How to make a basic mayonnaise so we’ve tried a lot of recipes and we found that this one seems to work the best and it’s really simple,

We explain to you how to make Mayonnaise in a Vitamix Blender, not even Vitamix blenders we educate you on how to make Mayonnaise with the help of an immersion blender, food processor, and your blender as well.

There’s absolute confidence that mayo is brimming with fat. One cup carries 1440 calories, one hundred sixty grams fat, and 24 grams saturated fat. It is a splendid supply of nutrients E and K, however, it additionally carries nearly 50 percent of your everyday advocated quantity of sodium.

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Mayonnaise or simply mayo is a white thick and creamy condiment which is used in salad dressing bread spread preparation of snacks like burgers, headache, sandwiches, french fries, salads, cupcakes, and dips.

Mayonnaise is said to be the invention of the French chef of the duke derwishilo in 1756 while the duke was defeating the British at port mayo and his chef was creating a victory feast that includes include a sauce made of cream.

And eggs in 1911 the first commercial mayonnaise labeled Mrs. scholars is introduced in the public mayonnaise is made with egg yolk oil and vinegar mustard and spices are added to eat as taste enhancers the trick is in the emulsion the process of combining two substances that would otherwise tend into a solid.


Is Mayonnaise Healthy?


We’re to talk about making mayonnaise. Why would you want to go through the trouble of making your mayonnaise? Well first of all it’s not very hard but most store-bought mayonnaise is terrible it is all made from soybean oil or canola.

And the problem with mayonnaise is that it needs to be light in flavor. That’s how people are used to it, and if you try to make it with olive oil like extra-virgin olive oil or healthy oil then the strong flavor just becomes way too strong most people can’t tolerate that.

And the store-bought mayonnaises are made with oil that has been bleached, and processed, and heated, and de-gummed, and deodorized, it’s dead, terrible, terrible oil. It’s worse than empty calories.

If you want to use extra virgin olive oil and you can tolerate that flavor that’s probably even better. Mayo It’s not something that you want to eat by the truckload anyway but once in a while if you want some mayonnaise makes a good one.

Again we want to mention Omega-6sversus Omega-3s. Avocado oil is omega-3 oil because it’s mostly truly vegetable-derived oil. The store-bought is made from grains and beans and they are omega sixes so to boost the omega threes you want to go through the trouble of making your own.

There are some store-bought that are organic and egg-free and all of that, and if you’re allergic to eggs that might be something to look into. For the most part, they’re not necessarily any better because they’re still based on canola oil and other seed oils and they also get very expensive.

So it only takes a couple of minutes to make a batch of mayonnaise. It keeps for a few weeks and it is delicious. Plus you know exactly what goes into it.



1. Homemade Mayonnaise worth Your Time


We do a side-by-side comparison of store-bought versus homemade. It may not be worth it for you to whisk all this by hand, so we use our Vitamix blender. So let’s make some mayonnaise, For this recipe.




  • One egg
  • One tablespoon Dijon mustard
  • One tablespoon vinegar
  • One cup of oil
  • Salt




One egg to one tablespoon Dijon, to one tablespoon vinegar, to one cup of oil, we use a whole egg. We know some people like to use egg yolks. We start working on that. And we got one tablespoon of vinegar and one tablespoon of Dijon mustard.

We’re slowly added in the oil. Overloading it too fast will cause it to break, and just turn liquid, a dash of salt. And there we have it. So there’s our mayonnaise. Two minutes and seconds to make at home, homemade versus store-bought.

This store-bought is around $4, which puts it around cents an ounce. Now this, with one egg being at $4 a dozen, is about cents an egg. The oil is sitting around cents an ounce. The Dijon mustard that we used is sitting around $1.

An ounce and the vinegar that we used is around cents an ounce. So to put this all together, homemade is around cents an ounce. Store-bought is around cents an ounce. So a two-cent difference between homemade and store-bought. But let’s test them.

Nice acidity, good salt, we mean that is classic mayonnaise. We totally thought that homemade would win just hands down, like no question.

