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Vitamix S50 Review

  • Easy to store

  • Double-wall

  • variable speed

4 out of 5

49 Ratings

Vitamix S55 Review

  • Easy to store

  • 4 programm

  • Double-wall

4.3 out of 5 98 Ratings


Juicers and blenders play a vital role in any kitchen. There are so many brands in the market but the Vitamix is the game-changer in kitchen gadgets

Today we are explaining to you 2 mind bowling blenders S-series of Vitamix S50 vs S55 this two machines we check and test for hourly research with the expert’s team we assure you the best durability and functionality.

We provide unbiased research about the top best American kitchen blenders for long-lasting and money-saving gadgets for our visitors with the best possible and deep analysis, lets deep into it.

They have exceptional features that will meet all of your kitchen requirements.

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Complete Experts Review of Vitamix S50


Vitamix S50 Vs S55

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1. Pulse Settings


You have complete control over the speed settings, which range from 1 to 10. When mixing smooth materials, leave the blender running at a lower speed while blending the toughest items at a higher speed the Vitamix smaller version s50 includes a 10-variable speed


2. Two Program Functionality


Two program functions provide us walk away convenience to help in smoothies and blend. It will give you the greatest ease of use because it will save you time when compared to standard blenders even has a shut-off feature that turns off once the blending cycle is over.


3. Pitchers


The S50 has BPA-free pitchers, so you no need to worry about the quality of the food. The S50 has 2 pitchers 40-oz and 20-oz plus the blender. Its 20-oz pitcher is a travel-friendly pitcher and 40-oz container can use to prepare any average batch of the meal while the 20-oz is just great for smoothies or other drinks.


4. Motor


It can create 790 watts, and the best part about it is that it can generate 840 watts when it’s at its most powerful. In a short amount of time, the Vitamix s50 personal blender can properly blend any tough ingredients. One of the most significant advantages is that the blender will automatically shut off if it overheats.


Main Specs

  • 40 oz can mince, blend, chop, and mix larger quantities of food.
  • The Vitamix S-Series pitchers are not interchangeable
  • Both the 20oz. and 40oz. pitchers are sealed with a tight cover to prevent spills.
  • Double-wall in 20 oz helps to maintain the desired temperature of the liquids


Positive Reviews S50

  • Simply dishwasher-safe
  • Easy to clean
  • 2 different sizes of containers
  • Manual variable speed settings
  • Automatic variable speed settings
  • Automatic variable speed
  • Easy to store
  • 2 pre-programmed settings
  • It is top-rack



  • Expensive
  • Noisy when trying to blend the toughest ingredients
  • It takes a bit longer for the mixture to come together.
  • When blending, it moves a little


What’s in the Box?

  • Vitamix S50 blender base
  • 40-oz traditional blending pitcher
  • 20-oz double-insulated personal pitcher/travel cup with flip-top lid
  • Tamper
  • Recipe book



  • 5.9 x 7.2 x 16.5 inches


Complete Experts Review of Vitamix S55


Vitamix S50 Vs S55

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1. Tamper


Frozen fruits, robust vegetables, powdered supplements, leafy greens, nuts, and seeds are all included in this powerful blend.

Smoothies, hot soups, frozen sweets, baby food, batters, dough, nut butter, dips and spreads, and more are all easy to make.


2. Containers


Both containers are durable, BPA-free, shatterproof, and dishwasher safe, with double-wall insulation. Black is the color of the lid. The container is see-through and has easy-to-read markings, allowing you to accurately measure. The blade within may be readily removed for cleaning and reattached.


3. Dishwasher-Friendly


Many blender models from other brands cannot be washed in the dishwasher. The S55, on the other hand, is a welcome exception. You can easily remove the parts and carefully clean them. It’s so simple that you won’t even need to consult the handbook, and the pieces may be readily reattached once the cleaning is over.


4. Complete Command


Because of the pre-programmed settings, changeable speeds, and pulse function, you’ll always be in complete control, With the S55, the blending results are always consistent, making it simple to achieve the exact texture you desire. If the engine gets too hot, the S55 shuts down automatically, preventing burnout and extending the life of the blender. If you don’t use it for a while.


