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Dry or wet Vitamix serve the purpose best comparing the two types of Vitamix dry or wet containers is quite a justice to the product.

Both the pieces of equipment appropriately serve their function.

Blades play a very important role in differentiates the two Vitamix containers. The wet container’s blades pull food down, while the dry container’s blades push food up and away.

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Quick Glance of Dry And Wet Vitamix Containers






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Vitamix dry Container

  • Bpa-Free Tritan

  • Self-Cleaning

  • Self-Detect Technology 

4.7 out of 5 Stars

Vitamix wet Container

  • Bpa-Free Tritan

  • Self-Cleaning

  • Self-Detect Technology 

4.2 out of 5 Stars

Let’s Discuss The Key Points For the Wet Containers


Wet containers give you the ease to enjoy the restaurant’s taste within your home you can make anything like smoothies, soups, bulletproof coffee, dressings, sauces, small batches of just about anything.

On the other hand, Vitamix dry containers are a most outstanding product that gives you the ease to crush hard solid rock spices into the smooth silky texture of your food within your home.



Vitamix Dry Containers Vs Wet Containers

Difference between Vitamix dry and wet containers are below:

1. Vitamix Dry Container


The Vitamix dry containers and the wet come in various sizes. All have different dimensions and shapes to adjust the amount of dry and wet food within the container. Even the speed matters a lot to get the perfect result. Moreover, the containers serve the best purpose whether it may be the dry or wet ingredients.

Vitamix dry containers have a high voltage capacity to break and crush the rigid and solid ingredients into an even mixture. Imagine instead of going to the flour mill and wasting your time without even knowing how the flour was smashed.


Vitamix dry containers Vs wet containersVitamix dry containers Vs wet containers

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Even the machinery used was even clean or not or the place was ever sanitized. Vitamix gives you the pleasure to enjoy the whole lot experience of grinding the wheat into a level flour at your home. These moments allow you to spend precious time with your children and make them aware of the knowledge of how the wheat grinding is done.

At the same you can knead the batter into the same container yes you read it write Vitamix dry container can even knead the wheat and make the dough or the cake mixture to be baked at the same time. So Vitamix is a complete electronic product that serves many cooking motives at one time.

While thinking about the rigid spices it can crush and solid hard spices into even pressed spices so you can store the dry spices at home and store it for months. Which gives you a satisfying feeling without having the fear that it’s a clean dry substance being crushed and filled in the jar with your own bare hands. Attached at the bottom are efficient and powerful you can grind any spice like coriander, coffee, flour, grains, cereal, sesame seed, nuts, flour, cashew, coffee, flax seeds, and bread dough, etc.



  • Self-detect technology
  • Automatically adjust
  • BPA-free Eastman Tritan polyester
  • Easy self-cleaning
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Compatible with Ascent and Venturist motor



  • Wheat barley takes too long


2. Vitamix Wet


Vitamix wet containers are best for blending wet ingredients like fruits, vegetables, blending the mixtures for making smoothies and soups and curries. Wet containers are designed and manufactured in such a way that they can only bear the weight and pressure of light, soft ingredients which can be easily blended.

Vitamix dry containers Vs wet containers

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The blades used in the process are of less capacity to crush the hard spices. If ever experimented it may serve the purpose for a few minutes but the results may not be satisfying and it could be harmful to the machinery. The voltage used in the built-in process may not be very effective and it can stop the product forever and you might have to waste your money at the service center to get the Vitamix wet container fixed.

Overall conclusion, you can use the Vitamix dry containers for the Vitamix wet ingredients but you cannot use the wet containers for the dry spices.



