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Ninja is a producer that makes domestic home equipment like blenders and ovens. Generally, their blenders have outstanding construct quality, and even though.

They are generally fabricated from plastic, they experience stability and durability. Most in their jars, lids, and blade assemblies can pass properly into the dishwasher for a clean. Some in their blenders additionally consist of multiple particular attachments and accessories.

Today we explain to you two versatile blenders of Ninja BL 770 VS BL 780 both are powerful and worth considering the machine let’s dive into it with more details.

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NINJA BL 770 VS BL 780 Comparison Table






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Ninja Blender BL 770

  • Powerful motor

  • 1500 Watt

  • Food processor


4.8 out of 5 tars

Ninja Blender BL 770

  • Less Noise

  • 1200 Watt

  • Food processor


4.4 out of 5 stars


1. Over View of Ninja BL 770


The Ninja professional counter top blender with 1100 watt bases most popular product in our experience.

We have found some great features such as Ninja professional blender with Nutri Ninja cups has 1100 watts of professional performance power with three speeds pulse and single-serve functions in addition to 72 ounces total crushing pitcher.

Pulverizes ice to snow in seconds for creamy frozen drinks and smoothies also two 16 ounces Nutri Ninja cups with to-go lids are perfect for creating personalized nutrient-rich drinks to take on the go as well as dishwasher safe.

And BPA free parts single serve blade assembly and included components inspiration guide.


Main Specs


  • 1500 Watt Motor
  • Color: Black
  • Assembled size: 9.5″ x 8.25″ x 17.75″
  • Ability: 72 oz jar 64 oz food processor bowl 2 x 16 oz single-serve cups
  • Number of speed settings: 5
  • Weight: 9.2 lbs


What we like:


  • Different sizes of cups
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Sip and seal lids on the single-serve cups
  • Comes with a dough mixer
  • Powerful motor with efficient result
  • Manual cleaning safe
  • Retractable cord


What we Don’t like:


  • 2.0 horsepower motor
  • Loud noise
  • No timer or Pre-programmed settings
  • Lack of entry hole on the top of the food processor
  • Comes with a recipe book


Ninja BL770 VS BL780

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With so many different models and features available in the market ninja, BL 770 vs. BL 780 are the two suitable options for your house.

Let’s head into the article powerful models inexpensive machines and uniquely simple designs are the first three impressions ninja BL 770 versus BL 780 give us nowadays modern homes cannot lack those smart gadgets.

Like mixer blender juicer and food processor but after several tests, we can assure that by owning.

You won’t need to buy other unnecessary kitchen equipment for your corner do you feel curious about one of these two devices.

How versatile and powerful these machines can be which device’s features will matter the most to you dive right in and have a full comparison of shark ninja food processors including design wattage capacity.

Speed cleanup and noise comparison between ninja BL 770 vs. BL 780 one design if you have done a little homework before you can see that almost all shark ninja food processors go with the stealthy black finish style.


2. OverView of Ninja BL 780

Ninja BL770 VS BL780

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Instead of wasting money on making a fancy appearance shark ninja brand prefers to give customers simple yet classic kitchen appliances as a result the motor base of ninja BL 780 is coated with a stainless steel color plastic.

And sleek curve this design gives the black panel control more distinguished from the motor base it also allows the button functions on the surface to be eye-catching for buyers the BL 780 panel control offers.

Three-speed controls plus a power button on the top a big pulse feature and a single-serve push-button below on the front of the appliance is their iconic logo the first impression of this model can be explained in one word sturdy.

The dimension of the shark ninja BL 780 is 17 inches in height 7.5 inches in width 8 inches in depth and its motor base weighs 8.5 pounds a large and bulky machine like this should be stored on a counter or in a spacious kitchen cupboard.

It’s not surprising though since all-powerful and durable food processors have similar bulky feelings as for the BL 770.

