If you have an issue with the Ninja blender not spinning and get stuck and you think that your blade assembly is broken very likely it’s not broken.

That’s why you should try the different procedures at home; you are to need to do some investigating before you resort to buying a new blade assembly. You are land right place we provide several issues and how to fix that in this post.

If you’ve got an extreme difficulty together along with your Ninja blender, the exceptional element to do is attain the customer support of Ninja Company as well. You may like: Ninja BL770 vs BL780


Ninja Blender Not Spinning: 8 Simple Tips And Tricks


Ninja Blender Not Spinning


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When we research this topic we saw many problems that may belong to this issue but we are explaining just the usual and common problems why Ninja blender or any other blender not spinning?

If you are not using Ninja blender no matter you can apply all our problem fixes points in your brand model as well. Hopefully, our all points help them out who facing the same problem lets deep into it.


1. Ninja Blender Not Spinning: Don’t Overload


One of the maximum critical matters to bear in mind while the usage of your Ninja blender is to now no longer overload it.

Adding an excessive amount of meals or drinks can motive the motor to wear out greater quickly. What’s greater, it additionally places extra strain on the blades.


2. Ninja Blender Not Spinning: Do Not Run Empty Blender


Running your Ninja blender at the same time as it’s far empty may be simply as unfavorable as overloading it.

Without any food, the blades and motor will run too speedy inflicting it to wear down quicker. Always make certain there may be something within side the machine even if cleaning which we can talk with inside the subsequent section earlier than turning it on.


3. Ninja Blender Not Spinning: Clean The Blades Thoroughly



Ninja Blender Not Spinning

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The blades will come easy inside the steps above, however now and again more meals may also get caught beneath the blades that may be difficult to reach.

If this is the case, fill your Ninja blender once more halfway with heat water, and soap. This time, however, you furthermore might need to feature a tablespoon of vinegar and allow it to take a seat down in a single day without blending.

Once it has sat in a single day, upload greater warm water and blend. Any residue leftover needs to come off, however, you may upload an oxygen easy Oxiclean, as well, for greater cussed debris.


4. Ninja Blender Not Spinning: Keep It Unplugged





Even in case, your ninja blender is an everlasting fixture for your kitchen counter, you have to now no longer have it plugged in whilst it’s now no longer in use.

Not most effective is it losing energy, however, it will over time put on down the electric additives of the appliance.


5. Ninja Blender Not Spinning: Blend Simplest Suitable Foods


Try to use only blender suitable foods.  If you are the use of your Ninja blender to grind up or chop difficult foods, you would be higher off the use of a meal processor.

If you do use a Ninja blender for making few different non-meals purposes, so don’t try unsuitable foods on your ninja blender it can completely harm your ninja blender.  You should use a separate machine or heavy Food Processor for the toughest ingredients.


6. Ninja Blender Not Spinning: Add Maximum Liquid


A combination this is too dry will behave like a paste and push up away from the blades. This isn’t always harmful.

However, it is now no longer too effective, either.

It’s totally depending on what ingredients you are blending, you can upload unexpected liquids water, milk, fruit juice, soup stock.  Add a liquid at a time, then the mixture, and notice if the consistency has improved.


7. Replace Dulled, Damaged, And Curved Blades

Ninja Blender Not Spinning

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Once they are damaged out, the cutting edge of a ninja blender can’t be sharpened. To discover substitute blades, both touch the producer and ask approximately substitute elements, or search for substitute elements at the Ninja company website.


8. Ninja Blender Not Spinning: Deep Clean Once in a Month


Take off the blade of your blender and pull out your ninja blender blades, gaskets, and different apparatus. Wash those through the hand with the use of heat water and a gentle rag or sponge.

Clean with a gentle cloth after cleaning, taking care now no longer to touch the cutting-edged. Make certain the mixer has sufficient time to dry, and reassemble the mixer with the rubber gasket or seal on an appropriate facet of the blade assembly.

You ought not to try this whenever you operate your ninja blender. If you operate your ninja blender every day or nearly every day, give your ninja blender a radical cleansing monthly.



