Lemon is 89% water your body gets 88% vitamin C from one lemon helps boost immune function with a quick dose of vitamin C one lemon contains 139% of your body’s daily vitamin C.

Did you know that Vitamix lemon sorbet or juice could be helpful to your health in many different ways lemons are full of vitamins and nutrients like vitamin c b complex vitamins calcium potassium iron magnesium and fiber?

If you’re ready to take a drink of lemon juice make sure to mix it with water first lemon juice can be tough on your teeth if you drink it straight drink it right away in the morning and then wait for minutes before eating breakfast. Read more: Can I grind coffee in my Vitamix






This will make sure you get the full help of lemon water why should you drink lemon water here are a few reasons one gives your immune system a boost?


  • Excellent source of potassium aids digestion.
  • Cleanses your body system
  • Freshens your breath
  • Keeps your skin blemish-free
  • Helps you lose weight
  • Reduces inflammation gives you an energy boost


10 Benefits of Drinking Warm Lemon Water Every Morning


The smell of lemon makes you relax and increases concentration lemon controls high blood pressure.

if taken regularly after mixing some lemon in hot water and a few drops of honey it makes the body slim.

mixing the juice of one lemon in bitter gourd juice and drinking it daily reduces obesity.

Lemon helps dissolved uric acid joints and can help reduce inflammation

Lemon helps in reducing blemishes and removing wrinkles and blackheads from your face. due to the antibacterial and antifungal found in lemon applying it to the face eliminates and pimples.

Applying turmeric powder and lemon juice mixed with gram flour removes sun tanning.

Lemon cleanses your liver and strengthens the digestive system lemon helps speed up digestion and cleans up your metabolism.

Lemon helps to freshen your breath by killing the bad bacteria in your mouth and throat.

Lemon reduces your dandruff and gives a natural shine to the hairs. Rub the lemon peel on the roots of the hairs and leave it for 20 minutes then wash the head, it ends itching of the head.

1. Homemade Lemon Sorbet Recipe


I wanted to share with you how to make a homemade lemon sorbet it’s summertime and it is hot out.

I couldn’t think of a better-frozen treat to share with you and the lemon sorbet you know I love lemons I love anything frozen I figured I had to share this recipe with you because it’s so incredibly easy and simple you just won’t believe it you just requires a couple of Ingredients.






  • Fresh lemons water
  • Sugar




You might already have on hand are just some fresh lemons water and sugar that is it now the crucial part about this recipe is that you must absolutely use fresh lemons you cannot substitute to stuff it’s in the bottle because it’s not going to have that beautiful fresh citrus lemon taste that you need with that it’s not going to work.

Let’s take our sugar and water and put it in a saucepan because we’re going to cook this together long enough just for the sugar to dissolve and that basically makes a simple syrup because that’s going to be the sweetener.

We don’t want this to go too far and turn into a caramel because it just becomes rock-hard keep an eye on it make sure the sugars dissolved and then you turn it off.

vitamix lemon sorbet

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I guessed it two lemons only because I’m going to juice all of them but I needed the zest from two lemons so I wanted to get the job done ahead of time but these are small lemons so I’m actually going to zest three of them because.

I’m looking for about three tablespoons total and this is just the lemons are too small so I’m just going to zest one more and then I’m going to juice all of them because I’m looking for about a cup and a quarter of lemon juice.

We go pretty much done with our lemons I do it over a sieve because I want to make sure none of that goes into my sorbet now that we have got that ready my sugar and water mixture is good my sugar is fully dissolved.

Now it’s just a question of pouring that one little pit made it in there get out give this a stir and now this needs to be covered and it needs to go into the fridge overnight.

And then once it’s completely chilled we are going to freeze it in our ice cream machine which speaking of you want to make sure that the insert of your ice cream machine goes into the freezer right now along with the mixture into the fridge.

Because they both need to be in the freezer and fridge overnight to be a perfect consistency otherwise it’s not going to work so pop your insert into the freezer this into the fridge.

It’s ready to prevent combining the two and I’m so excited I’m getting to taste tasting delicious now it’s as simple as pouring that into your machine you’re going to put a lid on it turning it.

2. Vitamix Lemonade Freeze Drop


The summer is here show every summer I’m making new lemon recipes in the Vitamix now I call it the lemonade freeze drop its super easy to make with only five ingredients it’s frosty frozen lemony and dairy-free so let’s take a quick look at the




  • water
  • lemon juice
  • simple syrup
  • fresh basil leaves
  • fresh mint leaves




We need water lemon juice simple syrup fresh basil leaves fresh mint leaves that’s it the first thing we’re going to do is make a simple syrup to sweeten the recipe and that involves granulated sugar and water.

Then on medium heat you’re going to periodically stir and stir and stir and stir and stir and stir until it’s nice and smooth makes a rich sweet syrup that’s easy to mix with frozen ingredients without adding any additional flavors now simple syrup will cost upwards of five dollars for a small bottle at grocery stores you can make this at home for pennies on the dollar to create the recipe.

I’m using the Vitamix professional series now I love this machine because I’m a huge fan of the ounce tall container which is perfect for making smaller recipes like our frozen treat now another container.

I would recommend for smaller frozen treat recipes is the ounce container now this is also ideal because it’s narrower at the bottom which is great for even single servings but we’re not going to use this one.

vitamix lemon sorbet

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I’m sticking with the ounce tall container so we’re gonna start with a cup of filtered water cup of lemon juice and you can use a reconstituted or fresh juice cup of the simple syrup we created earlier and for this recipe.

I created with parts sugar and part water and that’s it and I’m snapping my lid in place and I’m gonna move the speed to speed now you were only combining the ingredients at this point now you may increase the speed to speed two so everything is well mixed.

