We explain to you homemade making pie crust in Vitamix now pie crust doesn’t necessarily have the reputation for being all that healthy but to us making it from scratch at home.

Something that makes us feel a whole lot better than buying it in the refrigerated section at the grocery store so to us that’s a whole part of my healthy lifestyle.

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What is Pie Crust?


The outer surface cover of a pie will serve as a wrapping to keep the ingredients contained within the dessert. A Pie Crust is made from dough that is prepared with flour, shortening, butter, and water. Many times a single Crust is baked or partially baked before the filling is added.


Making Pie Crust in Vitamix


We make pie crust and we make it in the Vitamix blender so strange right for a lot of people pie crusts can be really intimidating and that’s why so many people buy it directly from the store and then the refrigerated section.



1. One Minute Pie Crust Recipe with Vitamix


We are to explain to you how simple it can be to just put it together really fast and make it from home we have a Vitamix jar it’s help mix everything and using this awesome jar lid it will kind of scrape the sides and keep everything in the center of the blender so it mixes correctly now one of the keys of making pie crust is making sure that everything is cold actually all morning.

I have had this jar in the refrigerator along with our flour and butter and I have ice cold water and vinegar as well so make sure everything is completely cold before you even get started that is the key to a flaky perfect crust.





  • ¼Flour
  • ½ Salt
  • 1Sugar
  • 1/3 butter
  • 3 teaspoon cold water
  • 1 teaspoon cold vinegar




First, add flour and it’s just an all-purpose flour salt sugar, and cubed butter, and then pulse this a few times to make it you’ve got those little crumbles of dough before we add water little pea-sized crumbles of our buttery flour and now what we are to do is add in a few tablespoons of water and vinegar and then pulse it just the same until it forms into a dough so now we have our ball of dough.

Making Pie Crust in Vitamix

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Then flatten it out into a little disc you know just a small little disc to wrap in plastic wrap put it in the refrigerator for just a couple of hours and then it’ll be ready to use for all of the pies that you want to make this. We hope that you have been inspired to try out your own pie crust.


2. Banana Cream Pie in Vitamix Simple 10 Steps


Today we’re making ours on a vanilla wafer cookie crust. I love the way the flavor of the vanilla cookies pair with the bananas.

It is so good we really think you’re to love this. Now to begin, you’ll want to pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now you’ll need three tablespoons of firmly packed light brown sugar. We’re to add this in with the cookies, and we’re just to stir again until that’s nicely blended in Vitamix in with the cookie crumbs.





You will need 65 of the Nilla wafer cookies. We’re to add these to the basin of a Vitamix blender, and you’ll want to pulse these until a smooth result.



Now the next thing you’re to need is seven tablespoons of melted salted butter. add our cookie crumbs into this butter, and stir everything together until the butter has been completely and evenly absorbed by the cookie crumbs Now transfer these crumbs to a nine and a half-inch pie plate and we’re pack that in down the bottom and evenly up the sides.

We found that using the clean bottom of a measuring cup makes it really easy to tamp down those crumbs. When finishing the edges, we like to use our fingers just to gently press down the top. That way that crust is nice and firm, and it’s not going to crumble when you go to cut into it when you’re ready to cut into your banana cream pie.



We’re to want to transfer this crust to our degrees 350 Fahrenheit preheated oven where it will need to bake for about 13 minutes.

While our pie crust is cooling, we can go ahead and make our banana cream pie filling. To do this, we’re to head over to the stovetop, where you are to need a medium-sized heavy-bottomed saucepan. To this saucepan, we are to add 3/4 cup of granulated sugar4 tablespoons of cornstarch, and 1/2 teaspoon of salt Now use a whisk to stir these together until they’re combined. Now we’re to add 5 large egg yolks this is just the yolks, you want to discard the whites.

One and a half cups of whole milk one and a half cups of heavy cream and whisk everything together until everything in this pot is nicely combined.

Making Pie Crust in Vitamix

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Now we can go ahead and turn the stovetop heat to medium, and we’re to whisk continuously while it cooks, and you will cook this until it thickens and until it finally starts to simmer or bubble.