But after considering how close the taste is, and the bigger thing being the actual shelf life of store-bought, we really hate to admit it, but store-bought wins.


2. Making Mayonnaise in a Vitamix Blender

Making Mayonnaise in a Vitamix Blender

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You can easily make mayo with the help of a Vitamix blender or any other brand blender we guide you step by step.



  • One whole egg
  • Dijon mustard
  • Vinegar
  • Some salt
  • Acid from fresh lemon




In our recipe, we are cool with using the egg whites and it actually helps bring it together and get thick and creamy.

And number two is we use Dijon mustard. So the mustard also helps everything emulsify or become really thick and creamy and the way mayonnaise should be. Let’s go make it.

If you have a Vitamix blender, we are using our Vitamix, this recipe makes. Add one whole egg, mustard, vinegar we use white wine vinegar and some salt.

Process everything until well blended. Now for the oil, the trick to making mayonnaise is to slowly stream in the oil while the egg and mustard are being whisked or in our case processing. Start by adding little drops of oil when 1/4 of the oil has been added, you can be less strict with how slowly you add it. Continue to add the remaining oil in a very thin stream until it is all gone and the mayo looks shiny and thick.

Taste the mayonnaise for seasoning we love adding a little pop of acid from fresh lemon and usually add an extra pinch of salt. And that’s it how to make homemade mayonnaise that’s way better than anything you can buy at the store.




You can easily make mayo with the help of a Vitamix blender or any other brand blender we guide you step by step.






How we feel about store-bought dressing and you know another big fan it turns out it’s ridiculously simple to make a healthier vegan version of mayo and hope so that’s what we to explain you today this recipe endless is gluten-free.

It’s very free so it’s perfect for people who are sensitive to this product we were shocked the first thing we made it because it looked like regular mayo it smelled like it has the same texture and of course the taste was also very similar.

We are super excited to get to try this recipe let’s get started. You will need soy milk grape seed oil olive oil will work as well apple cider vinegar lemon juice agave or another liquid sweetener of your choice mustard and salt.

First, you’re to combine all of your ingredients except for oil in a Vitamix blender we are use our Vitamix blender for this blend the ingredients on high for about a minute as always then reduce the speed to low and slowly start to pour the oil without stopping.

The blender once all of your oil is inside like everything blend for another minute on low speed and there you have your vegan Mayo pretty cool we usually make this Mayo for special occasions and holidays whenever we’re making salads they require Mainers.

Honestly, it tastes so similar to the regular stuff we also like using this Mayo with our veggie burgers so good to store the Mayo we usually put it in a mason jar and keep it in the fridge it will stay fresh for up to one pretty awesome month that was easy.




4. Make Mayo In A Food Processor

Making Mayonnaise in a Vitamix Blender

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You can easily make mayo with the help of a Vitamix food processor or any other brand food processor we guide you step by step.




  • A tablespoon of Dijon mustard
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1/4 cup of red wine vinegar
  • Peanut, Canola, vegetable oil




All you need is about a tablespoon of Dijon mustard, 2 egg yolks, 1/4 cup of red wine vinegar, and about a cup and a half of a neutral-flavored oil like peanut oil or canola oil vegetable oil we use the canola oil all right so the easy part is all you have to do is you take your egg yolks you put them in your food processor.

And you do need a food processor for this recipe take your egg yolks you’re taking your red wine vinegar just pour it all take your closure salt but you know about maybe like a half a teaspoon but season it to taste.

What do you think we just add the Dijon mustard and blend everything together after all these ingredients have incorporated you’re just taking your oil and you very slowly drizzle so once you’ve blended your mayonnaise.

If if it’s a little bit thick you can add a few drops of water to thin it out and continue blending and if it’s a little bit thin you can also add more oils so just remember that you can know you can kind of play with it to kind of see what you want.

You’re the consistency of your mayonnaise your antes once you have the consistency it’s all done and you can throw it on sandwiches you can also add herbs garlic anything to this mayonnaise this is just a good base for you to have so that you can get creative and have fun with your mayonnaise.



