Why are Vitamix blenders so expensive? The Vitamix Company was founded in 1921 and has close to 100 years of history and research and development. They need an excellent reputation for creating quality products that will go the space.

Today we want to share something with you nutrition we find smoothie or is it going to motivate you to make and juices perhaps every other day or maybe with a quick vegetable soup for dinner from scratch in the blender personally we use our Vitamix every single day. Best blenders for Kale smoothies


Why are Vitamix Blenders so Expensive?


Why are Vitamix Blenders so Expensive

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Why are Vitamix blenders so expensive reason why? let’s explain in detail we try to elaborate on all key points.


1. Strong Motor


Vitamix is incredibly strong because there is a cooling fan on the motor base which keeps the Vitamix cool while in use.

we make ice cream frozen smoothies nut butters big dips in the blender without having to add any extra liquid and we never worry about burning the motor out and we say that because before owning a Vitamix.

We went through four different blenders in seven years if you ever owned a subpar blender you know how frustrating it can be to stop the blending process each time.


2. Use Vitamix Blender Instead of a Food Processor


Why are Vitamix Blenders so Expensive

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The Vitamix is that you can use it much like you would a food processor to chop practically any kind of food you can dry chop or wet shop with this machine for ingredients like cheese’s and olives use the dry chop method.

Place the ingredients in the container and process them at a low variable speed or you can swap them through the opening in the lid while the machine is running when you need a more precise cut like shred cabbage for salads or potatoes for hash browns.

You’re going to get the best results using the wet shop method to do this put the ingredients in the container and add just enough water to lift them above the blades.


3. Vitamix Design


Other blenders use only sharp blades after a time the blade loses its sharpness and become dull.

Vitamix blender’s blades are thick and laser-cut design. A piece of frozen fruit or a string of kale gets caught in the blade

How about having to add extra liquid to whatever you’re blending just so that the blades don’t create an air pocket leaving your food unblended and stuck on the sides of the blender jar. But it does not gonna happen in Vitamix blender. You do not need to sharpen the blade of Vitamix.


4. The Variable Speed Control System


Vitamix has variable speed control to their machines with culinary precision; you can purify every texture with the ten variable speeds.

Making thick chunky salsas vegetable soups is very easy with using the Pulse. You can’t make the ideal consistency as you want But other blender doesn’t have any functions like this.


5. Longer Warranty


Vitamix comes with a 7-year full warranty but on the opposite hand, no blender gives you an extended warranty like Vitamix they’re going to offer you a 1 or 2-year warranty. Though the warranty is 7-years it lasts quite 10 years.


6. Self Detect Technology Mechanism


The Vitamix blender can robotically adjust the pitcher as the motor base can read the container size that you choose.

Also, and you can run the blender by setting the time and you can do other work, and the blender will mechanically shut off according to the time.

The blender can set the time and other programs as well. There is a built-in programmable timer in Vitamix. If you compare with other blenders you will see these kinds of features are not available in other brands.


7. Blending Capacity


All other blenders tend to heat while in a use, Vitamix users use the blender without heating issues while blending.

We tested Vitamix has a horsepower machine that able to runs at a high speed without any burning issue.

You can use the blender for several minutes this is the interesting point of daily smoothie lovers will not heat issues because of the cooling fan which keeps the Vitamix cool while blending.


8. Noise Level in Vitamix 


Vitamix is quiet while in use compared to other blenders the Vitamix is quiet while in use. We aren’t saying the blender doesn’t make any noise, it does but the noise isn’t as high as other blenders.


9. Cleaning Function in Vtamiix


The self-cleaning function we like this that’s why we love our Vitamix machine, to wash the container after use adds a couple of drops of the dishwasher, and fill with halfway with water. then run the machine for 30 seconds, then rinse the container thoroughly with water.


10. Vitamix Accessories

You’ll get accessories in the Vitamix blender are below:

  • Motor base
  • Containers
  • Cups
  • Tamper
  • Blade-assembly
  • A cookbook
  • DVD (for recipes book and a user manual)


11. Quality Materials and Finishes


The equipment used to construct the Vitamix mechanism is superior and engineered to last for decades. As we all know, eminence comes at a cost and you will be grateful for this fact once you see how durable and adaptable it is.


What is so Special About The Vitamix?


Why are Vitamix Blenders so Expensive

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How you help people get to the edge taking the plunge holding the trigger getting a Vitamix and in the demonstrations.

We don’t use our food processor nearly as much did we get rid of it, no because it doesn’t the Vitamix doesn’t shred so it’s like when you want that texture you still need to have that food processor.

But we honestly have taken out maybe twice in the last year because we can do everything on the Vitamix it cleans up so much easier so we don’t have like six different parts in our dishwasher and taking up the whole thing when people will come in here.

you can make some delicious decadent delights our Vitamix but what it does is it makes it easier to make that healthier choice so you’re more likely to do it more on and when it’s because when it’s easy to do something and you’re going to get the result that you’re looking for.


How to Make Hot Soup in Vitamix Blender




How to Make a Creamy Broccoli Soup Broccoli contains a substantial amount of nutrients that are extremely good for health including Vitamins A, C, Folic Acid, Fibre, and Calcium so we use Vitamix machine.