It only differs a little bit from the BL 780 instead of having the stainless steel plastic on the outer BL 770 goes for the one black color to prevent dirty and color-changing after regular use


Main Specs


  • Color: Black and silver
  • Size: 8.0″ x 7.5″ x 17.0″
  • Capacity: 72 oz pitcher, 64 oz food processor bowl, 2 x 16 oz single-serve cup
  • 3-speed settings
  • Assembled Weight: 8.5 lbs


What we like:


  • Less Noise
  • Single touch pulse button
  • Easier to dice and slice
  • Family size capacity
  • Food processor bowl
  • A single cup can be done in as little as 10-seconds
  • Excellent in crushing
  • Best mixer for dough
  • Automatic and easy
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Simple sleek design


What we don’t like:


  • No heating or cooling element
  • There’s no heating element
  • Only renewed model available
  • Bulky devise
  • 4 and a 6- blade assembly


Ninja BL770 VS BL780


Ninja BL770

Ninja BL780

The Ultimate Powerhouse of a blender, able to cutting and dicing frozen fruit and veg, and crushing ice too

Total crushing technology crushes ice, whole fruits, and vegetables in seconds

1500W, HP Motor

1200W, 1.five strength unit Ninja kitchen equipment system

Thin, sharp tower of blades can end up uninteresting over time

4-blade assembly

Eight Cup kitchen equipment Bowl

2 cups of Nutri Ninja with take-out lids to hold nutrient-packed juice

Seventy-two oz capability, total Crushing Pitcher sprinkles ice with inside the snow in seconds to get creamy beverages and smoothies.

XL seventy two-oz blending jar with a pour spout for frozen blending

Dough Blade

Dough Blade

It can take care of anything from juicing to meals process, frozen blending to the dough mixture

Less, frozen blending to the dough mixture

No liquid crystal show, Flush-Mounted Push Buttons

It can take care of anything from juicing to meals


Dishwasher is dangerous

All additives are BPA free

All additives are BPA free

Reversible Slicing/Shredding Disc & Grating Disc for excellent

Gives you a full-sized mixer overall performance and one-contact pulsing for max control

1-12 months restricted warranty

30 Days warranty

It is manually

It is in-built

Brand Ninja 

Brand Ninja 

Color Black  

Color Silver


The dimensions of BL 770 with its container are 9.4 x 8.3 x 17.9 inches and its weight is 9.2 pounds which is only 0.1 pounds heavier than.

Its competitive model however the BL 770 arrangement of the control panel is the opposite to the BL 780.

They put the power and pulse button on the top stressing them as the essential features of the whole machine below are the three-speed settings dough blend crush and a single-serve button for drinks on the go both machines are constructed with four suction cups.

That prevent them from slippage during operation since these two machines do not differ very much it’s better to consider other features however in our opinion we would prefer a less bulky which is Ninja blender 780

2 wattage and capacity if you still think the bulky element is not the main reason to choose your food processor.

Let us show you more persuading proof while the BL 780 motor base has only 1200 watts the BL 770 food processor comes with a 1500 watt motor.

That will leave you no worry about the longevity of this machine even though both machines can process heavy foods a smaller wattage model tends to seize up or stop working.

If they encounter hard ingredients or item sit also wears out easier and make a lot more noise, the price BL 770 gadget can be claimed as the most powerful kitchen food processor.

That can deal with the most challenging items with ease if you regularly cook multiple batches or for a big crowd these two models aren’t compatible with your purpose to satisfy the requirement above a food processor.

Must have 11 to 16 cup processor on the other hand the capacities of ninja BL 780 versus BL 770 are eight cup bowls only but still excellent for most of the tasks with the 64 ounces or eight cups.

You can chop and mix two pounds of dough in 30 seconds for your pizza or cookies however the primary containers of two food processors are 72-ounce pitchers.

This is enough to prepare for a family of up to eight people these excel blending will be compatible with crushing ice into the snow to make a large batch of frozen drinks or pulverize whole veggies to make salsa.

And soups, if you’re longing for a single-serve function the Ninja blender BL 780 versus BL 770, come with two additional 16 ounces personal jars.

That can be automatically detected by the blender and adjusted for the right blending speeds the containers are perfect for vitamin deserts especially quick delicious smoothies in terms of winter for this round.

We reckon you won’t go wrong by choosing the BL 770 for its high wattage and robust motor power three clean up and noise.

The good news customers often find these Ninja blenders easy to assemble and clean all the jars and parts can is assembled and clean in the dishwasher simply.

Put all the container lids and blades on the machines and wait for the dishwasher to do its job you won’t have to waste your time on the cleaning process like other devices at all.