5. Blades


The blades are composed of high-quality stainless steel and have four prongs. The motor to blade coupling is metal, while the blade assembly base is plastic. The blade is moved by a one-horsepower motor, which swiftly processes even the toughest ingredients. Chopping can be done both dry and wet. The dry blade is excellent for grinding and kneading butter, while the wet blade is more consistent and great for vegetables.


6. Lid with a Spill-Proof Seal


It has a spill-proof vented lid with a removable lid plug that allows you to add ingredients while the blender is running.


Main Specs

  • A one-horsepower motor with a top speed of 240 mph.
  • Stainless steel blades that have been laser-cut.
  • The base for blades that can be swapped out.
  • There are 10 different speeds to choose from.
  • Dips and spreads, power mixes, frozen desserts, and smoothies are among the four pre-programmed settings.
  • Compact and space-saving design. Fits easily under the kitchen cabinet.
  • Dishwasher-friendly.
  • The blade assembly is detachable.
  • Stainless steel brushed finish.
  • The recipe book includes step-by-step instructions for blending.
  • A 5-year warranty is included.
  • Automatic turn-off protection with a safety interlocking mechanism.
  • The ability to pulse.
  • Two sizes are available: a 40 oz container and a 20 oz portable container.
  • BPA-free plastic is used to make the containers.
  • When traveling, the drinks are kept chilled by the double-wall insulation.


Positive Reviews S55

  • 2 additional settings like frozen desserts, dips
  • Automatic option for beverages and desserts
  • Powerful machines
  • 4 pre-programmed settings
  • The “Personal Blending” cookbook features recipes from the Vitamix kitchen for every meal, and the tamper has a collar to keep it from striking the counter.
  • You can adjustable speed option including your need
  • Easy to dish wash clean
  • Smoothies, dips & spreads, frozen desserts, and powder mixes are among the four pre-programmed settings (for hearty greens and low liquid recipes)
  • The 20-ounce container is BPA-free, double-walled insulated, and fits in most cup holders, making it quick and easy to mix and go, while the 40-ounce container is…
  • The pulse feature chops swiftly for easy ingredient prep, and the variable speed control provides any texture from coarse to silky.
  • Spill-proof vented lid
  • Sleek design
  • Shuts off automatically once the cycle is complete.
  • Works well for chopping, pureeing, grinding, cutting, and mixing.
  • If you are disappointed after the 30-day trial, you will receive a complete refund, including shipping expenses.



  • Only available in one color
  • Limited capacity
  • It is also expensive
  • Noisy
  • Tamper is needed in some cases
  • Cup is narrow at the top.
  • A few customers have reported that the S55 is not good with frozen fruits and ice.


What’s in the Box?

  • Vitamix S55 blender base
  • 40-oz traditional blending pitcher
  • 20-oz double-insulated personal pitcher/travel cup with flip-top lid
  • tamper
  • Recipe book

Dimensions S55

  • 8.3 x 5.9 x 15.7 inches



Drawing of The Vitamix S-Series Blenders


  • Motor and Base Unit
  • The Lid
  • Pulse
  • Containers
  • Gasket
  • Blade Assembly
  • Collar
  • LCD Display
  • Stir Button
  • Chop Button
  • ​Mix Button
  • Puree Button
  • Liquefy Button
  • Ice Crush
  • Off



Vitamix S50 Vs S55: Major Differences Chart



Vitamix S50 Bledner

Vitamix S55 Bledner

Containers Size

20 oz and 40 oz

20 oz and 40 oz

Containers Plastic 

Double-wall in 20 oz

Double-wall in 20 oz

Container Material 

BPA free

BPA free

Dishwasher Safe




Easy to store

Easy to store





5.9 x 7.2 x 16.5 inches

8.3 x 5.9 x 15.7 inches

Shuts Down Automatically



Lid with Spill Proof Seal



Stainless Steel Blades




Variable Speed

10 different speeds

Blade Assembly




5 years

5 years

Pulse Function

2 pre-programmed 

4 pre-programmed 

Motor Power

790 watt motor, which is 840 watt at peak

1 horsepower 240 mph

Pulse Available



Item Weight

12 pounds

9.5 pounds




Item model number





S55 Brushed Stainless



What is The Major Similarity Between The Specific Blenders?