How To Fix The Problem At Home


Let us explain to you what’s causing the problem is the slot that this will fall down into and then this is supposed to lock tight slot and then when you turn the motor on the whole thing should spin and chop up your food at the same time.

Well, both weights should be spinning but what happens is this gets worn down and the blade can keep rotating so as the whole thing spins if your mixture is the least bit thick this blade gets stuck in the mixture the top blade and only the bottom blade mixes.

The little strip is supposed to be sticking up meaning inside the hole so that when you get to this groove it locks into that groove well it’s just plastic and it has just gotten all smashed away.

Safety note: Always wearing gloves because these blades are sharp.


Simple Step By Step Guide


We need to fix that what we need to do is smooth that out a little bit smooth all of the part out.


1. Step


We’ve got a little file metal file and it’s just we want to just smooth this out some we want to get some of the gunk off that the high gunk and just smooth.

This out some and what you also can use is a piece of sandpaper so we’re just cut a small piece of this and just fold in half maybe twice and just use that.

We just use that to smooth the insides a little bit and where we’re smoothing is where the existing protrusion that a little strip in that’s sticking in or sticking out if you will. We’re just standing that smooth and that feels pretty smooth.


2. Step


Then the next thing that we’re do find some sort of a credit card like and we’re want to cut a strip that’s the same width as this groove so we’re cut something about that width just to get some heavy-duty scissors.

Now it looks about perfect so now what you want to do is you want to round that make this bend a little bit because it has to fit inside.

We’re just wrapping it around a little bit trying to get it to have somewhat of a curve to it may be wrapped around up to make a little small radius the ring now we’re cut to pieces and they need to be the width of this opening because once that’s inside is slide down and then this is what’s being used to lock it.


3. Step


We’re to take our pain and we mark get to cut it right about we’re peaceful and then the same on this side it’s got to fit through that opening now.

What we’re to do with our two pieces is we’re to superglue them inside but we’re to put them right where those grooves used to be.

What we’re to do is we’re to put the superglue right in the spot that corresponds with the groove opening on this pipe put a couple of drops in now that’s in the location.

We’re just take something to hold some pressure on it until it dries we’re to put another drop just so that maybe it slides underneath drop on each up on each end that this stuff is so thin.

You can slide underneath that little piece that we’ve got on there and help glue on tightly and now the same thing holds this down that’s what it looks like when we’re done we’re just getting out the excess superglue it’s been a few minutes we cleaned out the superglue on the inside that’s what it looks we’ve got this piece of a credit card.

And a piece of credit card how nicely it’s formed and then what we did we just tried it out and what this did it also helped solidify keep those on there now this goes right downturns.

And it’s tight and we actually had to squeeze that a little bit to get it on there but they do not move lock in place no way that’s slide over problem solved that’s all to it tools you’ve got at home.


Bonus Tip: How to Replace Drive Coupling of Blender

Ninja Blender Not Spinning

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Today we’re to explain how to change the drive coupler on your blender. Doesn’t take too long, don’t need too many tools. Good flat blade screwdriver a few minutes let us explain to you how it’s done.

To remove the coupler on your blender all we need is to take our flat blade screwdriver, insert it underneath.

And raise upon it. Just keep turning the drive coupler, and raise it each time. Now before we install the new one, you want to check the threads on that motor shaft, make sure they’re clean. So just take a rag and we’ll wipe those out.

Now that we’ve removed all the old metal fillings, clean those out, take our new coupler, and thread it on counterclockwise. And it just needs to go on hand tight; the action of the blender causes it to tighten itself as it’s running. And our job is complete. Told you that was an easy job.



Bottom Line


You have read all our posts about Ninja blenders not spinning, all of the Ninja blenders are constructed to a completely excessive excellent of standards. If there may be mechanical trouble preventing your Ninja blender not spinning, Ninja won’t have trouble changing and solving the part.

This is a straightforward business enterprise that has been constructing kitchen home equipment for plenty of years. We usually agree with Ninja with all my equipment and blender issues.

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