  • It Gets heavy use
  • Smoothies for one
  • Great for daily use
  • More functional




  • Too expensive but works fine


Vitamix Dry Containers Vs Wet Containers Features

32 oz Dry Vitamix Container  Features

32 oz Wet Vitamix Container  Features

Low profile  fits under cabinets with 17.5

Low profile  fits under cabinets with 17.5

Works better as a dry chopper than other narrow bottom wet containers

Makes smaller batches of like hummus, ice cream & nut butters

Narrow top small grey lid

Narrow top  small grey lid

Fits Standard and next Generation models

Fits Standard and next Generation models

Easy to clean

Easy to clean

Grinds coffee

Grinds coffee

Does not need a tamper

Use tamper 

 3 dry blade  narrow bottom

3 wet blade narrow bottom

Item Weight 2.5 Pounds

Item Weight 2.5 Pounds

Can dry chop between 1.5-2 cups of food at one time

Can only dry chop 1-1.5 cups of food at one time

The Accent 48 oz Containers Wet Vs Dry


Vitamix 48Oz accent containers were originally made with the material Polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a hard, crystal clear plastic material with exceptional power, inflexibility, and impact resistance. It is an extremely adaptable material. It comes in many forms; it is often used to create clear sheets of strong, tough plastic.

Whereas, Vitamix is a clear container that allows the consumer to enjoy the incredible process of blending and crushing the dry and wet ingredients into smooth and compressed mixtures.


Vitamix dry containers Vs wet containers

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8 x 10 x 14 inches dimension is quite outstanding and can blend or grind a quite big amount of eatables in one go. These multipurpose products are evenly helpful in organizing large amounts of gathering which save time and energy, give you comfort within your home.

Vitamix 48 Oz accent containers are perfect for making smoothies, frozen desserts, hot soups.

The clean process is completely amazing, just a single drop of dish soap and warm water would be perfect for the Vitamix to clean itself at a high speed of 30 seconds.

It includes a vented lid and Mini-Tamper designed to help process food without touching the blades, BPA-free Container. It can easily accommodate the kitchen cabinets and occupies less space.

The stainless steel hammer mill and the cutting blades are best for measuring the 3 inches diameter which ensures the proper blending of the ingredients.

It is mainly designed to pulverize whole foods for smoothies, hot soups, and frozen desserts


Comparison of Wet And Dry Containers


It is incompatible with the Ascent-series blenders. You’ll need an Ascent-series 48-ounce self-detect container, either model 063852 for wet or model 063884 for dry/grain.

Even if you have a dry blade that you can use, it will work with this container.

But the best suggestion is not to use the wet containers for the dry spices. You may not be happy with the results.


Wet Vs Dry Container Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series


Wet Vs dry container A2300 is the blender that comes in two colors red and black. The voltage 110 volts used in it is extremely powerful. It has an immense 20.5 x 7.25 x 8.75 inches dimension and that weight is about 11 pounds which makes it clear that it is a piece of heavy-duty machinery.

While operating the blender you can easily control it. It has variable speed control and pulse feature that let you manually fine-tune the texture of any recipe.

It has an outstanding feature i.e. is the built-in wireless connectivity which helps you to adjust times for the container size.


Vitamix dry containers Vs wet containers

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The wireless connectivity is more of a quick trick than anything else; you can walk away while blending something, but the blend is so quick that it isn’t necessary; almost everything takes less than a minute.

With the Vitamix Perfect Blend App. With the iOS and Android apps, you can unlock the full potential of your blender with 17 programmers and 500+ recipes. Perfect for family meals and entertaining, while fitting comfortably under most kitchen cabinets.

Frozen food is easily handled you can start with slow speed when getting the grip can hit the maximum speed to get the desired results. The container is quite spacious from the inside, has no tight corners which makes it easy to clean.

A2300 Ascent series has a quieter motor, but it is only noticeable at the lower numbered settings. Because a large number of the recipes require you to blend on setting 10, the noise level is roughly the same.

When you attach the lid, you should hear a positive click. When the lid plug is secured, it feels more secure. The measurements on the side of the 2300 container are easier to read. The pour spout has been improved to reduce spillage.

Because some of the recipes call for blending time. The Ascent 2300 has a stopwatch timer that displays how long you’ve been blending.


Vitamix Dry Containers Vs Wet Containers: Conclusion 


As a result, this purchase. Everything blended turns out perfect. It can turn sugar into powdered sugar or vegetables into hot soup.

You can spend money on several almost as good Vitamix blenders and live with the compromise for years, or you can go all-in once and enjoy the best.

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