We found the main difference between these two models are the S55 includes five programmed frozen desserts, dips, spreads, smoothies, and power blends it is also available only in brushed stainless and S50has a two pre-programmed like power and smoothies blend

moreover, both Vitamix blenders have the same power capacity and pitchers accessories.


1. Gasket


The gasket is in charge of securing the blades in place and stabilizing them while in use. The gasket and blades do not need to be removed for cleaning on the S50 and S55.


2. Power Settings


The S50 Vitamix In addition to the pulse function, the S50 offers two pre-programmed settings: Smoothie and Power Blend. The S55 on the other hand has it all! It offers additional, more complicated controls, such as “Frozen Desserts” and “Dips,” in addition to the pulse, Power Blend, and Smoothie capabilities.


2. Nut Milk


The S50 and S55 blenders are perfect for making hemp, cashew, rice, almond, and any other seed milk. If you want better consistency to strain it through a strainer and soaked before blending for good results.


3. Puree


Both S50 vs S55 is perfect for puree from cooked vegetables for tough vegetables and ingredients is ideal for puree with smooth hummus out of chickpeas or help to make other variety of deeps.


4. Warranty


Both models offer a 5-year warranty.



5. How To Wash and Clean up S50 And S55?


Because of the built-in water-resistant machine components, the S50 and S55 are easy to clean, and the top rack of the appliance has been confirmed dishwasher-safe.

This also means that you may clean the S50 and S55 without worrying about the equipment being harmed by water.



Vitamix S50 Vs S55: Bottom Line


You have read our entire posts on Vitamix S50 Vs S55. Both Vitamix models perform great but if we see the in-depth analysis that S50 has 2 pre-programmed settings and automatic variable speed settings on the other hand S55 has 4 pre-programmed settings, 2 additional settings like frozen desserts, dips, and easy to dish wash clean.

Our team tested both machines and the results conclude that S55 works well with high performance, this model outperforms the entry-level Vitamix S55 in terms of usability and efficiency.

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Vitamix S50 Vs S55: FAQs


Can the containers of S50 be used with other models?

They are only compatible with the S-Series blender’s models


What colors are available in S50 and S55?

  • S55 Black & Red
  • S55 Brushed Stainless


The S55 will blend almonds and or ice?

Yes it has a very good motor


Does the S50 blender work on fresh fruits and vegetable juices?

We recommend getting a dedicated juicer


Does the S50 blender blend hot liquids?

No, it says not to blend hot liquids.


What the 2 preset options in the Vitamix S50 blender?

The 2 Programmed settings are the smoothie and new power blend program designed for tougher blends such as powders, high volume leafy greens, high amounts of fruit, larger cuts, and oats.


Where is this manufactured of Vitamix S50 and S55?

Vitamix is an American company home-based in Ohio


Does the S55 blender work well for salad dressings?

Yes, It depends on how small of a portion. I would think you would need to make at least a good cup or cup and a half recipe at the minimum.


Can S55 personal blender make nut milk?

Yes. It comes with a recipe to make almond milk or nut milk.


What is the voltage of the S55 blender?

This blender runs on 110 to 120 voltages.


What is the warranty of the S55 blender?

When purchased from an authorized retailer, it includes a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Does the S55 blender 20 oz come with a travel lid?

Yes, it does.


Does S55 blend pills for medication?

We really believe it would grind them up with no problem as long as you are doing it with some kind of liquid.


What is better S55 or Magic Bullet blender?

To be honest, it’s a more powerful machine than the magic bullet, but is it worth the price? not at all. It’s fine if you can afford it. It’s very good on leafy greens.


Is the S55 blender includes a 40 oz cup?

Yes, the 40oz cup is included.


Does the S55 blender come with the blending stick?

Yes, it comes!


What material does the S55 blender use in containers?

They use BPA-free Plastic. Vitamix does not make glass containers.


Can you blend with the cup in the S55 blender?

Yes, you can, and it an excellent job.


Are the to-go cups in S50 and S55 blenders BPA-free?

Yes the go cup is BPA-free


What is the 4 prep programmed setting in the S55 blender?

They are for smoothies, power blends, dips/spreads, or frozen desserts.


Is the S55 blender strong for pre-packed frozen fruits and spinach?

Not a quite smooth result because of low power motor but other brands of Vitamix done the job very well.


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