings to the holes and push it till.

It’s well seated we just use a Torx screwdriver for further steps when you spin it you should hear a little satisfying click now let’s just push that blade shaft screw.

All the way through next we reinsert the seven fin rubber disk and of course it spins in the opposite to conventional way to tighten after hand tightening.

Use a wise grip for a final couple of spins and yes with this machine lefty tightly is the way to go with this simple and cheap overhaul.

You should be able to get at least another year out of your machine and this blender should easily work way better than the entire fake knock-offs that are available on the market.


How to Use Ninja Professional Blender 900 Watts: Bottom Line


You have read over our reviews. We hope this text will assist you to settle on.

if you have a little budget Nutri Ninja great option for you with 2 cups, Low price, heavy-duty, Solid construction, 1-year warranty, Quick and efficient, Ultra affordable personal blender, and powerful 900 motors.

It can do the job and is a good choice for everyone. It’s more user-friendly.

Use and cleaning make it the best choice overall. A small Ninja blender that looks like a professional blender has many advantages. Therefore, if you want to bring a fresh smoothie or juice to cool off during a busy day, Nutri Ninja professional blender a good option for you.

If you are feeling more confident about how to Use Ninja Professional Blender 900 Watts and learned something new, please share this text together with your friends on social media then we will help them out.

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