Now once this mixture begins to bubble, you’re to continue to whisk it constantly, and you’re to time for one minute. Once it’s boiled, or bubbled, for one whole minute, then you’re to remove it from the heat and you’ll want to continue whisking at this point, just because the bottom of that pot is still hot. Even though it’s not on the stove any longer, and you don’t want that pudding mixture to start burning to the bottom of the pot.



Now the next thing you will need is three tablespoons of softened butter. As you can see, we’ve already cut these into tablespoon-sized pieces, and add them to the pudding mixture one piece at a time. and after each addition, you’re to whisk the mixture until the butter is melted and completely combined once all your butter is added we are to stir in one and a half teaspoons of pure vanilla extract.



Now you are to need a large heat-proof bowl and a fine-mesh strainer. What you’ll do is you’ll set your strainer over the bowl, and we’re to pour the filling through that strainer, that way if any pieces of the egg have cooked or if you have any clumps in your filling, that’s going to get filtered out.



Before we go any further, you need to let your banana cream pie filling cool at least for twenty to thirty minutes. Now to prevent skin from forming on the top of our filling, you want to take a piece of plastic wrap and just firmly press this against the surface of the filling. So once your banana cream pie filling has had some time to cool, and is no longer hot to the touch, we’re just about ready to begin assembling our pie.



Now before you can do that, we’re to need to prep our bananas. You will need two nice-sized bananas, and we’re to peel them and slice them into pieces. Now as you’re probably aware, bananas are way too prone to turning brown and mushy really fast, and this can even happen when they’re in the middle of your banana cream pie.



To prevent this, I really like to give all of these banana slices a really quick bath in either lemon juice or lime juice. dip all of these slices in this lemon juice. Make sure they get entirely coated, and then remove them, drain them on paper towels.

And once you’ve dipped all your banana slices, you want additional paper towels to pat them dry. we are ready to assemble our banana cream pie, so long as your filling has cooled enough and it’s no longer too warm to the touch.

What you’re to do, is you’re to take half of this and pour it into your prepared pie crust. Use your spatula to smooth this filling out until it’s a nice even layer. Now we’re to top this with those bananas we just sliced.



Finally, take the rest of your filling and pour that evenly over the bananas. And make sure you use your spatula to smooth this out so you have a nice even layer.

Alright, once again you are to need some plastic wrap, and you’re to press this directly into the surface of the top of your banana cream pie. Again this is to help prevent skin from forming while it’s chilling.

Now, this banana cream pie needs to go to the fridge where it will chill for at least several hours, or preferably overnight.

We really hope you enjoy this recipe, and if you try this one out please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.


3. Coconut Custard Pie Recipe


It’s basically just a flaky pie crust and a coconut custard filling so to make our filling a one-pot custard super-easy.



Add sugar 1/3 of a cup of cornstarch this will help thicken the custard to the right consistency and 1/0 teaspoon of kosher salt and as always a little salt with our sweet.

Then we add 1 cup of whole milk and one can or ounces of unsweetened coconut milk and this gives us our coconut flavor for the coconut custard and large egg yolks separate these into a bowl if you want you can hang on to the egg whites to make a meringue kind of topping or use them in another baking project.




We just use the yolks my whisk these in and right now this is off the heat so you want to make sure that you’re doing all of this off heat all the measuring and then now that this is combined you will turn this on over medium-high whisking constantly and you’re waiting for it to start bubbling you don’t have to beat it like crazy but you’re just make sure that the milk doesn’t scald on the bottom of the pan.

What we love about this custard recipe is that there’s no tempering of eggs you do this all in one pot on the stovetop it could not get easier so this takes a couple of minutes and you have to be patient here because if you just crank up the heat you’re curdle your eggs and you have a very lumpy custard and that is really not appealing to anybody feel with our whisk.

It’s starting to thicken up a little bit so both the cornstarch and the egg yolks are used as thickeners in this custard sometimes you’ll find a custard that’s just made with egg yolks this one has both for added stability the egg yolks also give it a really nice richness.

