Today we are going to talk about oster pro 500 blender reviews is one of the best blenders for multiple purposes and best product in kitchen appliances.

The best thing is that it is one of the best blenders which comes in under the budget and everything can easily purchase and it provide you plenty of features which you can find in pricier models such pulse function which is found in a professional blender.


Oster Pro 500 Blender Quick Review






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Oster Pro 500 blender

  • 500 Motor

  • BPA-Free

  • High pulse

4.5 out of 5



It can work as a juicer, blender, oven, and toaster this blender performs the same way as it looks and it been functioned with dual direction blades and with the crush pro blades and pro 500 is used to tackle any ingredients or food you want to be reduced to wet and mixture form.

Then it provides you with a smart function or setting which means you don’t have to guess when to stop it gives the perfect smoothies salsa and milkshakes.

It has the ability and power to blend the food or any vegetables with its 500-watt motor and can blend larger quantities with the help of its 6 containers.

Which saves a lot of time rather than blending anything twice. The Oster pro provides you everything at a mid-range price than what are you looking for. Best blender for hot soup.


Oster Pro 500 Blender Reviews


Oster pro 500 blender reviews

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As we told you that it is the best blender in mid-range and most of the users really liked it a lot. We love this blender it works great with smoothies this is the best model of the Oster blender company ever for under their budget.


Product Specs


Dimensions: 13.8 x 10 x 8.5 inches

Weight: 7.8 pounds

Manufacturer: Oster

Power: 500 Wattage Bottom says 120Vac 60Hz 4.2A Max

Color: Brushed Nickel

The material of jug: Glass Jar


Product Features


  • 2 oz. filler cap lets you measure out ingredients
  • Smart blender features 7 speeds
  • 3-year satisfaction guarantee
  • Features a 6-point, stainless steel, reversible blade
  • 6-cup dishwasher-safe Boroclass glass jar


What exactly can the Oster Pro 500 blender do?

Oster pro 500 blender reviews

Click on the image Check The Latest Price on Amazon

  • Smart blender features 7 speeds Choose from your preferred blend type from smoothies, salsa, and milkshakes and select the appropriate speed for getting started!
  • The blade moves in 2 directions to ensure even blending.
  • 6-cup dishwasher-safe Boro class glass jar
  • Blades to be larger than the previous models, making it easier to blend
  • Has a good quality jug to make sure you don’t get the taste of plastic.


What We Like in Oster pro 500 blender


  • Gives out smoothies with no pulps in them.
  • Great for crushing ice for those cold drinks.
  • A great time-saver for all of us perfect smoothies salsa and milkshakes lovers!
  • BPA-free making the drinks free of any harmful plastic elements.
  • It doesn’t vibrate when blending the ingredients.
  • With a warranty of 10 years, there’s no fear of wasting money.


What We Don’t Like in Oster pro 500 blender


  • If you have a guest in the house who hates loud noise, Oster blender has a little noise while blending but the sound is quite less in comparison to other blenders in the market.
  • The unit is likely to leak if it’s not fit in properly. Is this just a misunderstanding of the instruction manual?


Overall, the Oster Pro 500 Blender is a great addition to the kitchens of smoothie and salsa lovers.

The Oster Pro 500 provides you everything at a mid-range price than what are you looking for.


Oster Pro Speed Reviews

Now let’s have a look on it speed it has three pre-programmed speed function through which automatically blend the food you want for recipes or cooking purpose and it comes with 7-speed controls as well.

It provides you with a powerful motor with a speed of 500 watts that means it can blend any hard substance like ice without harming itself or without burning the motor, then it can function in both direction clockwise and anti-clock wise0020 which blends the food in both positions.


Oster Pro 500 Parts

  • Motor
  • Container
  • Blades
  • Speed controls


1. Motor

The motor is the most powerful part in the working of a blender and when the stresses and heats up in warms and burns resulting in failure to its blender bit Oster Pro 500 has the power of 500 which blend easily blenders any hard substance like ice without burning out the motor and without putting any stress on it. Give you a warranty of 10 years on all metal drives.


2. Container

Oster pro 500 containers are made up of high-quality material and with the size of 6 cups, it can easily help you in blending a large amount of food in a single time without wasting the time.


3. Blades

Blades are used to chopping and grind food and when the blades get dull then increase the pressure on its with them results in failure of the blender. Oster pro 500 blades are stainless steel much stronger and they can work in both directions in a clockwise direction to grind the food and it can grind any hard substance like nuts, ice, tough leafy green stacks, and smoothies.


4. Speed Control

The Oster Pro 500 nails the aesthetic component and makes the blender look sleek and classy sitting on your countertop.

There are a couple of different buttons to deal with. The On/Off button is positioned within the center of the panel with a Stop button right underneath.

The Pro 500 offers the three standard speeds of Low, Medium, and High on one side of its panel, and therefore the other side deals with preprogrammed options.

you get not one but two Pulse settings; one on Low and One on High pulse. Oster pro 500 provides you with lots of speed control which helps a lot in blending.


Price Review of Oster Pro 500


Let have on its price as well as I said before this is the only blender in this price range everyone and anyone operates easily because it is easy to use and strong enough to perform.

You can easily get this blender approximately under your budget.

It seems to be one of the best blenders that I’ve used in mid-range it works perfectly with any problems and it hasn’t stopped working because we have been using it for a long time it’s going good and we have not the only one who is saying most of the user said before.


Final Thoughts


The Oster Pro 500 is a great match for expensive brands at the fraction of their price. Its superior power to make out-of-the-box delicious smoothies, milkshakes, and salsas will leave you with only praises from the guests you serve!

We don’t claim our Oster Pro 500 Blender reviews to be perfect, so feel free to let us know if we missed anything! If you are feeling more confident about can you make meringue in a blender? best blenders with smoothies with ice

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 FAQs Oster pro 500 Blender Reviews


What’s the Oster pro 500 price?

Well if you are looking for the price it would be approximately under $50 to 100 dollars if you are a citizen of the united state of America you don’t need to pay the shipment charges as well.


Where is Oster blender manufactured?

The Oster Blender is made in North America and backed by the superior quality of All Metal Drive.


What’s a better Hamilton beach or Oster?

Oster Pro 500 blender is a slightly better choice than the Hamilton Beach blender, but both efficiently serve their purpose and provide you with scrumptious foods and tasty.


Is Oster blender any good?

Although it offers a dozen speeds, the Oster 500 Blender had middling results in our performance test. It did a decent job making smoothies, but it earned good scores for making frozen drinks. Especially in this price range.


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