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Today we are trying to solve all your queries with our best ninja blender margarita recipe.

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What is a Margarita?


We’re going to show you how to make a limeade margarita. What is a margarita? Well, typically, a margarita is a Mexican drink made with tequila triple sec and sour mix what’s triple sec with an orange flavor to cure.

Besides that, you’re going to add some sour mix or sour mix is a very concentrated lemon-lime with a frost that gives you a nice look to your drink.

Well we’re going to make a variation of that start with some ice in your tin go ahead and put some tequila about four seconds worth of tequila then we’re going to put some lime aid this is going to take the place of your sour mix to go ahead and give it. all this stuff needs to be mixed in together.

We are going to go ahead and pour it in and with your mind adding maybe a little garnish to that come up and get you got a nice slice of your lime in there, and you have your lime aid margarita now, for the most part, it’s generally added in already but what we like to do is we want to add my Cointreau over the top to give it a nice full orange flavor, and you got your limeade margarita.


Ninja Blender Margarita Recipe 2021




Today we’re here to explain to you our extra-large 72 ounce total crushing blender.

This comes with our nutria ninja auto IQ blender with smooth boost technology now. What’s great about this is that you can do large batches of frozen drinks and frozen cocktails.

Today we are one of our favorite summer refreshments, a homemade strawberry margarita, so the first step is to add your entire crushing blade. Please beware these blades are very sharp, so the total crushing edge is that secret ingredient to crush ice into snow.

And that’s what’s going to get you that creamy frozen cocktail that reminds you of a resort down in the Caribbean


Ingredients Required


1: Bag of frozen strawberries

2: pomegranate juice

3: Add a little bit of sweetness


But what’s also really great about this is that we are not using a sweetener from the store. We are controlling everything our self.

Last our silver tequila with a little bit of orange liqueur alright now, when assembling the lid, don’t forget to align the arrow on the top with the indicator on the handle, push it down snug, hear it click into place.

You’re ready to turn on the power button, and everything is assembled correctly when the zero appears on the countdown timer, so for this recipe.

We like everything thoroughly blended we want it to be super creamy so that we will say smooth boost yes and now.

We will use our blend program, and the blend is optimized for a lot of frozen ingredients to use your frozen cocktails.

Here you’re, frozen smoothies. Where is your extract button? It’s really for more for your nutrient juices, those raw fruits, and vegetables that you want to break down.


Ninja Blender margarita Recipe

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This was full of really tough frozen strawberries, but now it’s completely blended and what’s great about the total crushing blender is that it comes with a convenient pour spout, so the blades stay in the jar for safe pouring.

This reminds us of being at a resort for a summer frozen cocktail. Now we can make this at home, and we can do it any time of year, so Cheers, enjoy your total crushing blender and your auto IQ with smooth boost technology at home. Have fun in the kitchen and enjoy.


Margarita Recipe / Basic of Margarita


There are two different kinds of margaritas.

2: A frozen version

1: A classic version

But no matter which one you make, it’s sure to quench your thirst.


1 Frozen Version


So first, cutting off the peel of the lime, and we will make two margaritas with the help of a Ninja blender.

So to do that, we need

Two limes, so the lime is now in. we need to go with my tequila, and let’s use the reposado for this version. So here we are going to put

1: Four ounces of the tequila

2: Two ounces of the Cointreau

3: One ounce of that light agave syrup to sweeten it up a little.

4: Add three cups of ice.

There we go, now we blend it up. Once it’s all blended and smooth, now we have to pour it out into that glass, and we’re ready for it because we prepared our drink ahead of time.

And there you go, margarita frozen style, classic style. Let’s garnish them both with lime, and you’re ready to go.


2 A Classic Version


All you need to remember when you’re making a margarita, regardless of which version you’re making, is two.

That’s the ratio of tequila and Cointreau or triple sec and lime juice.

You can choose silver or white tequila or choose a reposado tequila, a tequila.

That’s been aged in an oak barrel for two to twelve months. This one’s a little more yellow in the flavor. Some people like it better.

You’re going to juice your limes fresh and then, of course, take a wedge of lime and run the lime around the rim of the margarita glass and then dip just the outside of the rim in salt.


The first cocktail We are going to make is the classic style, and for that, we’re going to choose the silver or the white tequila. We’re going to put two ounces of tequila into the cocktail shaker.

Then we’re going to add one ounce of freshly squeezed lime juice. And then we’re going to add one ounce of Cointreau.