When it comes to the noise comparison we want you to understand that the more powerful the motor base the louder noise.

Ninja BL 770 creates more audible sound than the BL 780 food processor which is approximately 95 DBA at max speed in case you have infants or family members.

Who has hearing sensitivity it’s better to consider a BL 780 model in exchange your food processor is weaker and lasts for a shorter time than the other model for note the BL 780 food processor is now discontinued from the manufacturer?

The only available models from the market are the renewed versions from Amazon since these used machines are recreated to feature like new.

Their prices are pretty reasonable you can consider this option if you want to go for the cheaper option in case.

You want to test the products the Amazon renewed guarantee backs all the renewed models you can buy and return.

Whenever you want in 90 days that’s the end of our article for ninja BL 770 vs. BL 780 it’s time for you to make the decision which one will you choose.

We suppose it must be the BL 770 model to be honest we would go for the same choice as you even though the BL 770 food processor creates louder noise.

Its features are outstanding compared to the competitive model its 1500 watts motor base is more powerful the design is less bulky cleaning is hassle-free and especially BL 770 has all the necessary jar sizes.


The Main Difference Between Both Machines


Smoothies professional juicing to instantly pulverize and liquefy ice entire whole fruits and vegetables making complete nutrient juices.

That retains all the nutrients and fiber with no tamping and no extra water professional power in chef certified food processing with 1/8 cup processing bowl and professional performance in chef certified dough mix in making up to two pounds of bread dough pizza.

And pasta dough cake and cookie banners in less than twenty seconds plus you’ll get all that same professional power and performance in a 16-ounce single-serve cup.

It will change the way you eat it will change the way you live if you want to look and feel yourself.

Both machines provide precise identical settings. Each system comes with the precise identical containers 1 72-ounce pitcher.

1 64-ounce processor bowl and a pair of 16-ounce smoothie cups, the handiest seen distinction in those machines are that the BL 780 is bulkier, weaker with inside the motor, and heavier.


Always Considering These Points When You Buy Ninja Blender


1. Pace Settings

More settings suggest extra uses. The Ninja BL 770 has 4 committed pace settings, plus the heartbeat for guide pace. The Ninja BL 780 has three regular speeds, plus pulse mode.


2. Power

The obviously apparent distinction is energy. The BL 770 is packing a further three hundred watts. That can also additionally appear insignificant, but, the real distinction is the noise. The BL 780 runs noisier. Both are loud though, the BL 770 much less.


3. Pitcher

They encompass a seventy-two ounces pitcher: its miles crafted from BPA-loose plastic, that’s scratch-resistant.

Also, the pitcher is geared up with the entire crushing function to interrupt down the ice into snow. It can put together huge batches of margaritas, also, resort-fashion frozen drinks.


4. Dishwasher Safe

BL 770 blender jar, processor bowl, smoothie cups, and lids are safe to wash. After every use, simply via them into the dishwasher, the elements could be smooth, and by the point, you may do different things.

Make certain you wipe smooth the motor base. It is likewise critical for you.


5. Warranty

Ninja blenders offer identical 1-yr confined assurance from the date of buy-in phrases of the assurance.

The blenders are crafted from fantastic substances that lead them to robust for long-lasting use.

You can assume those blenders to remaining for decades to come, but the Ninja BL770 is higher. This blender is made with higher first-class long-lasting substances, so it’s going to remain longer than BL780.


6. Time Saver

More energy receives a quicker spin pace on the best setting, and that’s simply most effective going for use whilst crushing ice.

If you propose to crush lots of ice, today everybody rushes like making snow cones all through a kid’s summertime season lawn party or making shaved ice cocktails whilst visitors are over, the quicker spin from the BL 770 interprets to extra crushing in much less time, and with much less pressure on the motor.


Ninja BL770 VS BL780: Wrap up


You have read all our posts. Ninja BL 770 makes strong power compared to the Ninja BL 780, and it becomes the high-end blender engine.

Also, the BL 770 and BL 780 give a 1-year limited guarantee, but the BL 770 is slightly better since it is made from improved quality materials than BL 780.

We recommend you if you have a budget then go for Ninja BL 770 personally we use this machine its worth considering machine. It’s our honest review of BL 770. If you like our post please share with your friends and family members to help them out.

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