Then you’re gonna do this for about two seconds just too easy right alright so we’re gonna pour our lemonade mixture in the ice cube we’re just going to pour the lemonade mixture carefully in the ice cube trays it’s ounces of liquid.

This will satisfy nearly two full ice cube trays and it is lemonade so just in case you were wondering it’s lemonade place the lemonade mixture into the freezer for several hours even better if you are allowed to sit overnight.

About three heaping cups large fresh basil leaf medium size mint leaves now mint and basil mix great with lemon all right.

I’m snapping my lid in place and this time I’m going to quickly ramp up to the highest speed I’m going to use the tamper to help process the ingredients is all done and well blended now.

You can see the mixture is frozen and firm now it’s important not to over-blend to keep the mixture firm now blending time should be about seconds so let’s scoop it out and will see how it looks how firm the scoops are this is because I’m making a frozen dessert with no additional liquid now the best way to make a frozen treat is to freeze your mixture then blend it now.

I’m garnishing with a mint leaf and the spoon and there you go the lemonade freeze drop the perfect summer sorbet serve this at your barbecues your guests may actually skip the food for this just is an amazing vivid mint green color with tiny specks of mint and basil leaves you’ve got to try it.

3. Easy Berry Lime Sorbet Recipe


We are finally ready to make ourselves an all-natural, sugar-free, delicious-for-the-whole-family, frozen dessert in our Vitamix. One pound of frozen dessert to one cup of liquid and in this case, we’re making a berry lime sorbet.




  • 1 pound of frozen raspberries
  • 1 pound of frozen strawberries
  • 1 cup of almond milk
  • 1 fresh lime
  • Honey




We’ll use a squeeze or you could use the whole thing if you want. And like I said before, some people like their frozen desserts a little sweeter I’m going to add a little bit of honey to the top.

How it’s done we’ll remove the lid, add our liquid ingredients, so almond milk. A little bit of lime juice

A little squeeze of honey because I like it sweet and then our frozen fruit, strawberries, raspberries. Secure the lid we’ll get the tamper.

And again I’m going to use the tamper to push ingredients from the corner into the center and then we’ll turn the machine on starting on the low ramp it up to high speed and we’ll blend for about two seconds. Knowing when it’s done when the seeds are completely processed.

There you have it beautiful, frozen sorbet. Perfect. ready to go. On your head, fresh from your Vitamix whole-food, frozen, no-sugar-added, delicious dessert for the whole family. Berry lime sorbet. Let’s get a scooper. Now, this is going to be pretty sweet because I did add honey.

But if you want to spruce it up a little bit, as I said, you can add a few coconut shreds so you have a berry lime coconut shred sorbet.


4. How To Make Ice Cream Christmas Sorbet Recipe


I’m going to attempt to make a Christmas sorbet it’s gonna be interesting.




  • Cherries
  • Lemon
  • Banana
  • Kiwi
  • Mint
  • Spinach
  • Honey
  • Fresh mint




I’m using two separate layers for the sorbet I’ve got a red layer which consists of cherries some lemon and banana and then I’ve got a green layer as well which consists of some frozen kiwi fruit mint spinach banana and a little bit of real honey so let’s give it a go.

I’m gonna stop I’m gonna make my green layer so I’m gonna put it in one whole banana just get a pail of honor of course.

I’m gonna taste good of you just put in some kiwi fruit I don’t know what so the cups of frozen kiwi fruit that looks pretty good.

I’m gonna use a little bit of fresh mint here a little bit of flavor also gonna put in soon we’re all spinach now that’s gonna give it that real green color so nice bit of spinach in the repack that in and also a little bit of raw honey for some sweetness good.

You know to tablespoons of honey there’s pretty good love this stuff beautiful that’s it that’s all.

I’m gonna do I’m gonna lock it into place and use the Vitamix tamper high-speed for about -seconds where we go and it’s thick and frozen so that is our delicious marine layer just a little bit more spinach in there.

I’m gonna put that in the freezer just to let that sit for about minutes I’ll put a green light in the freezer in a bowl now this might go red Christmas life so I’m just gonna put in one whole banana once again.

so just peel that obviously throw that in now I’m gonna put in a little bit of lemon a little bit of a kick to it and some frozen pitted cherries you can buy these just in a local supermarket you can buy them organic freeze them yourself.

It’s gonna lockdown it into place using that tamper and get it up on the high-speed for about seconds where we go this is the name long at all and see that’s thick and frozen in the container frozen cherries have been sitting out on the bench for a couple of minutes so that’s it.

I’m gonna put that in the freezer for about minutes as what and then we’ll slow plate it up for you I can do it any way you like you can separate these two layers you can put them on top of each other that doesn’t really matter however you’d like to do it.

I’m just gonna put in a couple of the green layers there and a couple of these beautiful red layers there as well didn’t even mix it through if you like absolutely beautiful you can garnish that little bit of fresh mint some biscuit anything you want to put on there some slightly up to you.


Final Thoughts: Vitamix Lemon Sorbet


You have read our entire posts on Vitamix lemon sorbet most people want to use ice cream machines for a good result that looks a lot more like store-bought sorbet it’s not mandatory. You can just put your final mixture in the freezer and allow it to freeze for a couple of hours.

You can add your fruits which you want to make sorbet and the rest of the ingredients are very similar like water, zest, your fruits, and ice cubes this will always yield you a delicious frozen dessert.

If you try these recipes hopefully you enjoy them with your family and friends it’s a very easy and quick recipe which I explain to you.

If you like our article please shares it with your associates and relatives members to help them out.

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