When you saw it the first bubble so you can take this off the heat that means the cornstarch is activated and now we are to pour this into a sieve into a heatproof bowl and it doesn’t look like there are too many lumps but it’s always a good idea to pour your custard through a sieve just in case there are a few pieces of the cooked egg so scrape this through coconut like the tropics just be a great pie to make.

If it’s the middle of winter and you’re just looking for a little pick-me-up fruit might not be in season meat you definitely make a coconut custard pie make sure you scrape all of that off the bottom you don’t want to miss any of that and we are to pour this directly into a pre-cooked pie crust.


Baking The Pie Crust


We baked in a 400-degree oven with pie weights until it was nice and golden brown and let it cool completely before we filled it with the custard you can always just use a regular spatula smooth at the top that now this is into the fridge until it’s set which takes about four hours our pie is perfectly chilled it’s been about four hours and now if we are making a coconut cream pie we would top this with whipped cream.



It’s all about the custard we just top it with half a cup of toasted coconut give it that nice crunch to toast the coconut we take sweetened shredded coconut and we put it in a 350-degree oven for about 5 to 10 minutes until it was nice and golden we definitely like toasted coconut a lot better than the raw kind we find that raw coconut doesn’t have a great texture but we think once you toast it up and it gets nice and crispy.



4. Pie Pastry in Vitamix Blender


How to make the perfect pie pastry from scratch, we’ve got 600 grams of flour. A nice pinch of salt goes in, of course, the classic in the old pies would be to use lard or butter. We are brilliant use butter, it’s nice and it’s sweet and it gives wonderful color to pastry.

Making Pie Crust in Vitamix

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  • 150 grams of butter
  • 600 grams of flour
  • 150 of cheese
  • 250 grams of cold water
  • Salt





We are adding 150 grams of butter and 1 pinch of salt, we are to add 150 of cheese. Bust it up in your hand, grate it if you like but the whole point of this is that you have a beautiful golden, rich, sweet, crumbly pastry right but with this wonderful nugget of cheese.

We’re to use the rubbing in a method just with your thumb and forefingers so just spend a couple of minutes rubbing this. if we’re to make our own pastry do it by hand because you get this amazing crumble that you simply can’t replicate by a factory-made pastry. This is amazing. You can actually make it in a Vitamix blender and just pulse it.




It will be very good but it won’t be very good as this. Just two minutes rubbing this flour together. You will see how the flour has gone from chalky white to a sort of yellow color, it’s a little bit heavier now. So once you’ve rubbed it in, we are to add about 250 grams of cold water. it’s about kind of under-kneading it.

You always think that you’ve got to knead it like bread, you don’t. You’ve got to literally scrunch the dough, packing it, and pressing it together to make this because you don’t want to work the gluten in the flour because that makes it hard and a little bit like eating the bottom of your shoes. We want to just push it together and that’s the key.



Making Pie Crust in Vitamix: Tips & Tricks


  • Before putting the dough onto it spread the flour to your work area.
  • Try to make thin dough this practice you make restaurant standard dough it will be easier to hand it.
  • Use metal aluminum pan as the professional do
  • Metal pan conduct the heat faster and ensure the best backed through the bottom
  • Use cold butter products with a flaky crust
  • Sift your dry ingredients
  • Use the spoon and sweep method then sift
  • Finish your crust to create a pretty edge to your pie crust you can press along the rim with your fingers and thumb
  • Use the weight use pie weight for a pre-baking crust
  • Pie weight help the dough hold its shape
  • Gloss it up to prevent sogginess the egg creates a shiny gloss with the protein in the egg forming a shield on the crust that prevents sogginess.



Making Pie Crust in Vitamix: Final Thoughts


You have read our entire posts on making pie crust in Vitamix, of course, you can, and you have infinite options of different recipes in your Vitamix blender.

All of the Vitamix blenders are constructed to a completely excessive excellent of standards. Especially Vitamix assent series blender is so powerful and making anything.

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