If you know the right procedure of the Nuwave party mixer instructions you can quickly and simply make icy drinks and delectable meals from the comfort of your own home. It quickly chops and smashes ice and mixes your favorite drinks, such as nutritious smoothies, lattes, protein shakes, and more.

To amaze your guests or simply enjoy with your family, whip up snow cones, salsas, soups, beverages, and other delectable goodies dishwasher and freezer safe, making it simple to clean and store leftovers.

This 400-watt blender comes with four tough blades for chopping, dicing, and blending ingredients. It contains about 6 cups (48 oz) of liquid, allowing you to prepare small and big batches of your favorite recipe.

The innovative design of the Nuwave party mixer blender doesn’t take up a lot of valuable kitchen counter space. This 400-watt blender is durable and easy to clean, making it an excellent addition to any chef’s kitchen. Choose one for yourself or as a gift for friends and family who like making professional-quality beverages, soups, sauces, and other dishes from the convenience of their own homes.

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Step By Step Guide For Use 


Step 1

Attach the cover protector to the top of the pitcher. The pouring spout and spring mechanism on the guard must be properly aligned with the pitcher. Press hard on the cover guard to allow the spring to activate the safety switch within. For the power-head to work, this safety switch must be present.




Step 2

Attach the cover protector to the pitcher’s top. The spring mechanism of the pitcher’s guard must be properly positioned. Press hard on the cover guard to allow the spring to activate the safety switch within. For the power-head to work, this safety switch must be in place.




Step 3

Make sure the power-head is properly attached to the cover protection. The power station’s Nuwave logo




Step 4

Press the On/Off Pulse button to begin processing situated on the power head’s top. To halt the processing, take your hands off the On/Off Pulse button.






Step 5

Depress the On/Off Pulse while holding the pitcher firmly. To keep the unit in place, press the button. Make certain that before disconnecting the electricity, the blades had fully stopped spinning, and head and cover protection






Step 6

Before pouring, remove the blade assembly by its shaft. utilizing the pitcher Use the pulse approach to get a better chopping quality from the Party Mixer. Stop processing and remove the power-head and cover protection if the contents adhere to the side of the pitcher. After moving the components with a spatula, reinstall the cover protection and the power-head. Carry on processing.



Care & Cleaning Instructions 

Before First Use:

Wash the storage lid, cover guard, double blade, silicone seals, and pitcher in warm soapy water before using the Party Mixer for the first time. Before the operation, properly rinse and dry.

Electrical parts are live even when the Party Mixer is turned off, as they are with most electrical appliances. Make sure the power-head is turned off. The power-head should not be submerged in water. Wipe dry after cleaning with a moist sponge and towel.

  • The blades are quite sharp! When handling the blades, exercise extreme caution.
  • Make sure all parts are properly fastened by holding them by the plastic holder. For easy cleaning, the silicone seals surrounding the lid guard and the rim on the bottom of the pitcher can be removed.


Main Features of Nuwave Blender

  • 4 Stainless Steel blades for a smooth texture
  • 400 watts
  • Seal and storage lid
  • Easy- to use the pulse button
  • Easy pour shield
  • Large, 48 oz. pitcher
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Chops, blends & mixes
  • Complete Manual & Recipe Book included
  • Power Head
  • Cover Guard
  • 4 Stainless Steel Blades
  • Pitcher Storage Lid




Nuwave Party Mixer InstructionsFor More Details View on Amazon 

Nuwave Party Mixer Won’t Start

Troubleshooting Guide:

1. The motor will not start or the twin blades will not rotate:

Make sure the plug is firmly seated in the electrical outlet.


2. Food is sliced unevenly:

You’re either slicing too much food at once or your pieces aren’t small enough. Reduce the amount of food processed in every batch by cutting it into smaller, even pieces.


3. Food is too finely minced or overly watery:

The meal has gone through a lot of processing. Use shorter pulses or a shorter processing time. Allow the dual blades to fully halt between pulses.


4. Food gathers on the pouring lid, storage lid, or pitcher sides:

You may be processing too much food. Turn off the machine. Remove the power-head and the pouring cover once the dual blades have stopped whirling. Remove some of the food that is currently being processed.

Additional Guidelines for Nuwave Party Mixer 

1. Blades Instruction And Safety 

Do not press and hold the On/Off Pulse button for more than 20 seconds at a time.

  • Never put ingredients in the pitcher before the blade assembly is in place.
  • Never put the blades in the pitcher after putting them on the power-head.
  • Before operation, double-check that all parts are securely attached.




Caution: When cleaning the cutting blades, use extreme caution because they are quite sharp.




2. Warranty Information 

The Nuwave party mixer, including pitcher, mixing guard, storing lid, dual blades, and all electrical components, will be free of defects and workmanship when used following the Manufacturer’s written instructions provided with each unit. At Nuwave, LLC’s Service department, the manufacturer will provide all necessary parts and labor to repair any portion of the party mixer. The cost of labor, parts, and shipment will be the responsibility of the owner once the warranty has expired.


3. The Warranty Excludes

Failure, damages, or insufficient performance caused by an accident, acts of God (such as lightning), fluctuations in electric power, alterations, abuse, misuse, misapplications, corrosive type atmospheres, improper installation, failure to follow the Manufacturer’s written instructions, abnormal use, or commercial use.


Quick Review of Nuwave Party Mixer





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NuWave Party Mixer

  • 400 watts

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Nuwave Party Mixer Instructions: Conclusion


In this short essay, we will explain to you how to operate the Nuwave mixer party blender at home efficiently and effectively, with the aim that you will learn something new. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends on social media.

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Nuwave Party Mixer Instructions: FAQ’s


Is Nuwave party mixer a good blender?

This as-seen-on-TV blender boasts four robust blades and 400 watts of power and is freezer and dishwasher safe. Sealing and storing lid Ice cream, snow cones, salsa, soups, smoothies, and more may all benefit from this versatile ingredient. It has a capacity of 6 cups (48 oz)


What is the model no of the Nuwave mixer?

The Nuwave blender model no is 22191-22193


How many volts and watts have in the Nuwave mixer?

The Nuwave mixer have 120V, 60Hz, 400Watts


Is Nuwave Mixer Company registered in the USA?

Yes, designed & developed in the USA by Nuwave LLC.


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