Now here’s where you can use triple sec if you want to, but we like the Cointreau flavor, so that’s what we use.

Now some people like their margarita sweetened a little bit. If you’re one of those people, use agave syrup.

It makes a lot of sense because it’s, of course, from the same plant that the tequila is made from, just about half an ounce.

Now we use light-colored agave syrup just because it won’t then discolor the margarita itself.

Once that’s in the cocktail shaker, we’re going to fill it up with some ice.

Ensure that lid is on nice and tight, and then we’re going to shake it up and pour it out. We use a filter. We are going to pour that right into our glass. And there is our classic margarita, straight up now.


We used an ounce measurement, which did enough for one glass. Place the lid of the blender and turn it on until the ice is blended. At this point, you can check the consistency.

If the margarita isn’t as frozen as you like, add more ice. To garnish the margarita, we are using a slice of lime. Slice it down the middle and twist.

Fill your glass with your frozen margarita, garnish with the lime twist and enjoy. If you are not using the margarita straight away, place it into the freezer and blend it again when you are ready to serve. We hope you enjoyed this post.


5 Mistakes to Avoid While Making a Margarita



The margarita is a great cocktail. It is insanely popular, but there are several mistakes you can make that will take your excellent margarita and turn it into a nasty, horrible margarita.



one, tequila. You got two options with tequila. You can use your primary kind of inexpensive tequila, made with a mixture of grain spirits and agave spirits. Tequila has to be 51% agave spirits to have the name tequila on it, but grain spirits are cheap, not very tasty.

Also, cheap tequila is typically colored with caramel coloring and often has natural flavors like this one. What are those natural flavors? The only flavors in there should be tequila.

What you can do instead is use 100% blue agave tequila. 1800’s a classic case in point. This is made entirely from the agave plant. It is pure tequila, and it tastes way better.



There are three things in a margarita: tequila, lime juice, Cointreau triple sec. You have two options with lime juice.

You can use lime juice from a lime or use pre-squeezed, pre-packaged, weird lime juice from the grocery store. One that has lime oil init to give it more flavor. It has a plastic box around it that looks like a lime but is not lime.

Do you know what’s in a lime? Nothing, except lime, just lime juice. That’s it, that’s the whole thing, that’s what you want.



Using weird, tiny ice in your drink. When you’re mixing a drink, you want more significant ice. Little, small ice, more surface area, melts more quickly in your glass and dilutes it.

And you don’t enjoy a diluted drink because it doesn’t take like a great drink. It tastes like a watered-down mess.



Don’t use margarita mix. Yeah, it’s convenient. The truth is, what you’ve got here is a whole lot of high-fructose corn syrup, yellow.



You know, F&DC, It’s full of stuff. The best margarita is the simplest margarita, and we will show you how to make it. First things first, you want to salt the rim of your glass, assuming you like a salted rim. And then, very straightforward ingredients. Two ounces of tequila.

This will make you one excellent drink. One ounce of Cointreau. If you can’t get Cointreau, good quality triple sec will work, but we prefer Cointreau. And three-quarters of an ounce of lime juice.

Some people will say the proportions should be slightly different. This happens to be what we think works perfectly. (liquid and ice rattling in the shaker)Put a little ice in your glass. (ice clinking)(liquid pouring)And there you have an excellent, terrific margarita.

So those five mistakes, if you avoid them, don’t do any of them, you will have a spectacular margarita. It will be the best thing ever.


Ninja Blender Margarita Recipe: Final Thoughts


Hopefully, this post helps you out with the Ninja blender margarita recipe. Once you understand how to make a margarita at home, in a few easy steps as reasonable as new. All-in-all, in my opinion.

The Ninja is, by far, one of the best blenders out there. It looks great with the perfect blend of gray and stainless steel.

Thanks to its innovative blade system and mighty motor, it performs brilliantly, crushing and blending your ingredients to a pulp perfectly.

It’s also straightforward to use and comes with all the utensils you need to start making your own delicious and nutritious margarita recipes. See also our recommendation best blenders for smoothies and juicing

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Ninja Blender Margarita Recipe FAQ


How to make homemade margarita mix? / How do you make a margarita?


We are sharing a recipe with you for one of my favorite drinks, a frozen margarita.

It’s a very refreshing cocktail and easy to make at home. It would help if you had a blender.

