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Vitamix 32 oz Dry Container 

  • 120 Voltage

  • spill-proof 

  • BPA free

  • BPA free

4.7 Ratings out of 5 stars


If you find a Vitamix dry container under $50 it is not possible because Vitamix offers a dry container for $144. Why are Vitamix blenders so expensive lets deep into it. Is the Vitamix dry container is worth considering or not or justify $144 or not?

The dry grains compartment has considerably more power and capacities than I envisioned. Learning every one of the unique and energizing things I can do with it has been truly fun.

Truly it is altogether different from the wet compartment, you won’t be disillusioned. What’s more, for flavors you can place a limited quantity in to crush.


Vitamix Dry Container $50


vitamix dry container $50You’ve been struggling for years to figure out how to get the greatest refined flour, and you’ve finally found the answer.

I feel like I own my baking plant without all the modern hardware. I don’t buy wheat flour. I purchased a Vitamix dry container to make powdered sugar and crush new espresso.

I have made powdered sugar out of coconut sugar and natural pure sweetener. Both mix up wonderfully. I can’t differentiate between the powdered pure sweeteners and locally acquired ones.

Love that this makes natural powdered sugar reasonable and simple! I make my espresso beans up impeccably with little exertion have additionally made oat flour with this. I say it is justified.


Vitamix Dry Grains Container 32 oz


vitamix dry container $50

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The Vitamix dry grains blades grind whole grains into fresh flours, combine the butter, and knead the dough to make it easier to bake.

Even grinds and blend the dry herbs and spices into an even composite.

Every Vitamix container displays the ounce and cup measurements. The lid plug even has a 2-ounce Measurement Line. • Our spill-proof container spout’s angled design allows you to serve blends with a clean pour.

With a drop of dish soap and warm water, your Vitamix machine can clean itself in 30 to 60 seconds.



32-ounce Dry Grains Container Features


Exceptionally planned cutting edges crush entire grains into new flours, blend hitter, and reenact the manipulating system to effectively get the ready mixture for baking.


1. Designed for Whole Grains


The cutting edges in our Dry Grains Container are explicitly intended to make a converse vortex, driving dry fixings from the sharp edges to forestall pressing.


2. Estimations on Container + Lid


Each Vitamix compartment is set apart with ounce and cup estimations. Indeed, even the cover plug has a 2-ounce estimation line.


3. Spill-Proof Spout


The point of our spill-verification compartment ramble allows you to serve mixes with a wreck-free pour.


4. Simple Cleaning


With a drop of dish cleanser and warm water, your Vitamix machine can clean itself in 30 to 60 seconds.


5. Similarity


This compartment can be utilized with all standard Classic C-or G-Series Vitamix blenders





  • Speed of service
  • Texture quality
  • Durability
  • Easy to use
  • Versatility
  • Power




  • I utilized this to crush cumin seeds. For each heap, I crushed it for under 30 seconds. I did 4-5 times
  • Not compatible with Vitamix Ascent series.


Quick Look of Vitamix Dry container Table


Product Dimensions

8 x 6.5 x 10 inches

Customer Reviews

800 Ratings 

Country of Origin


Date First Available

May 5, 2003

Item model number



Vita-Mix Corporation

Item Weight

3 pounds



Vitamix Dry Grains Container Uses


Vitamix dry grains container is made to hold ingredients such as grains, cereal, sesame seed, nuts, flour, cashew, coffee, flax seeds, and bread dough. The Dry Grains Container is more efficient and effective than the standard or wet container for dry ingredients.

It does a superb job of turning wheat and rye berries into flour. it is helpful to start at a low speed to begin cracking the grains and then slowly turn to the maximum.

It hardly occupies a large amount of space and easily fits in a fraction amount of space in the cupboards.

Vitamix is quite easy to operate people of all ages can use it without any difficulty. The best part is to enjoy the whole process of grinding the grains into a super-duper mixture.

The Vitamix blades are not the same as the ones used for smoothies. The dry blade throws the ground pieces UP. The wet blade drags the ingredients down. As a result, they both play critical roles in providing their services.


Vitamix Ascent Dry Grains Container


vitamix dry container $50

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Talking about Vitamix ascent dry grain container is also peerless the material used in the manufacturing is Tritan and it is the world safest plastic in the world.

Tritan plastic is not only BPA-free, but it is also free from BPS (bisphenol S) and ALL other bisphenols meaning they can be easily used for medical devices too.

Eastman Tritan is not plastic but is quite different from normal plastic used in the making of dry containers. Eastman Titan is a tough plastic that is much more resistant to shattering than other plastics and glass. In the dishwasher, it will not warp or crack. Tritan, unlike stainless steel, will not dent or ding.

The blades used in grinding the dry ingredients are extremely powerful and immensely capable enough to achieve the desired results of the end product. The blades create an energy called reverse vortex which pushes the dry ingredients away from the blades moves them away from packing.

The size and the dimension 8 x 6.5 x 10 inches are great enough to grind a large amount of quantity at one time.

The weight of Vitamix Ascent is an average weight handled by people of all ages. It can be easily carried without putting too much pressure on the hand.

The self-detect technology in your ascent series blender allows it to recognize the container and automatically adjust blending programmers to accommodate its smaller size.

This container is only compatible with Ascent Series blenders and is specially designed to grind fresh, whole-grain and gluten-free flour, mix batter and knead thick yeast dough for pizza, soft pretzels, and homemade bread.


What is Vitamix Dry Blade


vitamix dry container $50

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The Vitamix dry blades are designed in a remarkable way the blades have two sides pointed and the other two blades have a squared-off tip.

The pointed side of the blades helps in piercing the grains which makes tiny holes into the grains and as the grinding process continues it breaks the grains into many pieces so the squared-off tip of the blades helps in folding and lifting the grains into the container and allows them to grind into extraordinary smooth substance.

The stainless steel keeps the product fresh in the mixing and kneading of the batter.

The blades are razor-sharp don’t take the risk to remove the blades while the container is still sitting on the motor base.

Do not use any blades that are loose or damaged. To save yourself from being injured never place the blade assembly on the motor base without the Vitamix container properly attached.


Vitamix Dry Container $50 : Conclusion 


The Vitamix dry grains container is a highly modified electronic appliance that allows you to make your household cooking tasks simpler and easier to achieve the best results without wasting your energy and time.

The product is completely aboveboard and simple to use. The polycarbonate used in manufacturing is fire-resistant, vandal-proof, and long-lasting. Lightweight Insulation Machine-washable

The Vitamix dry grains container’s clear color allows the consumer to appreciate the immense delicacy of the grains being crushed and blended into a smooth powdery texture.

The 120 volts allow the grains to be pressed and compressed more finely without leaving any hard crusts in the dry mixture.

The dimensions of 8 x 10 x 14 inches provide ample space for dry grains to mix horizontally and vertically, and it is the ideal standard size for the mixtures to blend without difficulty.


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