Ingredients Required

  • 2 cups of cold water
  • Fresh raw Broccoli
  • Celery
  • Shallot or Spring Onion
  • A little bit of flavor and some Zucchini
  • A little bit of Rosemary
  • Some Cashews
  • Cream or dairy
  • Some Garlic
  • Vegetarian stock cube
  • Sea salt and Pepper


We haven’t cooked it at all. Just going to throw it straight in. we are going to put in a little bit of Celery you can use the leaves if you like. Half a stalk of Celery we are going to put in a little bit of Shallot or Spring Onion little bit of flavor and some Zucchini.

Notice we use the end part of the Zucchini as well. It’s where a lot of the good nutrition. We’ve got some herbs. You can use any herb you like. You can be as creative as you like.

We just going to put in a little bit of Rosemary a little bit of Thyme as well. It’s delicious to make my Broccoli soup creamy, we are going to use some Cashews Use that as a healthier alternative to cream or dairy a lot healthier for you. Any sort of nuts that you like.

We are going to put in some Garlic, a vegetarian stock cube. Any sort of stock you like. A little bit of flavor.

A little bit of sea salt and pepper. Lock your lid into place. Just going to pulse the machine. On, off. On, off. It’s going to suck everything straight to the blade.

We are going to let that run for about 4 or 5 minutes until we’ve got a steaming hot soup. We’re done steam come out of that delicious creamy soup ready to serve.


How to Make Baby Food in Vitamix Blender





Ingredients Required

  • Half an avocado
  • Steamed spinach
  • Steamed broccoli
  • One cup of steamed peas
  • Water

How to make one of our baby favorite recipes this is called Shrek’s baby food delicious little recipe for the young ones so we are going to start.

We’re going to put in half an avocado avocados are fantastic for babies’ brain development really good and some of the best nutritious foods for kids dark leafy greens.

So we’re going to put in some steamed spinach it’s about a handful a couple of florets of steamed broccoli and one cup of steamed peas as well.

So we’re going to need a little bit of water in there just to get that puree down so we’ve got about a hundred milli of water there it’ll lockout it into place and we’re gonna use our tamper started on a slow-speed where we go right boom that’s it that’s simple and you got fresh delicious baby food ready to serve like we said great for brain development, not good nutritious vegetables.


Final Thoughts


You have read over our post. We try to elaborate on each part of the Vitamix if we miss anything please comment below to correct and update us hopefully this text will assist you to settle on. Why Vitamix blenders are so expensive?

We suggest to you.

If you find the best blender for making flour you should go for our Vitamix 5200 professional blender with easy to clean and flour mixing efficiency professional power features are tough to beat.

At the number second, our best Vitamix A2500 with three programming settings, it has a wireless connection; it has the power of 12 amps, 60Hz, and 120 volts. So don’t invest your money in the wrong one and have to regret it.

If you are feeling more confident about why Vitamix blenders are so expensive? And learned something new, please share this text with your friends on social media then we will help them out. Best blenders for hot soup


Why are Vitamix Blenders so Expensive? FAQs


Vitamix can cut through and puree anything?


Yes, Vitamix is a therefore powerful machine it will able to cut anything make puree even mix a soup for the purpose wherever the liquid gets hot. Vitamix provides its users total management by permitting them to manually set the speed of the blender’s blades, though some models currently go along with a collection of preset speeds


Why Buying a Vitamix is worth it?


If you want to save money and time too we recommend you buy Vitamix we also paid a little over $400 for our Vitamix, and if it lasts us even 15 years, it will cost us $30 a year, which seems completely reasonable to me.


Vitamix heats your soup or not?


Yes, you can easily make your delicious soup it heats your soup perfectly, blends it for 2 minutes and your ingredients can are reduced to an ideal, purée the Vitamix is therefore powerful that the soup can get hot whereas it blends. No got to transfer it to a saucepot to bring it to temperature. Simply end with salt, pepper, and a drizzle of vegetable oil.


Can Vitamix is durable or not?

Less powerful blenders are not as a result of they are less powerful however as a result of they are a couple of minutes of high-speed mixing and therefore the motor starts to putter and soften. The Vitamix, on the opposite hand, is emphatically serious and looks nearly indestructible. And, simply just in case, all classic Vitamix models go together with a 7-year full guarantee.


Which Vitamix machine you should buy?


The G-series is Vitamix’s newest option, it’s the most expensive and sports a slightly redesigned vessel and touts improved airflow.


How is the performance of Vitamix?


The Vitamix powers through frozen fruit and ice with no problems at all and it blends up greens for green smoothies far better than our old blenders.


What’s the difference between a cheap and expensive blender?


We use the Vitamix machine for multifunction. The Vitamix is a multi-function machine that can, among other things,

The Vitamix variety of appliances was initially shaped by the creator as a way of encouraging healthy eating practice.


Why consider Vitamix blenders?


Vitamix is one of the foremost reliable brands on the market. The A3500 features a pre-programmed self-cleaning setting, you set a drop of dish liquid within the instrumentation, fill it concerning halfway with heat water, pop it back on the bottom with the lid on, and run the self-clean program. In below a second, the instrumentation and lid square measure clean. That’s why we consider Vitamix blenders.


How Vitamix machine can help you save money?


Yes, we agree Vitamix blenders are so expensive but trust us this is a long-term investment. We purchased a little over $400 for our Vitamix, and if it lasts us even 15 years, it will cost us $30 a year, which seems completely reasonable to us.


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