So if you would like to learn how to make a frozen margarita, keep on reading.

So the first thing we are starting with is optional, which is rimming the glass with salt. It’s relatively easy to do and adds a nice touch.

Juice a lime by first rolling it on a chopping board to release some of the juices. Cut the lime in half and either squeeze it by the hand or using citrus juice.

Pour some of the lime juice into a bowl wide enough to fit the rim of your glass.

In another bowl, add salt of your choice. We used freshly ground sea salt.

Take your margarita glass and place it into the lime juice. Twist it around to make sure the top of the rime is wholly covered.

Drain the glass by lifting it until no more drips fall.

Without turning the glass over, place it into the bowl with the salt.

The salt should stick very quickly. Just twist the glass around to make sure it is evenly covered.

Set the glass aside while we make the cocktail. In a blender, add a handful of ice.

At this point, less is more because you can always add more at the end to change the consistency of the margarita.

Choose your favorite tequila and add two parts to the blender.

Add one part triple sec, which is an orange-flavored liqueur. And lastly, three parts lime juice. We have given ratio amounts for this recipe, so it’s relatively easy to change the amount you are making.


World best margarita recipe/ How to make limeade margarita?


We will make a premium margarita; we’re going to do that by first our glass with salt. We’ll take our piece of lime here, roll around the edges, and then wheel It twice on the plate of salt there we have it step off the extras, and let’s go ahead and build this one in here we’ll shake it up first the ice the reason we want to shake this is that we’ll get a much fuller mixture of all the ingredients including

1: Egg whites, which makes it friendly.

2: Three ounces of Blanco tequila

3: we have half an ounce of orange liqueur

4: Half an ounce of our egg whites

5: Lemon Juice

then we have half an ounce to an ounce depending on how you like it of freshly squeezed lime followed by an ounce to half an ounce of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

We’re going to add a simple little strip to create our sweet-sour, so let’s add our Blanco tequila was the egg whites the lime, and we’ll put in our lemon and half an ounce.

Shake now while we put some ice in this glass. The goal of shaking an egg-white premium margarita is to build up a nice froth.

It’s part of the drink’s enjoyment, so you want to be able to shake it long enough and hard enough to where you get that.

Of course, we put the ice in. We want to be careful not to knock off the salt that we put on earlier. Let’s go ahead and strain here.

You can see the egg white kind of drizzle on that nice foamy top. It makes this premium margarita it’s such a delight there.


How to make a Mexican strawberry margarita?

We’re going to do this one frozen because strawberry mercury tastes so much better when it’s frozen.

Let us start with a superior blender two-thirds of the way with your ice in there got an excellent flavor tequila patron is a prevalent one it’s one of the most popular ones out there right now we want to go ahead and pour about four accounts worth of tequila we’re also going to put some orange-flavored liqueur which is very similar to triple sec.

But this is a higher-end since you’re using patron you might as well use the best stuff so go ahead and pour about two counts in there and add a little sour mix which is that concentrated lemon-lime stuff gives it a delicious flavor to your margaritas then we’re going to add some strawberry because this is a strawberry margarita.

It would help if you blended it some more that sounds about right. Still, for your strawberry margarita, you can have the choice of rooming your glass with some sugar or not.

Well, we’re going to go ahead and do that. We will put some strawberry crystal sugar around that go-on and dip it in your salt.

We happen to have some strawberry candy sugar. Go ahead and pour your strawberry margarita right into your glass. You can forward and garnish that with a lovely strawberry that we have here, and there is your strawberry margarita.


How to make Margaritas from scratch?

Scratch margarita made it different from other margaritas make with fresh orange juice fresh lime juice, and it had a little bit of sweetness a little bit of tartness.

It just made it perfect we’ve been making in this way ever since we can’t have the many other ways we have a tough time ordering them in restaurants because if it’s not fresh juice we don’t even want it so this is why We are bringing this recipe to you because it is the perfect combination it’s not too sweet it’s delicious. We guarantee once you make it, you’re going to be hooked.

We use half an orange per drink. We like to get all the juice out that you can get pour it in over ice. We want to use one whole line. We use one shot of tequila one and a half ounces a person we like the white tequila silver tequila.

We use half of a shot of triple sec. I believe one else rims the glass with your line. If you don’t like salt, line up and gloves off and have an excellent next step.

You don’t have to shake vigorously because we want it. And then you can pour it over ice the perfect amount. It’s delicious.


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