5. How To Make Mason Jar Mayonnaise


Making Mayonnaise in a Vitamix Blender

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How it’s super easy and all you need is a mason jar an immersion blender or you can use a regular blender or food processor although they’re kind of a pain to clean because the mayonnaise is you know so many easy so we like use the immersion blender but super easy ingredients you probably have on hand so.




  • Three egg yolks
  • Half a lemon juice
  • Half teaspoon of mustard
  • Salt
  • Sunflower coconut oil
  • A little bit of avocado oil
  • Chopped garlic
  • Some pesto





First, we’ve got three egg yolks in my mason jar then we are to add the juice from about half a lemon depending on how big the lemon is then maybe a quarter teaspoon half teaspoon of mustard.

We like the good grainy mustard and then just we don’t quarter an eighth of a teaspoon maybe of kosher salt then get all this we are to use our immersion blender and we are to blend this up to combine it all it’s all mixed up its kind of light yellow frothy bubbly good now.

We are to add oil you can use any type of oil you want you can use a combination we have a combination sunflower coconut oil and we added a little bit of avocado oil to it so you can use olive oil of any kind of vegetable oil neutral oils avocado oil.

We said whatever cooking oil you have on hand you can use you can combine them you want about a cup and we are to add it really slowly at first because you need it to emulsify you don’t want it to separate just a slow steady stream it’s kind of cool.

How the jar goes around and the blender stays that’s not usually how we do it because we are usually holding it also it’s kind of starting to fill up the jar it’s still pretty thin so we keep going how quick this is to make.

We’ve just got a little more oil left so we are just to add that so that we do it it’s pretty thick we have to get a spatula to wipe it all off.

You actually want to leave it out on the counter put a cover on it leave it out on the counter overnight the lemon juice helps to neutralize any bacteria that’s in the egg this is a raw egg you know your immune system compromised you probably shouldn’t be making your own mayonnaise.

After you leave it out overnight covered then you want to put it in the fridge it’ll last for about a week this makes you know a little less than a mason jar.

If you’re not to use this much you can make half the recipe not a problem you can also add things at this point so if you want to add some chopped garlic or some pesto or whatever you want you can make flavored garlic sauce flavored mayo.

But as we said this is all real-time about five minutes we made our own mayonnaise so give it a try homemade mayonnaise it’s the best with fresh eggs.


Things You Didn’t Know Mayonnaise Could Do


We are to explain with you, so many things you didn’t even know your mayonnaise could do. Of course, we know it’s a great base for sauces and salad dressings. It makes a delicious white barbecue sauce, and you’ve never had that tangy treat from Alabama, you need to try it now.

It goes great on smoked and grilled chicken and pork. You might not have thought about this, but it can be the base for caesar salad dressing.

After all, it’s only egg yolks and oil. Have you tried adding it to cake batter? It makes the cake so tender and moist.

Surely you’ve heard by now that it makes a delicious grilled cheese. Use it in place of butter, to make the outside so perfectly toasted. we also put a little bit inside for added richness, it’s so good. Add a couple of tablespoons to your buttercream frosting.

It will keep your frosting so creamy, even after it’s refrigerated. This next idea might freak you out a little bit, mayonnaise ice cream. Trust me it’s not quite as disgusting as it sounds. This creamy condiment can save you during grilling season as well.

Brush it on the outside of chicken or fish and it won’t stick to the grill. You can also use mayonnaise in place of egg wash.

Even if you just want to brush it on the outside of your pie crust, it will get nice and golden brown. But you could also use it in place of egg wash, during a breading process. Just coat your chicken in a little mayonnaise, before you dip it in the bread crumbs, and you’ll get that nice crunchy exterior.



Making Mayonnaise in a Vitamix Blender: Bottom Line


You have read our entire posts Making Mayonnaise in a Vitamix Blender, Yes, of course, you can, you have infinite options of different recipes in your Vitamix blender.

All of the Vitamix blenders are constructed to a completely excessive excellent of standards. Especially Vitamix assent series blender is so powerful and making anything.

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